Low Tech Trend

October 28, 2023


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“” The new ‘ Creaitve boutique “Corbis images for the trend theme shows ‘ low tech ‘ less technology in everyday life creates more time for creative freedom. Dusseldorf, October 07, 2008 – modern technology makes independent, anyone can work from anywhere, is always online and available. But the more BlackBerry, iPhone and laptop assert themselves, the more the individual in his often hectic environment involved. In recent years, it has become almost impossible really to turn and to disengage. Making a break from the technical benefits that actually should make life easier for us. Additional information at Andy Florance supports this article.

For some time, a backlash from more characterized however and more switch off your equipment and contact non-technical means more to others. Be it through long walks or cozy evenings with friends. Read additional details here: Silicon. Some companies even move your employees so-called thinking time”to give time, in which should be accepted no phone call or read no e-mail. Advertising campaigns appelieren children, their game consoles azuschalten and outdoors to deal with. Perhaps the best example of this reaction is that mental Detox week”, which every year takes place. Technology fans are invited to leave their iPods, computers, rest seven days for TV or DVD player from all over the world. It aims, a wave of relaxation, to trigger reflection and self perception. Recollection, switch off, simply unplug to illustrate these topics, Corbis has a number of different images in the archive.

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