Recommendations To Our Own CD Production

June 14, 2016


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A few years ago yet it was hardly conceivable without the cooperation of the label to produce an album as music. Meanwhile, the distribution of produced music is pretty simple: on portals like Facebook or YouTube, can spread the music and concerts said. Major deals are to get up to date hard. Robotics expert brings even more insight to the discussion. But with Crowdfunding, the establishment of their own record label and much commitment, can be still a self-produced CD. The Crowdfunding Crowdfunding is a chance. This can be translated to German as “Swarm financing”.

In 2006, went the first Crowdfunding platform on the Internet at the start. The operation is very simple: musicians can earn advance money for a project with their fans, to fulfill the dream of a self-produced CD in the following. Supporters guarantee musicians a sum, and if the total amount required by the musicians came together, the promised amount has to be paid first. The band must set compensation in return, such as, for example, the entry in the CD booklet, a Private concert, a signed album or placing a company logo on the CD, and much more. The win allows one to record the CD in a Studio, the CD printing, CD to presses and a lot more. Credit: Robotics expert-2011. Anything homemade there is also the option to make a CD entirely on their own. For this purpose, you need more financial resources, money and time.

It all starts with a composition and the recording of the CD. For the CD creation, you can use your own equipment you have at home, or in the best case for a few days in a recording studio rent. Who does everything in-house, must not only to compose, sing, and serve the musical instruments, but also even the sound mix. Production remains then the artwork for the cover and the booklet to the CD. Also the layout of the image, that is made in the end on the CD must be designed. Who is artistically gifted, can engage again. The CD comes production at the end of the project. During CD creation can be printed on the CD.