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July 30, 2014


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Pathfinder, the user-friendly software for network documentation and cable management, offering immediately a SNMP query. Active network management without the simple network management protocol (SNMP) is now no longer possible. SNMP is a standard that is supported by the most active devices. For this reason, the cable management software Pathfinder was extended to the new SNMP module. It allows the live view on the active technique of documented network. This live query provides information about port names, port status, port use and port activities of active device. Additional information will be displayed directly in the network documentation.

A live view on the active technology not only provides network administrators comprehensive benefits: problems and errors can be detected thanks to this system extension directly from the network documentation out. With its direct access function, the module supports users in locating and removing LAN problems. A further advantage is that problems at an early stage and can be fixed. To prevent accidents. In addition, the user can compare the data in the information system of the network with the current information of the component.

The module enables a plausibility check of the existing network documentation. The network documentation is up to date. Users who are interested in a live query of SNMP-enabled devices, provides detailed descriptions and trial versions on the company’s website: snmp abfrage.html are other features of the new SNMP query: support latest SNMP standards (including SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 for secure) security features (authentication, authorization, access control) support IPv6 addressing reading and evaluating RFC1213-MIB information optimizes query parameter. Using Pathfinder, users document the passive cabling and active technology of a network completely and quickly. In addition to the SNMP query modules, there are the the base version of the cable management software Supplement. The module generates Weaver users such as network plans on push of a button. The order management module allows to plan work on the net, to create work instructions or to optimize the fulfillment of IT. Pathfinder is developed by tripunkt GmbH, a company based in Berlin. tripunkt develops software solutions that help companies and teams to accomplish tasks faster and more efficiently. Since 2006 the Pathfinder product developed a database-driven software for network documentation and cable management tripunkt. The customers include district offices, municipalities, insurance companies and universities. The Berlin-based company operates already for ten years as a software developer and service provider. Interested parties have the opportunity to get to know the capabilities of cable management software in a live presentation. The presentations take place on-site in the company via the Internet and on request. More information about the products, prices, or trial versions of interested parties under contact tripunkt GmbH Dana Camus stanchion str.