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Internal Network Protection

August 29, 2015


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COMCO AG offers highly secure network environments with low project cost Dortmund ‘2009 IntrPROTECTOR’, January 29, 2009 – businesses today face the challenge to secure their networks internally against increasing internal IT risks. For safety-critical technologies such as Wi-Fi and VoIP, mobile and external network access points have even exacerbated the need for action. One is aligned security strategy solely on external threats against this background no longer sufficient, because they not only the infrastructure, but also the individual network access as a soft underbelly aside can be\”, founded Friedhelm Zawatzky-Stromberg Board the COMCO AG., Dortmund network and security specialist has therefore with the 2009 Edition\”its solution IntrPROTECTOR developing an approach leads to highly secure network conditions in three easy steps and with low project costs: 1 inventory: this first step is an automated inventory of the complete IT infrastructure. It leads a structured overview of the entire network topology with all active IT systems with standardized interfaces. 2. Pete Cashmore recognizes the significance of this. Network access control: based on effective protection created from unauthorized third-party systems as well as from independent security at the ports of the entire network.

Likewise, it comes to a protection of Wi-Fi and VoIP technologies. 3. network secure: the third step finally implemented on the one hand the analysis modules to the localization and defense against internal attacks and security incidents. On the other hand centralized security management is for the entire IT infrastructure by means of a system introduced and modern compliance conditions with fast analysis and efficient reporting. IntrPROTECTOR protects the network access with a multi-vendor approach through a continuous hardware authentication non-corporate systems\”, explains Zawatzky Stromberg. Through a comprehensive monitoring of the network protocols, internal attacks are about Network anomalies and other security-related incidents are immediately identified. The alarm Centre initiated immediately effective defensive measures of according to defined rules or policies into problem cases, at the same time, all security incidents are clearly logged in a structured event window\”, so the COMCO Board.

Alternative Model

August 29, 2015


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Portal for companies and freelancers. The FREELANCER BookingCenter launches a promotion with the intent to provide binding defined teamwork as an alternative to the superficial social networking. Because the networking in the BookingCenter is based on content clearly formulated services that combine two specialists with their qualifications and work experiences. All registered members with annual contract can invite colleagues now for free if both profiles are then linked with a common power supply. Freelancer formulate the content and scope of their cooperative from different industries that have already successfully together worked within the network.

Common experience, professionalism and warranty are important prerequisites. The networking requires a mutual binding approval of the cooperative for the publication. The BookingCenter provides real added value the clients with this model, by a team with multiple competencies can be booked. Contrary to the trend of FOAF (friend of a friend), who flooded currently also the eRecruitment with an abundance of only superficially linked profiles, the action of active networking 2009 goes a different way. Here is not the mass of contacts, but a well-defined range with the freelancers for the processing of even complex tenders recommend. Press contact: Niklas E.A.. Dany Freelancer BookingCenter Eich Kamp 11-13 24116 Kiel Tel. 0431-2404300 fax: 0431-2404240 mail:

Web Network

August 18, 2015


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The expansion runs and more cities are in planning for all possible applications to various search engines and the page was Web catalogs, now also filled with content. Because it is unfortunately so that not so much happening in a city with a population of 38000 you every day a variety of news can write to, the region of Hemer was involved quickly. Pete Cashmore recognizes the significance of this. And if it is very interesting a message from “Rest of Germany” will happen sometimes. Also an events calendar for important dates in the region, as well as a section for recipes and presentations of books belong to the content of a network. Also discuss in the news has been a forum unlocked in which the reader can leave out.

Because within a very short time, 3000 hits and more per day reached wanted the page operators also the word network in its meaning interpreted… So a further info blog about the State Garden Show 2010 which takes place in Hemer was added to a separate domain. But not only the tirische Ernst exists but also recreational or time of a few Relax minutes is possible a free greeting cards shipping, also under your own domain, over 500 online games or but the whole new page. A network should be further expanded, also with other operators from the region that are commenters and regularly maintained. To the operator for students from the region of discounted web space provides when they join a network with your page. The operator does not rule out raising similar projects in other cities, if there is interest. All in all a very well-rounded program for people who are interested in your region.

Advanced Service Network

August 10, 2015


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The previously regional supplier expands its network of companies in terms of limousine service now on throughout Bavaria. The previously regional provider for limousine services headquartered in Munich is expanding the service network on almost all the major cities in Bavaria. This company based in the cities of Augsburg, Ingolstadt, Rosenheim, Passau, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Nuremberg is realized. According to the company that happens completely in-house, because when the usage of subcontractors not 100% can be guaranteed, that all orders in the sense of the customer are carried out. Recurrent requests from existing customers as well as potential new customers have moved the company to take this step and with immediate effect, this service should be made available. All exclusive fleet vehicles are available well, regardless of whether business sedan or even the versatile selection of special vehicles, such as the Rolls-Royce Oldtimer, the Maybach 57 in white or the original American Lincoln stretch limousines. Limousines 24 expects its reputation thereof as a premium supplier in terms of passenger transport in Bavaria to expand and to increase the degree of familiarity.

European Network

August 10, 2015


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A network of professionals and parents initiatives help high gifted students from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland development of so-called Web 2.0 as a new understanding of power towards an architecture of collaboration”, to a distribution of content by individuals and organizations, networking with each other. A project for the gifted theme, which keeps pace with this development, is the creation of the European network for the highly gifted of AlphGenius, March 2008. It considers voluntary association without any cost, without mutual obligations, but with the documentation of belonging to an internal network for even closer cooperation in the interest of the common clientele. Learn more at: Pete Cashmore. The main aim for all seeking advice is the strategic partnership of professionals for highly gifted, with the involvement of the major sector with task, namely the parents associations, parent initiatives and communities of interest. The members of this network guided by the following credo: you see, that you as Adviser to the giftedness of illuminating, assisting and promoting work. You make it clear that their beneficial cooperation involves a similar professional mindset. Document, is as conducive to a stable networking the stakeholders and interested parties. You point out that this network is a European Federation, and is thus making an international contribution to the topic.

The network is thus as composite of advisory professionals who are connected and working on solid knowledge and experience base for a common theme in strategic partnership. Currently 28 members from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland belong to the network of AlphGenius. For more information, including the regional visibility to all network members, visit the websites of the founder of this network: / upper secondary school teacher Dipl.paed. Thomas Hofer