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August 18, 2015


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The expansion runs and more cities are in planning for all possible applications to various search engines and the page was Web catalogs, now also filled with content. Because it is unfortunately so that not so much happening in a city with a population of 38000 you every day a variety of news can write to, the region of Hemer was involved quickly. Pete Cashmore recognizes the significance of this. And if it is very interesting a message from “Rest of Germany” will happen sometimes. Also an events calendar for important dates in the region, as well as a section for recipes and presentations of books belong to the content of a network. Also discuss in the news has been a forum unlocked in which the reader can leave out.

Because within a very short time, 3000 hits and more per day reached wanted the page operators also the word network in its meaning interpreted… So a further info blog about the State Garden Show 2010 which takes place in Hemer was added to a separate domain. But not only the tirische Ernst exists but also recreational or time of a few Relax minutes is possible a free greeting cards shipping, also under your own domain, over 500 online games or but the whole new page. A network should be further expanded, also with other operators from the region that are commenters and regularly maintained. To the operator for students from the region of discounted web space provides when they join a network with your page. The operator does not rule out raising similar projects in other cities, if there is interest. All in all a very well-rounded program for people who are interested in your region.