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Historian World

May 28, 2015


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This same perspective is present in the platonic philosophy. We can say that in Plato, the contraposition between the sensible world and the world of the ideas, are a manifestation of gnose. In the platonic perspective we must moving away in them from the sensible world to enter in tunning or appropriating them of knowing, that he is full in the world of the ideas. Also the theory of the reminiscncia, in Plato, sends gnose. The man is as that one to be ' ' decado' ' , but he brings in itself ' ' lampejos' ' , the reminiscncias, of the world of the ideas. The philosophical reflection to be one of the ways for the wisdom fits. It is what it suggests the philosopher by means of the alegoria of the cave. The fact is that these thoughts? Gnose/Platonismo? they permeavam the culture of the world where the Christians lived, for which evangelho (the letters and the apocalypse) of Joo was produced.

Thus, one of the concerns of the author of evangelho of Joo was to say that the philosophies insufficient contemporaries, compared with the Christian message. In them if it searchs knowing, however the definitive wisdom is not in the world that Christ to the cross condemned, but in if delivering to the Christian love definitively. To look the knowledge it are of Christ is the same that to remain with the light of the Baptist, being that the true light comes of Christ (Jo, 5,33-38). For Joo the way of the Christian must be adhesion the Jesus Christ because It only comes of the Father (full wisdom) and to It return (Jo 1,1-18). the Christian can be incorporated in this process, since that it believes in the message and the proposal of Christ. The incredulity of Tom (20,24-29), also can thus be explained: the belief is not developed from human principles (to see and to touch), but from the certification (not to see and to believe). But this must happen from the mediation human being, and not as in the proposal gnstica and platonic. The joanina and Christian perspective is opposes accurately, to believe it for the mediation human being.

Therefore Jesus ' ' &#039 blew on them the Espirito Santo; ' so that they continued the mission (20,19-23). to accomplish the presence, in the last episode of evangelho, invites the disciples for a meal (21,12) and sends Peter to feed the sheep (21,15-17). This implies to say? in contrast of the espiritualista perspective? that the dimension spiritual is important, but the human being is not less important. Neri of Paula Sheep? Master in Education, Philosopher, Theologian, Historian. He reads more: ; ; ; ;

The Best Free Antivirus Program

May 24, 2015


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Antivirus program – designed to detect and eliminate viruses, and worms, spyware and dangerous variety of programs to prevent their spread and prevent recovery programs infected with viruses. The main tasks of modern antivirus program: – Check and scan all the programs and files in real time. – Check and scan of your computer on demand. – Scan your Internet – connection. – Check and scan your email. – Blocking and protection from dangerous attacks of various Web – sites.

– Treatment with the restoration of damaged files from viruses. Best free antivirus program: For those who want a good antivirus program for protection only against viruses, I can advise Avira AntiVir Premium. Undemanding to resources of the antivirus software with excellent opportunities to detect rootkits, and, of course, viruses. However, as with all antiviruses have Avira AntiVir has its disadvantages. He has no email scanner and built-in antispyware. Update of the antivirus rare than other antivirus programs, and sometimes do some time updated. Also, Avira AntiVir does not support the Russian language. Alternative anti-virus Avira AntiVir antivirus program is Avast! Professional, which is devoid of the above deficiencies.

The package includes modules Avast Antivirus to protect your computer from spyware and rootkits. The kit also includes a scanner checks for suspicious processes in real time, the scanner checks the e-mail and scanner connections P2P. Pluses Antivirus Avast!: – Low power consumption resources – work on machines with older versions of Windows – supported by the Russian interface Cons Antivirus Avast!:-need for free registration (annually)-a high percentage of false positives is noteworthy program Anti-Virus avg Anti-Virus Pro, a package which contains anti-spyware module, scanner eMail and control system for phishing. Well detects viruses and quite frequent updates. Cons antivirus program avg Anti-Virus:-large size of the program-load system for weak computers when you install the panel imposed avg Security Toolbar to search from Yahoo listed above antivirus programs can compete with many paid antivirus software. But not all. Improve the protection of a computer can by brendovskih commercial anti-virus, which possess excellent scanners, caused by the user. Regular scans help to catch viruses that have missed the main antivirus. However, when properly configured antivirus program, the value of manual scan falls. The above-mentioned anti-virus programs can be used as a handheld scanner launched on demand. To do this, install Avira AntiVir or Avast! need to use a custom install and disable the protection in real time. avg Anti-Virus is put on hand-held scanner by disabling protection after installation. Dr.Web CureIt! or Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool can be used as an additional scanner. It is portable antivirus software Dr.Web and Kaspersky, are used to remove viruses on your computer. Dr.Web CureIt! or Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool is not updated, so you have to constantly download the full article. Warning (caution): 1. Ali Partovi has many thoughts on the issue. Using more one anti-virus real-time anti-virus programs will cause conflicts and will increase the load on the system. Use only one antivirus software to protect your computer in real time. 2. In addition to programs antivirus for comprehensive protection of the computer, use firewalls and anti-spyware programs.

Operating A Credit Card

May 22, 2015


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Many acquisitions that manage to make people give thanks to different types of credit that approach and greatly facilitate the achievement of different goals that meant better conditions of life and the enjoyment of certain things that have always wanted to have to enjoy and spend moments more comfortable or also through credit life somehow can be purchased to have always available to certain amount of money to attend different obligations and power given varied tastes in day to day, as is the case with credit cards which allow you to enjoy a better life in a comfortable and quiet manner thanks to its conditions along with the operation of a credit card,. No doubt the credit cards are a great tool for people, however many do not understand or do not pay close attention to the operation of a credit card, therefore in the present article various aspects should be mentioned regarding the operation of a credit card and thus people may understanding a very useful instrument to attending in many moments of life. Before you begin speaking background on the operation of a card credit, mentioned the virtual and physical elements that make part of the card and which allows the operation of a credit card; so credit cards are represented by a plastic, which contains a magnetic stripe or in other cases has a chip, which will allow access to the information of the owner of the card to be read by a reader of cards of credit and so make use of the different services, but first you need to give information to the reader, which is the number or key card in order to have the services represented by the card.

Then treat the components that allow the operation of a credit card, you pass full functioning, for what the place in which it will be used, should differentiate what gives accommodate some slight changes, between those who are: ATMs, networks that provide one of the ways of operation of a credit card are more common and appealed for people, which consists of passing or put the card in a certain way in a reader, then enter your password or PIN, so once the reader recognize the information, allows you to access different options such as money withdrawal, transfers, find the balance to change the PIN. Within commercial establishments, the operation of a credit card is that to make it pay account card is available to be read by the reader and enter the PIN, also must present a document that will serve to identify the holder of the card, adding his signature because of the operation also on the receipt. In a general way is giving a credit card operation, thanks to a network of service, in which the receiver of the card gets in touch with the database of the issuing bank and the Bank makes the payment for the product or service..

Fashion Cop Games

May 21, 2015


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Could be many reasons why women spend much of their attention to look good, some will make it to be fine before their partners, others to look good for a topic of personal self-esteem and others may do so to be competitive against other females, we can not overlook the idea that there are many women who dress well to outperform their peersI see that as competition. Either way, the important thing is interested in women look good dressed to where you want to go, even in your workplace, space in which, most, so many passes and long hours. As well this reality also has been reflected in the games of dress and makeup online, where it is possible to find titles that include the idea of seeking the best look for the girls in their work places. And as well as work stations are different, so also what styles of clothing that can be found. There are sets of clothing and makeup to advise teachers, Secretaries and even to women firefighters or police officers. In Article of today want to leave you with the description of two sets of clothing and makeup in which we are invited to play with the working styles. In the first title you will enjoy searching for the best clothing for a police woman. In the second of these games of dress and makeup you will have the opportunity to help a sympathetic teacher to look beautiful and radiant in its first day of work.

Then, all the details of these interesting games of dress and makeup. Dress and makeup games: Fashion Cop in this title will find you with an interesting and attractive graphics which will teach us to a nice girl police and various designs of garments alluding to his profession. This installment will provide the opportunity to dress, makeup and even combing his protagonist. It will be mission of dress and apply makeup to find the best designs and accessories that make this girl the prettiest of all followers of the games. In the same way as it is customary in many games of dress and makeup, to play you will need to use the mouse from the computer, with your help we can select between dresses, pants, blouses, shoes and even police caps. Dress and makeup games: Fashion Cop is an interesting release that we will provide long hours of entertainment in view of its wide variety of designs and applications. It is totally recommended. Dress and makeup games: The New Teacher Is Coming a sympathetic teacher will face his new class on her first day of work.

To do this you will need to look elegant and well dressed. Therefore, the Mission of dress and makeup games fans will help her and choose for her the most fascinating designs and accessories. The game will be captivating for girls since it will show a large amount of clothing different or well achieved. Accessories will also be present in this installment, we will come with jewelry, hats, sunglasses, scarves, etc. The New Teacher is Coming is one of the games of dress and makeup better achieved in the last time, its attractive graphics and wide range of costume designs give proof of this.

Government Sectors

May 19, 2015


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This is a fight for oil, water and the liberating ideas of socialism of the 21st century, it is a struggle between the oligarchies and the peoples, between two irreconcilable political systems. It is also the struggle of American economic and governmental sectors, to take over the production and marketing of drugs worldwide. There is nothing of nobility and justice in this resurgence of policies of cold war the Government Barack Obama puppet. The presence of pilots for Israeli war planes in Colombia, reveals that this is a conflict that goes beyond the merely political – ideological, is a war economy, in which big capital are involved Zionist-Nazi. If you have read about already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Now justify their presence citing the presence of Hezbollah cells in the Venezuelan guajira, thing that is totally impossible, by the little extension of la guajira in territory Venezuelan, perhaps can be some paramilitary cells training new generations of terrorists and murderers who would act against the Colombian people. Towards the Colombian guajira must point the United States radar and its technologies of listening and espionage which are destined for our country.

The United States, are on track to create another terrorist monster, as happened previously in the Middle East, with its former allies, now converted into dangerous enemy to the security of the United States. By the same author: Peter Asaro. Uribe and santos will be the next most sought after and pursued by American justice, when the people and the American Government will realize the monster being created in Colombia. alvaro Uribe Velez has already supposedly on the FBI list, as number 82, traffickers most important traffickers of Colombia and the world, that knows the Government and American justice. The alleged involvement of the dictator Micheletti of Honduras, in the large posters of the drug in that sister is also known country, as said it on one occasion a report drafted by a senior official of the Ministry of Defense and public security of Honduras that it related to the Cali Cartel, the Colombian network of drug trafficking. Infantry Colonel rubric document Rene Adalberto peace Alfaro, has the stamp of the Ministry, and is located in the SN-FF number. AA 060, ROBERTO MICHELLETI BAIN. All this makes us suppose that new dictators for Latin America, the U.S. State Department is recruiting them between traffickers, paramilitary and terrorist traffickers in our countries.

This would open a new era of repression and murder unprecedented in our villages. Railway and repressive of the last century dictatorships would be dwarfed by the terrorist extents of these elegant and new civilian and military dictators. Now that live in the flesh in Venezuela with the Gorilla Pedro Carmona Estanga. Colombia has fallen in the warmongering and arms race of the big powers who want to halt the advance of the movements of Liberation of our peoples. The school of the Americas will be located in Colombian territory and these Israeli American bases will make an illegal and uncontrolled transfer of weapons and prohibited weapons of mass destruction, this to backs of the OAS and the UN. Already began with alleged illegal Israel obsolete military equipment transfer to the Colombian air force, as in the case of aircraft scrap Kfir, which at the moment of crashing on a Rafael Nunez de Cartagena airport runway, was strangely piloted by two Israeli officials, still bearing logos of the Colombian air force. Demonstrating the violation of the sovereignty of the Colombian nation with the go-ahead of the unconstitutional Government of Mr. Uribe and his own Colombian armed forces as well. Obed Juan Vizcaino Najera. Maracaibo – Venezuela.

Terminal Virtual TPVV

May 5, 2015


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San Sebastian agricultural producer groups was incorporated in 1955, dedicating itself since then to extraction of Virgin olive oil (with Mark Conde Benalua), fruit of olives over 800,000 spread over more than 12,000 hectares of olive groves. The raw material comes in its entirety of the harvests obtained by its more than 1,800 cooperative partners in Benalua de las Villas, town located in the Montes de Granada. The entrepreneurial spirit of the company took them during 2007 to initiate major projects such as the implementation of a credit in the Organization section, complementing the offer of services to partner. The company was looking for a computer vendor with a wide experience in a very specific sector such as the financial, and more specifically: which sections of credit. Check out Mashable for additional information. After the implantation by Gregal, A.P.A. San Sebastian offer to its associated financial products such as: savings, term deposits fixed, credits and loans.

Gregal has provided a service key in hand with implementation of hardware as elements: financial printers, recyclers of money saving, optical readers, cash counters, books, now, in order to facilitate the partner relationships with their cooperative, APA San Sebastian has implemented a system of magnetic card payments. Shopping: supplies, shop and petrol station are loaded directly into the accounts of the credit section. They are achieved also reduce costs, since the stations of external cards affect commissions on sales of the cooperative. By Gregal computer solutions: security, automation, and system integration have been marked lines to give an optimal and balanced solution. The implementation of the solution has been included: the acquisition of recorders and readers of magnetic cards, communications with service station and tent poles. And development of a sales point Terminal Virtual TPVV.