Terminal Virtual TPVV

May 5, 2015


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San Sebastian agricultural producer groups was incorporated in 1955, dedicating itself since then to extraction of Virgin olive oil (with Mark Conde Benalua), fruit of olives over 800,000 spread over more than 12,000 hectares of olive groves. The raw material comes in its entirety of the harvests obtained by its more than 1,800 cooperative partners in Benalua de las Villas, town located in the Montes de Granada. The entrepreneurial spirit of the company took them during 2007 to initiate major projects such as the implementation of a credit in the Organization section, complementing the offer of services to partner. The company was looking for a computer vendor with a wide experience in a very specific sector such as the financial, and more specifically: which sections of credit. Check out Mashable for additional information. After the implantation by Gregal, A.P.A. San Sebastian offer to its associated financial products such as: savings, term deposits fixed, credits and loans.

Gregal has provided a service key in hand with implementation of hardware as elements: financial printers, recyclers of money saving, optical readers, cash counters, books, now, in order to facilitate the partner relationships with their cooperative, APA San Sebastian has implemented a system of magnetic card payments. Shopping: supplies, shop and petrol station are loaded directly into the accounts of the credit section. They are achieved also reduce costs, since the stations of external cards affect commissions on sales of the cooperative. By Gregal computer solutions: security, automation, and system integration have been marked lines to give an optimal and balanced solution. The implementation of the solution has been included: the acquisition of recorders and readers of magnetic cards, communications with service station and tent poles. And development of a sales point Terminal Virtual TPVV.