Government Sectors

May 19, 2015


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This is a fight for oil, water and the liberating ideas of socialism of the 21st century, it is a struggle between the oligarchies and the peoples, between two irreconcilable political systems. It is also the struggle of American economic and governmental sectors, to take over the production and marketing of drugs worldwide. There is nothing of nobility and justice in this resurgence of policies of cold war the Government Barack Obama puppet. The presence of pilots for Israeli war planes in Colombia, reveals that this is a conflict that goes beyond the merely political – ideological, is a war economy, in which big capital are involved Zionist-Nazi. If you have read about already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Now justify their presence citing the presence of Hezbollah cells in the Venezuelan guajira, thing that is totally impossible, by the little extension of la guajira in territory Venezuelan, perhaps can be some paramilitary cells training new generations of terrorists and murderers who would act against the Colombian people. Towards the Colombian guajira must point the United States radar and its technologies of listening and espionage which are destined for our country.

The United States, are on track to create another terrorist monster, as happened previously in the Middle East, with its former allies, now converted into dangerous enemy to the security of the United States. By the same author: Peter Asaro. Uribe and santos will be the next most sought after and pursued by American justice, when the people and the American Government will realize the monster being created in Colombia. alvaro Uribe Velez has already supposedly on the FBI list, as number 82, traffickers most important traffickers of Colombia and the world, that knows the Government and American justice. The alleged involvement of the dictator Micheletti of Honduras, in the large posters of the drug in that sister is also known country, as said it on one occasion a report drafted by a senior official of the Ministry of Defense and public security of Honduras that it related to the Cali Cartel, the Colombian network of drug trafficking. Infantry Colonel rubric document Rene Adalberto peace Alfaro, has the stamp of the Ministry, and is located in the SN-FF number. AA 060, ROBERTO MICHELLETI BAIN. All this makes us suppose that new dictators for Latin America, the U.S. State Department is recruiting them between traffickers, paramilitary and terrorist traffickers in our countries.

This would open a new era of repression and murder unprecedented in our villages. Railway and repressive of the last century dictatorships would be dwarfed by the terrorist extents of these elegant and new civilian and military dictators. Now that live in the flesh in Venezuela with the Gorilla Pedro Carmona Estanga. Colombia has fallen in the warmongering and arms race of the big powers who want to halt the advance of the movements of Liberation of our peoples. The school of the Americas will be located in Colombian territory and these Israeli American bases will make an illegal and uncontrolled transfer of weapons and prohibited weapons of mass destruction, this to backs of the OAS and the UN. Already began with alleged illegal Israel obsolete military equipment transfer to the Colombian air force, as in the case of aircraft scrap Kfir, which at the moment of crashing on a Rafael Nunez de Cartagena airport runway, was strangely piloted by two Israeli officials, still bearing logos of the Colombian air force. Demonstrating the violation of the sovereignty of the Colombian nation with the go-ahead of the unconstitutional Government of Mr. Uribe and his own Colombian armed forces as well. Obed Juan Vizcaino Najera. Maracaibo – Venezuela.