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David Bohn

We must also take care not to confuse learning networks that may be valuable technical support; but they are not required for the formation of a learning community. There are twelve principles common to all levels. These principles are those that allow to go beyond the quality of education. The quality of education, which focuses […]

Charles Dickens Bleak House

Four years after the death of the rabbit a judge has taken away the reason on the complaint of the inheritance of her octogenarian husband. The two original heirs, Anna Nicole Smith and the son of her husband, have died in the course of 14 years who has been litigating. The long legal battle that […]

Black Sea

Is the Ukraine for foreigners, such as the network of roads and drivers, are like hotels and insurance such as persons? Foreigners should not be nervous, although if you are travelling with a local person, she will know better. As there are in the world there are areas of most cities best avoided, in general […]

Vicente Saraco

We studied how to Blues and improvisation with the Blues scale in 3 shades. I recommend going by adding shades for fourths or fifths (eg: after playing in C, pass to F or G), thus is iran by adding alterations to a time, which will make more progressive and easier study. I invite you to […]