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David Bohn

March 29, 2014


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We must also take care not to confuse learning networks that may be valuable technical support; but they are not required for the formation of a learning community. There are twelve principles common to all levels. These principles are those that allow to go beyond the quality of education. The quality of education, which focuses mostly on training for the labour market and measures around material production and instruments in support of tenure. Education is considered to be of great help in the educational task, but is not necessary or sufficient to achieve the integral development of the individual. An education that does not consider the spirit, for nothing can be complete. Each of the principles of learning communities is itself a totality that is the subject of development in the work Dr.

Gallegos. The theme of the dialogue is one of the cores of his speech, which has occupied politicians, writers and thinkers throughout history for example Socrates and Plato in antiquity and David Bohn currently. Each of them gives it certain nuances, but in essence is applied as a means of communication and reasoning for approaching subjective reality. Dr. Ramon Gallegos resumed dialogue in his speech in the manner of David Bohn holistic: as a form of communication that is radically out of the instrumental logic of linear processes and competitive values exemplifying the importance of holding dialogues with our fellow human beings. Bohn, in its proposal of common consciousness suggests that to solve our common problems we should start, not by Cup tree, organizations such as UNESCO or domes of Government, but by their very roots, because thus explores how thinking is generated and maintained collectively, we must initiate us, one each of us and not wait for it to start in the upper echelons. Holistic dialogue should no longer react emotionally, put on hold the beliefs, i.e., put in parentheses the reactions, stop aggression, external and internally; you have to realize what is in our minds and in the minds of others without advancing judgments or conclusions, since it is just be aware.

Charles Dickens Bleak House

March 23, 2014


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Four years after the death of the rabbit a judge has taken away the reason on the complaint of the inheritance of her octogenarian husband. The two original heirs, Anna Nicole Smith and the son of her husband, have died in the course of 14 years who has been litigating. The long legal battle that the deceased model Anna Nicole Smith started over 14 years ago to become part of the heritage of her millionaire husband concluded Friday with a verdict against him, four years after his death. The United States Supreme Court had put an end, by a vote of 5-4, to a struggle between heirs – those of Smith, who died in 2007, and the oil Tycoon j. Howard Marshall died in 1995 – the heritage of 1.6 billion dollars (1,123 million euros) of the latter. The model of Playboy, who had married Marshall a year before the death of the octogenarian Tycoon, when she was 26 years old, alleged that her wealthy husband, who had honored her with gifts amounting to $ 8 million (5.6 million of) euros), had promised you also a generous portion of his fortune: some 300 million dollars (210 million euros). However, in his testimony, magnate bequeathed virtually all his assets to his son, Pierce Marshall, who also died in 2006 and whose heirs were now fighting for the case. After several courts give reason to the son of the billionaire, the explosive model managed a bankruptcy court granted 475 million dollars (333 million euros) of the inheritance, amount to a federal court reduced in 2002 to 89 million (62.4 million euros).

But the majority of the Supreme Court on Friday invalidated that verdict, leaving the daughter and legal heir to Smith, Dannielynn Birkhead, without seeing a single dollar (0.70 euros) which was his stepfather. We conclude that, although the bankruptcy court had the legal authority to give a verdict on appeal, it lacked the constitutional authority to do so, wrote Judge John Roberts in the verdict, cited by the ABC network. Not escaped to judge the tone of saga of the everlasting case, which compared to the novel by Charles Dickens Bleak House (bleak house). This case, the case of the time, has become complicated so that there are no two lawyers who can talk about five minutes without reaching a total disagreement over all the premises, wrote Roberts quoting a famous paragraph of the work. Countless children have been born during the cause, countless young people have married her, and sadly, the original parts have died by it, he continued.Those words were not written about this case, but so it should have been, concluded the judge. Multimillion-dollar inheritance will remain for the time being in the hands of the heirs of Pierce Marshall, although Smith’s family still appeal the case in other lower courts, in the hope that the saga has not closed at all.

Black Sea

March 16, 2014


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Is the Ukraine for foreigners, such as the network of roads and drivers, are like hotels and insurance such as persons? Foreigners should not be nervous, although if you are travelling with a local person, she will know better. As there are in the world there are areas of most cities best avoided, in general the Centre of the cities is a choice best. The road network is extensive, although not in the best state of repair, especially in rural areas. Driving is very attentive to speed signals showing a limit of 40 km, or less and often in a fast and straight portion of the road, these will be probably guarded and speeding fines are a regular form of income for the State or the police. The fine is approximately 50 hvs, put this in your package of car / documents (which you should always carry).

Check with the Agency when you rent your car the current rate for bribery. It can be seen well that some cars, usually large and expensive, or black jeeps seem to ignore speeding laws. Allow them to pass. The choice of hotels is varied, some are good, some are very good and for the truly adventurous, there are hotels that have changed very little since the withdrawal of the Russians! One of the many paradoxical aspects of Ukraine is the Western division / East. There is a huge River and magnificent, the Dnipro that runs from North to South than to the Black Sea. To the West of this river the Ukrainian is the common language and people tend to be more sympathetic with the Europeans and Russian anti. East of the river people are more likely to be pro Russian and speak Russian! You will find that people are generally warm especially in the cities and men will be pleasantly surprised at how many beautiful women there are everywhere in this country.

Vicente Saraco

March 10, 2014


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We studied how to Blues and improvisation with the Blues scale in 3 shades. I recommend going by adding shades for fourths or fifths (eg: after playing in C, pass to F or G), thus is iran by adding alterations to a time, which will make more progressive and easier study. I invite you to try 3 different tones per week (eg: first week C, F, Bb; the second week G, D and A), at a rate of approx. 4 weeks per month and 3 tones per week, in a month there will be easily studied 12 shades. To not set aside the left hand will do something simple, which consists of touching the tritones, i.e.

the 7th and 3rd grade of each chord (or the 3rd and 7th, the order does not matter). Being all of those dominant chords, all chords are tritones. Speed: with regard to rates, different speeds; we can do this exercise speed also determines the character of a single. We will use 3 speeds in this case: every day for a week to 80 bpm (beats per minute), the week following 100 bpm, and the third week to 120 bpm. It is very important that you use a metronome or rhythmic base for studying these exercises; in Jazz the rhythm is very important. Note: remember swingear the quavers (in English swing-eighths).

That is, do not touch the strict values (in English straight) but playing the second eighth note to 1/3 of the value of time. This gets sub-dividiendo time in 3 parts, of which the first note lasts 2/3 of the total and the second 1/3 remaining. As we can see in the picture, the first sentence is repeated, and then a second there’s concluding phrase, to B. form which gives as a result After a while of doing this exercise we can note as we are improving our ability to improvise original and compelling phrases which only comes with practice, trial and error. Don’t be discouraged if at first you feel that his sentences are not convincing. Also note that the left hand does not give many jumps and chord changes occur by step, this helps that there is a good conduction of voices. Note that in every chord change driving voices is 7 3, 7 3. I.e., the 3rd of a chord becomes the 7th of the following chord and vice versa. Doing this exercise to consciousness every day, I can assure you that in just one week you will notice some positive result, and this only investing 15 min. newspapers, which is very convenient if we have very busy lives. If you have more than 15 min. per day to study Jazz, I invite you to add more exercises.