David Bohn

March 29, 2014


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We must also take care not to confuse learning networks that may be valuable technical support; but they are not required for the formation of a learning community. There are twelve principles common to all levels. These principles are those that allow to go beyond the quality of education. The quality of education, which focuses mostly on training for the labour market and measures around material production and instruments in support of tenure. Education is considered to be of great help in the educational task, but is not necessary or sufficient to achieve the integral development of the individual. An education that does not consider the spirit, for nothing can be complete. Each of the principles of learning communities is itself a totality that is the subject of development in the work Dr.

Gallegos. The theme of the dialogue is one of the cores of his speech, which has occupied politicians, writers and thinkers throughout history for example Socrates and Plato in antiquity and David Bohn currently. Each of them gives it certain nuances, but in essence is applied as a means of communication and reasoning for approaching subjective reality. Dr. Ramon Gallegos resumed dialogue in his speech in the manner of David Bohn holistic: as a form of communication that is radically out of the instrumental logic of linear processes and competitive values exemplifying the importance of holding dialogues with our fellow human beings. Bohn, in its proposal of common consciousness suggests that to solve our common problems we should start, not by Cup tree, organizations such as UNESCO or domes of Government, but by their very roots, because thus explores how thinking is generated and maintained collectively, we must initiate us, one each of us and not wait for it to start in the upper echelons. Holistic dialogue should no longer react emotionally, put on hold the beliefs, i.e., put in parentheses the reactions, stop aggression, external and internally; you have to realize what is in our minds and in the minds of others without advancing judgments or conclusions, since it is just be aware.