Black Sea

March 16, 2014


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Is the Ukraine for foreigners, such as the network of roads and drivers, are like hotels and insurance such as persons? Foreigners should not be nervous, although if you are travelling with a local person, she will know better. As there are in the world there are areas of most cities best avoided, in general the Centre of the cities is a choice best. The road network is extensive, although not in the best state of repair, especially in rural areas. Driving is very attentive to speed signals showing a limit of 40 km, or less and often in a fast and straight portion of the road, these will be probably guarded and speeding fines are a regular form of income for the State or the police. The fine is approximately 50 hvs, put this in your package of car / documents (which you should always carry).

Check with the Agency when you rent your car the current rate for bribery. It can be seen well that some cars, usually large and expensive, or black jeeps seem to ignore speeding laws. Allow them to pass. The choice of hotels is varied, some are good, some are very good and for the truly adventurous, there are hotels that have changed very little since the withdrawal of the Russians! One of the many paradoxical aspects of Ukraine is the Western division / East. There is a huge River and magnificent, the Dnipro that runs from North to South than to the Black Sea. To the West of this river the Ukrainian is the common language and people tend to be more sympathetic with the Europeans and Russian anti. East of the river people are more likely to be pro Russian and speak Russian! You will find that people are generally warm especially in the cities and men will be pleasantly surprised at how many beautiful women there are everywhere in this country.