Vicente Saraco

March 10, 2014


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We studied how to Blues and improvisation with the Blues scale in 3 shades. I recommend going by adding shades for fourths or fifths (eg: after playing in C, pass to F or G), thus is iran by adding alterations to a time, which will make more progressive and easier study. I invite you to try 3 different tones per week (eg: first week C, F, Bb; the second week G, D and A), at a rate of approx. 4 weeks per month and 3 tones per week, in a month there will be easily studied 12 shades. To not set aside the left hand will do something simple, which consists of touching the tritones, i.e.

the 7th and 3rd grade of each chord (or the 3rd and 7th, the order does not matter). Being all of those dominant chords, all chords are tritones. Speed: with regard to rates, different speeds; we can do this exercise speed also determines the character of a single. We will use 3 speeds in this case: every day for a week to 80 bpm (beats per minute), the week following 100 bpm, and the third week to 120 bpm. It is very important that you use a metronome or rhythmic base for studying these exercises; in Jazz the rhythm is very important. Note: remember swingear the quavers (in English swing-eighths).

That is, do not touch the strict values (in English straight) but playing the second eighth note to 1/3 of the value of time. This gets sub-dividiendo time in 3 parts, of which the first note lasts 2/3 of the total and the second 1/3 remaining. As we can see in the picture, the first sentence is repeated, and then a second there’s concluding phrase, to B. form which gives as a result After a while of doing this exercise we can note as we are improving our ability to improvise original and compelling phrases which only comes with practice, trial and error. Don’t be discouraged if at first you feel that his sentences are not convincing. Also note that the left hand does not give many jumps and chord changes occur by step, this helps that there is a good conduction of voices. Note that in every chord change driving voices is 7 3, 7 3. I.e., the 3rd of a chord becomes the 7th of the following chord and vice versa. Doing this exercise to consciousness every day, I can assure you that in just one week you will notice some positive result, and this only investing 15 min. newspapers, which is very convenient if we have very busy lives. If you have more than 15 min. per day to study Jazz, I invite you to add more exercises.