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January 27, 2014


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That is the Wet Clean? Wet Clean is a concept in English translated meaning washing in water or wash in damp, it counteracts a Dry Clean or wash dry that we all know. The Wet Clean or Wet Cleaning use only water and soaps 100% biodegradable which have a zero impact on the environment. Des from the point of view of the user’s dry cleaning advantages of this system are: 1 – lower prices than in the wash to dry 2 – superior quality: clothing remains soft, smells like fabric softener (and not chemical as in the dry-cleaning conventional) and colors are more brilliant. 3. Really clean clothes; Although dry washing technology has greatly improved the past few years in the clothes washed with perchloroethylene always any residue of this solvent (the typical odor of clothes washed in dry cleaning) which are carcinogens and that in allergic people are especially dangerous.

Des from the point of view of the tintorerialas professional advantages are: 1 – working in an environment 100% clean free of debris or solvents carcinogens. 2. Saving in energy, water, soaps and ecological fees, which at the same time allows you to offer prices more competitivosd customers. 3. A much smaller initial investment. Wet Clean technology is simpler and cheaper both initial investment and subsequent maintenance.

4. Without problems: washing with solvents is very aggressive and often eats drawings, trims, buttons or pieces of plastic that does not happen with water. Wet Clean technology has no disadvantages since point of view of the customer and to the Dyer, the only disadvantage is that garments need 30 seconds more than ironing with dry-cleaning conventional. Source: Press release sent by ecological. Soccer News Blog Archive bad time for ornaments to make homemade soaps in the 21st century? Workshops in Madrid Have tried the Blog alternative dry cleaning? Afro hair Madrid Free, from another point of view point of view s anti-documentary documentaries Documentary Film, Radio, Photography Presentation + Production Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Galician Research

January 21, 2014


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You have been created to give answers to diseases without cure at present. Detractors of the experiment come more a business of selling of these dogs that medical objectives. They share more than 269 disease genes with humans, to dnder researchers argue the use of dogs. Research is conducted by the National University of Seoul, where the first cloned dog in history. It is not the first case of animals created with fluorescent properties for medical purposes. A few years ago knew, for example, the existence of fluorescent pigs created with a view to stem cell therapy. This summer has given to learn about new research, this time with dogs. For what exactly? Researchers seek answers to curb diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s with this curious (and controversial) method. Detractors, a formula business of sale of these dogs, whose price reaches the 100,000 dollars by puppy in the market. A group of South Korean scientists has managed to clone dogs modified human genetically and fluorescent properties that could help cure diseases and imply a new advance in medical research. On the outside of the laboratory led by Professor Lee Byeong-chun in Seoul National University can be heard barking from unique cloned dogs of the world, a milestone in the animal replication only achieved between these walls. Among them is Snuppy, an Afghan Greyhound who in 2005 became the first cloned dog in history under the direction of the controversial researcher Hwang Woo-suk, who resigned to acknowledge that he had falsified data for research on stem cells from cloned human embryos. This laboratory of the University of veterinary medicine, which was the Centre of attention of the international scientific community in 2005, has now changed the focus of his research and focuses on the cloning of dogs, a line of work that proved valid and beyond all doubt. The latest achievement of the team of Professor Lee is the creation of a dog’s breed Beagle, born in 2009, which revealed fluorescent properties while taking an antibiotic that activates his light skin, acquired by genetic manipulation. The animal is called Tagon and under ultraviolet light and a special filter shows a unique in its kind: reflects a strong green light in addition to attracting the attention of the public, might be useful to study cures to diseases. Said Lee, equal to that Tagon is activated the gene that causes your skin fluorescent green color to give you an antibiotic, you can attempt to apply a procedure similar to ailments human, so taking a medicine inducing genetic functions are activated when desired, such as a switch. The same principle inspired the creation of Ruppy, another beagle, whose DNA synthesized a protein which makes their tissues are of a red color, which in turn becomes florescente under ultraviolet light. That Ruppy vermilion color serves to demonstrate that the genetic insertion has worked, as a placeholder, it details Lee in his Office, filled with plush dogs. The Professor argues that the selection of dogs as the object of study is due to that you share more than 269 disease genes with humans, so it can serve research model for ailments like Parkinson’s disease. However, these experiments are facing great difficulty posed by cloning a dog, much larger and expensive than the process required for a mouse or a sheep, as a pioneer Dolly. But in this laboratory have managed to find him at his work for years, recognized by publications such as Time Magazine and New York Times, a lucrative part; the sale of clones of dogs who died their distressed owners. $100,000 per puppy this business is done through the private company RNL Bio, which can charge more than $100,000 per puppy, price that does not dissuade people with large incomes worldwide. In addition, Lee and his team have successfully cloned species at risk such as the Korean Wolf or create a line of dogs with the best smell for customs or to detect tumors, a quality that only have certain hounds. A Spanish research Begona Roibas, a Spaniard who came to the Center in early 2010, works on the cloning of transgenic cows that produce a protein in its milk related to the immune system. This Galician of 28 years shares facilities with a score of researchers, all of whom are South Koreans, and is dedicated to insert genetic codes in complex sequences of DNA that are subsequently introduced into the cells to clone. Source of the news: dogs cloned and engineered to glow in the dark: research or business?


January 15, 2014


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Remember today, February 26, the anniversary of his death date Don Paco Martinez Soria is a pleasure. Rarely found in one person, the perfect blend of respect and gratitude and is that the actor was, by itself, a spectacle of enormous value for what is the art of interpretation. However, in Spain it seems that not only don’t we recognize that value but we forget easily that both have made us laugh. From the Spanish El Correo newspaper published in August of 1971 extract this anecdote that speaks of the greatness of Martinez Soria and that illustrates very well what we mean: on one occasion, they visited Spain a group of Russian artists and arriving in Madrid asked the director of the Teatro Maria Guerrero, that teach them in a brief tour which at that time was representing in other theatres. They were several functions and scarce, the time to be in all of them, so they decided to schedule a space of 10 minutes in each theatre.

What should be pointed out is that None of the Russians spoke Spanish, so they went from one side to another, murmuring among them and taking notes, (I guess I outside the dialog elements) in these the Eslava Theatre, where he performed our Paco and after a few minutes they arrive and to meet the strange time trial were invited to the Group of experts to leave the room, to which they flatly refused. His response, through interpreter was this: forgiveness. Here we are not moving. This actor interested extraordinarily, although we do not understand what he says. When an actor comes to scene with the strength with which Martinez Soria, did with his gestures, his gait, his huge body language, the words are unnecessary. The same have to return another group of Russians, to make us understand it.

Spanish Services

January 2, 2014


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It is true that years ago the Internet was the route by which any user could very easily access articles, samples, gifts, free services promotions, had websites, even, that specialized in offering these services and gift items. I myself got, that golden age of the great network in Spain, a webcam, CDs, an ink cartridge for the printer, gift of establishments, shipments of free SMS, but everything seems to be that you eventually disappear, engullido by this tide of advertising, banners, pop up annoying, thematic portals dull, everything what is the daily life of an average Netizen, in short. But are you sure that she is not no I trace everything what?, are you sure that no longer can find is free stuff on the Internet? It might seem otherwise but is still having quite a few options for Internet users to find all kinds of resources and free services on the net great, well as possibilities not only get samples of articles or free gifts, but even receiving money in exchange for use according to what servcios. Rumor has it this month of February 2006, Microsoft prepare all an offensive against its major current competitor, which strangely, is Google, with such innvodoras measures as pay its search engine (MSN) users, either offer a limited version of its Windows operating system free but with advertising banners. In the great network market is readapting again and Internet users, we can surely benefit from it. It can only be proactive, be knowledgeable and attentive to new developments to take advantage and amortize well our bandwidth. By the way, a new Spanish form, in promotion and in beta these days, is offering the possibility of sending free SMS. If you try, it is perhaps how better you are going to have to discover that world of resources and free services, Internet still offers, for very hidden and inaccessible as it seems to find these past years.