January 15, 2014


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Remember today, February 26, the anniversary of his death date Don Paco Martinez Soria is a pleasure. Rarely found in one person, the perfect blend of respect and gratitude and is that the actor was, by itself, a spectacle of enormous value for what is the art of interpretation. However, in Spain it seems that not only don’t we recognize that value but we forget easily that both have made us laugh. From the Spanish El Correo newspaper published in August of 1971 extract this anecdote that speaks of the greatness of Martinez Soria and that illustrates very well what we mean: on one occasion, they visited Spain a group of Russian artists and arriving in Madrid asked the director of the Teatro Maria Guerrero, that teach them in a brief tour which at that time was representing in other theatres. They were several functions and scarce, the time to be in all of them, so they decided to schedule a space of 10 minutes in each theatre.

What should be pointed out is that None of the Russians spoke Spanish, so they went from one side to another, murmuring among them and taking notes, (I guess I outside the dialog elements) in these the Eslava Theatre, where he performed our Paco and after a few minutes they arrive and to meet the strange time trial were invited to the Group of experts to leave the room, to which they flatly refused. His response, through interpreter was this: forgiveness. Here we are not moving. This actor interested extraordinarily, although we do not understand what he says. When an actor comes to scene with the strength with which Martinez Soria, did with his gestures, his gait, his huge body language, the words are unnecessary. The same have to return another group of Russians, to make us understand it.