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January 27, 2014


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That is the Wet Clean? Wet Clean is a concept in English translated meaning washing in water or wash in damp, it counteracts a Dry Clean or wash dry that we all know. The Wet Clean or Wet Cleaning use only water and soaps 100% biodegradable which have a zero impact on the environment. Des from the point of view of the user’s dry cleaning advantages of this system are: 1 – lower prices than in the wash to dry 2 – superior quality: clothing remains soft, smells like fabric softener (and not chemical as in the dry-cleaning conventional) and colors are more brilliant. 3. Really clean clothes; Although dry washing technology has greatly improved the past few years in the clothes washed with perchloroethylene always any residue of this solvent (the typical odor of clothes washed in dry cleaning) which are carcinogens and that in allergic people are especially dangerous.

Des from the point of view of the tintorerialas professional advantages are: 1 – working in an environment 100% clean free of debris or solvents carcinogens. 2. Saving in energy, water, soaps and ecological fees, which at the same time allows you to offer prices more competitivosd customers. 3. A much smaller initial investment. Wet Clean technology is simpler and cheaper both initial investment and subsequent maintenance.

4. Without problems: washing with solvents is very aggressive and often eats drawings, trims, buttons or pieces of plastic that does not happen with water. Wet Clean technology has no disadvantages since point of view of the customer and to the Dyer, the only disadvantage is that garments need 30 seconds more than ironing with dry-cleaning conventional. Source: Press release sent by ecological. Soccer News Blog Archive bad time for ornaments to make homemade soaps in the 21st century? Workshops in Madrid Have tried the Blog alternative dry cleaning? Afro hair Madrid Free, from another point of view point of view s anti-documentary documentaries Documentary Film, Radio, Photography Presentation + Production Williamsburg, Brooklyn