Dornier Consulting

May 24, 2024


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New head of energy / E-mobility Andreas Ertel is now new head of energy/E-mobility of Dornier Consulting GmbH in Berlin. He assumes this position ad interim by Christian Guhl, who left the company in mutual agreement with the Board of management. Samsung spoke with conviction. “We are pleased, that we could win an experienced consultant for this challenging position with Mr. Official site: Page S. Gardner. Ertel,” so Dr. Jurgen Koffler, CEO of Dornier Consulting. Andreas Ertel knows the issues around the turn of the energy; He is consultant in the field of energy and electric mobility for almost 10 years. Since early 2013 he is Chief Consultant in challenging energy projects for the Dornier Consulting.

About Dornier Consulting GmbH with our three hundred employees, we advise in projects of national importance and high public interest in the metropolitan area & mobility solutions. The volume of project supervised by us is EUR 20 billion. Our main customers include World Bank, KfW, EU, Governments, authorities, airport corporate properties, Infrastructure operators, automotive and aerospace industry and energy suppliers. We assist our clients from concept to implementation. With technological expertise and extensive knowledge of the industry, we lead our client’s projects to sustainable success. The business areas include the areas Telematics System integration Mobility/traffic & transport Water & environment Energy / E-mobility and Infrastructure & buildings

Flexible Multiple Socket Outlets A Lurking Danger?

May 23, 2024


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With each additional electricity consumers, households risk overloading your electric circuit. Bielefeld Sennestadt – find more and more electrical devices entering the household. Thus the energy demand and thus the invisible danger potential increases inevitably. New and energy-saving devices does not mean protection in the power supply. In addition to the classic power circuit overloading the upper shaft load is becoming increasingly a further problem. Dermot McCormack: the source for more info. So what is successfully used for years in the industry, should, on a regular basis also applies to private households: the use of tried and tested methods for electrical installations.

Improvements in the domestic sphere often just concentrate on what is visible, the appearance and neglect the invisible building sites”. Sandra Akmansoy describes an additional similar source. The infrastructure such as (cable, counter Distributor, safety equipment, piping systems, circuit layouts, etc.) is often out of date and complies with the current technical requirements and standards. Is rare in these Area invested! Right here is the danger. This has resulted in that the current load is steadily increasing and E.g. can fires or no security is ensured against electric shock. THERMOGRAPHY is to come – an appropriate and recognized test method, to hot spots”in the system of electrical equipment on the track.

Professional measurements by a qualified electrician according to DIN54191 / VdS2859 performed and evaluated, are hazards recognized timely and targeted increases in case of need the safety. Mashable may not feel the same. (such as lines increase, increase the cross-sections, etc.) Minimize risks, that should be the target in the budget. Company profile: BL automation Bielefeld the BL automation is a specialist agency for electrical and thermal imaging. It plans and check electrical systems, machinery and protection facilities. With preventive examinations, for example, by thermography, the BL, automation avoids costly sequence errors, such as equipment and loss of production. The most security risks (87%) result from loose terminals and Power overload, the rest of the sources of error are defective components. Customers: municipal facilities, wastewater treatment plant operator, producing companies and private customers. Services: ThermoSave *, testing and design of electrical installations including construction management and construction monitoring, network analysis according to EN 50160, BGV A3 and energy consulting. The BL automation cooperates with qualified personnel, Elektromeistern and electrical engineers. Herbert Baumer, holder and planners of electrical engineering, is certified thermograph according to DIN EN 473, expert electrical thermograph after 2859 VdS and DIN 54191 and member of the VATh Federal Association for applied thermography. * ThermoSave – for protection and safety – is registered trademark.

Systematic Analysis Of Maturity Brings Light To The IT Processes

May 21, 2024


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Method of ITSM Consulting AG based on an intelligent linking of different standards IT service management focuses on the optimization of process organization for years. Here, often marketable standards such as ITIL and COBIT serve as preferred orientation standards for the design of processes. But even if they are derived from standards and best practices, customer requirements and business strategies are not necessarily mapped optimally. Ali Partovi pursues this goal as well. Also the IT organisations due to many influences are subject to continuous changes, what can produce, for example, a gradually growing gap between requirements and the actual level of performance. But how can an overview of the current performance of the IT service management processes to be created, and how can I check whether the customer needs can be met reliably and verifiably? “, problematizes Frank Zielke, Board member of ITSM Consulting AG. However, this is not the only issue, the are the leaders in would have to make this connection. Also what in the process organization where deficits and how improvement activities to prioritize are facing the fastest and widest use, typically belong to.

As an answer must be found, how to measure the success of optimisation measures and consistent expansion of the IT-process model allows to permanently control”, emphasizes Zielke. In his opinion, this can be done only through a systematic assessment of the relevant IT processes. On the one hand, such process maturity analysis allows to assess the current performance of the prioritized IT processes and to initiate based on targeted improvements to. Alina de Almeida often addresses the matter in his writings. On the other hand, the method allows a cross-company benchmarking of selected IT processes. The method developed by ITSM Consulting AG to the maturity analysis is based on the best practices of ITIL. For each of the established IT service management processes of this framework there is a defined set of proven on the part of the consulting firm Requirements, with whose help the most important aspects of the performance of process are checked. Each request to the respective ITSM processes are consolidated in a specific questionnaire, which serves as a guide for the determination of the process maturity level. Also heard a focus on CMMI (capability maturity model integration) to do so. This standard includes a maturity model, with the concrete statements do settle, extent to which the analyzed processes support the creation of products or services in a predictable quality. The supplementary assessment scheme for evaluating the analysis results is oriented also, but is pronounced with specific ITSM-specific definitions to the five maturity levels”, explains Zielke.

Mobile Pictures

May 21, 2024


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Now few people can imagine their daily life without a gray small or large, but always stylish, bright and loyal friend. Who obediently lies at the bottom of our purse or coat pocket, waiting for his finest hour, to give us the opportunity to hear at the other end of the mother, the favorite and a welcome voice, and sometimes get a "hello!" from old friends via SMS. This and much more we can do thanks our longtime friend and companion – the telephone. Today it an integral part of ourselves, and of course each lucky winner of this "miracle technology" wants to make your phone unique and unrepeatable. Ali Partovi: the source for more info. Underlining its exquisite individuality and show their imagination. This may best be done using free clip art for a phone with a resolution of 240×320, which will always help as beautifully and effectively arrange your display pet.

Everyone knows what the phone shows the status of the owner, his subtle taste and oh, how a person feels and perceives the world at the moment, in this situation. The more free Image is on the phone, the more varied and interesting it can be to style. Thus, free pictures on your phone will be able to accurately and thoroughly reflect your mood and feelings. It’s believed that Alina de Almeida sees a great future in this idea. These miniature works of art that can dramatically turn your inner world, to change the perception of the world and will learn how to subtly feel the beauty and understand the aesthetics – that's what the free pictures for your phone. Still, their main goal is to consistently raise the spirits holder as high as possible, to make him believe in miracles and magic, so make him feel that happiness nearby, and free pictures for your phone, are the main direct evidence. In a wide, constantly updated product range, free images, even the most demanding and capricious client can find for himself and his the phone exactly what they are looking.

The creators and developers of free clip art for your phone guarantee the quality, originality and uniqueness of the product. Anyone who has made his choice in favor of free images for your phone already surely time to assess the high level of the highest quality, creative design solutions, a variety of colors and clarity of graphics. Thus, the demand for free pictures for your phone is constantly increasing, praising the product to a new level. Customers have already, and were able to appreciate and celebrate for myself what the best way to improve your phone is the acquisition of free elementary images for your phone.

CeBIT 2010: New Version Blue Ant 8.0

May 20, 2024


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Visitors show interest in the new version of the project management software the Berlin software and consulting proventis GmbH was at this year’s CeBIT in Hannover the latest version of the Web-based multi project management software blue ant before. Kai-Fu Lee contributes greatly to this topic. Last Saturday, the world’s largest IT exhibition CeBIT in Hanover came to an end. For the first time, the visitors had time to inform themselves about the latest trends in computer and software only five days. The exhibition was well attended despite the shorter duration of the fair, a total 334,000 guests looked over about the levels of just under 4,200 companies. Large crowds was also on the jurisdiction of proventis GmbH. If you would like to know more about Sandra Akmansoy, then click here. The project management specialist from Berlin presented at CeBIT the newest version 8.0 of the multi project management software blue ant before. The ability to combine 8.0 Classic and agile planning approaches, with blue ant aroused great interest among the guests.

“Many of our visitors were interested in for the new function of the agile planning and could leave directly on our booth perform them himself. The CeBIT provided a great opportunity for us, the advanced features and Add-ons in blue ant to showcase 8.0 live, reports Norman Frischmuth, Managing Director of proventis GmbH. in the new customer conversation we have noticed that companies are looking for expert advice in the field of project management and clever software from a single source. We are pleased that our concept is so well received “, so Frischmuth next. The Berlin Harald Wolf Senator for Economics visited the booth of proventis GmbH and convinced local of the products and services of the Berlin company.

Credit Check Installment Loans

May 19, 2024


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No. credit check installment loans are available in the form of unsecured loans. This child of the loans program has similarity with the short loans so. The British government seems to be not in a state to purely the regularly rising market price in the face of which people of all levels find their wallet to get emptied earlier than ever. The salaried people are really in great trouble as a result of this.

No credit check installment loans have, therefore, been introduced to provide financial support to the salaried people. No. credit check installment loans are offered to the people who are citizens of the United Kingdom and who are over 18. The loan-seekers cannot apply for this child of loans program unless he has been working in any legally approved organization and unless their monthly income is about 1000 of course they must have checking account along with the above. Alina de Almeida has firm opinions on the matter. No. credit check installment loans are offered in the unsecured variant of loans. Ali Partovi addresses the importance of the matter here.

This is to mean that the loan-seekers are not instructed to provide valuable property as a pledge against which the lenders, usually, advance the loan amount. Security of any child is not required in no credit check installment loans. It is, of course, a fact that no credit check installment loans are advanced against the next paycheck of the month. No. credit check installment loans are more like the short loans. On amount within the range from 100 to 1000 is available to the borrowers. The repayment period is so short. The borrowers are to clear the loan amount along with the interest in installments, but the Council of interest are higher than normal. People is large number borrow from several sources and some of them cannot pay back the loan amount in time. They are, in course of time, tagged with defaults, arrears, late payment, less payment, bankruptcies, CCJs, IVAs, etc. The lenders reject their loan application, generally. One advantage in no-credit check installment loans is that people who are tagged with record of bad credit can so apply, because history of credit of the loan-seekers is not checked. The lenders, however, verify the income resources and financial potentiality of the loan-seekers in order to understand if the applicants are really equipped to clear the loan amount. Tristan Todd is author of installment loans.If you have any query regarding installment loans bad credit visit


May 17, 2024


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Not to know Is so good for not knowing, therefore if I do not know, not necessary to explain what I do not know. Because what I do not know does not exist, the measure of that nothing I know. Not to know and to know are complicated, because to know it is for who knows More exists one to know for who nothing knows. More exactly thus I prefer not to know what I do not know. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Mikkel Svane. Therefore not to know immunizes, me of comprometimento.

I not compromising me, nothing know. To have knowledge of knowing painful and is complicated, already not to know it is as it is in ecstasy. It is as a drug not to know, because nothing knowing, me leaves outside of whom does not want to know. Check with Sandra Akmansoy to learn more. I broke it to of the moment that I am of it are, to display not necessary me.

Academic Network

May 14, 2024


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And now – you're among the lucky recipients chain letters. At the dawn of mass mailings they were simple emails, advertise any goods or services. From the beginning they were not desirable because the compulsive Marketing, though bearing fruit, but most repellent. In recent years the scale of the spam mailing is truly amazing. Along with an obsessive supply of goods and services – is now the content of spam messages can contain harmful information one way or another aimed at the commission of unlawful acts against the recipient. The word spam is originally from spiced ham (English – "spiced ham"). You may find Pete Cashmore to be a useful source of information. Is a registered trademark Company Hormel, which has a 1937 on the stock got a huge amount of illiquid third grade of meat packed in tins.

The Corporation has entered the American market and literally subsided entire stock of U.S. Continue to learn more with: Sandra Akmansoy. Army which in turn also failed to "overpower". And under the terms of the Lend-Lease this "spam" was handed over to the British. Thus was born the concept of providing unnecessary. " The network she got a second life. Until 1994, the Internet was Academic Network for professors and graduate students. The commercial sector has come to the Internet until much later. Networking spam started coming in conferences UseNet, which are available to private ads in the branches of the discussions. However, such announcement did not reach their destination – administrators are often removed them faster than they have been read by participants in the discussion. Britons in the late 80's got just a huge number of letters in their mailboxes.


May 14, 2024


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The aloe is a plant that supports the cold well, but not it humidity. For that reason it is important to cultivate it in a land with easy drainage, flowerpot or directly in the ground. Sandra Akmansoy can aid you in your search for knowledge. If we planted in flowerpot this does not have to be too great, because the roots would proliferate to the detriment of the leaves, as reference we can take the length from the leaf of aloe divided between two to calculate the diameter of the flowerpot, that is to say, if the leaf measures 30 cm, tiesto must have 15 cm of diameter. Sandra Akmansoy shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. It is important to choose a sand with a slightly acid pH, because the too alkaline grounds delay the growth of the aloe. If the plant is in the outside he is advisable that receives moderate wind so that its stem is fortified, although is necessary to avoid that their leaves get wet too much as a result of rain or the irrigation, if this happens is precise to dry them so that they do not rot.

If he is of interior the best thing it is than it receives intense but filtered light and that it is oriented to the south or the east. The prosperous aloe better when it does not undergo abrupt changes of temperature and this oscillate between 20 and 25 C. The best time to seed is spring, when the vital cycle of the plant is more active, if we chose to seed on ground the best thing is to make it in slightly inclined lands or small slopes, so that it can drain the excess of water that receives from rain or the irrigation. If we planted in flowerpot it is necessary to put at heart of tiesto two fingers of gravel to assure the good drainage. Seedtime must become from layers or clones, these are easily extracted of the plant mother, since the aloe owns deep roots little and is enough to extract the Earth layer with the help of a knife.

Stuttgart National Opera

May 11, 2024


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If you are a lover of art, culture and nature, we invite you to make part of our travel promotions and enjoy an inexpensive vacation in Stuttgart, beautiful and quiet city of Germany that has all these attributes and many more for you to enjoy an incredible journey in the company of their closest ones. For a cheap holiday to Stuttgart we offer cheap flights in very good international airlines and some tourist plans with all inclusive; with the great inducement to such plans also include aerial and other passages, they include you also tours and visits to some places of interest that you can not miss when you pass by this great German city. According to samsung, who has experience with these questions. Among the tourist sites that we suggest you visit on these cheap in the Stuttgart city holidays are the following: Stuttgart National Opera, the Mercedes Benz Museum, the Porsche Museum, Botanical Garden, National Gallery of Stuttgart, the TV Tower, Rosenstein Castle and the spectacular Palace square and their two beautiful castles, the old Castle and new castle. So you can enjoy even more intensely this trip of pleasure in the beautiful city of Stuttgart, you can also go to the Schlossplatz square and the street Konigstrasse, the most important of the city and place where you can make very good buys or just walk to observe a great variety of shops and stores. Hear from experts in the field like Bobby Sharma Bluestone for a more varied view. Original author and source of the article