The Whole

March 28, 2012


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If the original ceiling is painted with lime paint or glue, and later today acrylic or synthetic, then remove the last layer is simple. Put on a ceiling wallpaper glue and cover it with plastic wrap, then there is "pack." Secure the edges of the film with adhesive tape and leave the ceiling at night for of wallpaper paste. Washing and taping the ceiling 1. If after painting the ceiling you do not plan to paint the frame, panels, windows and electrical contacts, they stick with plastic wrap. Then the whole floor covered with a thick cardboard and plenkoy.2. Wash the ceiling with sponges and rags and paint with an aqueous solution of soap. Wear rubber gloves and take care of the eyes from splashes. If you are going to paint the walls, window frames, panels and other, pre-wash them, too.

Fossa and crack 1. First, close up all the large cracks and bumps on the ceiling and decorative elements, since a thick layer of dry longer. In addition, it is possible that it will need to make some raz.2. Carefully scraped (Expansion) all the cracks with a spatula. Then fill in the filler or small srednemelkoy zernistosti.3. After gluing fiberglass seen the slightest bumps, so pre-sand the ceiling to make it perfectly smooth.

Use the sanding block and sandpaper number 100 or 150. Applying 1. Ceiling primed with a brush or roller. Primer (acrylic emulsion) promotes adhesion of the adhesive for the fabric to the surface, because it reduces water absorption in osnovanie.2.