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Fichte Schelling

January 2, 2024


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' The beauty is the perception of the infinite in infinito' ' (F. Schelling) The German Idealismo is, in the philosophical plan, the period of transistion between the Iluminismo (Aufklrung) and the Romantismo and was concentrated fervorosamente in the University of Jena (in Germany) initiating itself in 1794 (when Fichte was for the above-mentioned University) until the year of 1854; estopim for the Idealismo if must to the Kantianos postulates concerning the solution of the antinomies, being, mainly, the notion of freedom (resulted of the third antinomy that was explicitada of the following form: it has causalidades for freedom x only has natural causes; If the conditional one is also given, given to a series of related concepts the totality of its condies/o incondicionado, the objects of the directions is given as conditional, then the possibility can be inferred to have the freedom) that Fichte, in turn, marvelled e, in this solution, found a reasonable idea concerning the freedom and not plus a mere illusion. Michael Dell brings even more insight to the discussion. Fichte (looking for to more good develop the idea placed for Kant concerning the freedom) the Kants, although to elucidate and to enclose some theories in its postulates she leaves some theories that, for the idealists German, would deserve better to be explanadas e, this necessity in the theoretical scope were the motor device for the ecloso of this philosophical movement e, consequently, for the accomplishment of many theories placed in this called transitory period of German Idealismo. Problems left for legacy of Kantismo is passvel to infer that it would mainly derive from the junction between the practical reason (a knowledge that is closely on the college of acting and of the sensation) and the theoretical reason (a knowledge that only knows is inserted only in the rational plan), being, then, necessary to demonstrate which of these reasons possesss a primate on the other; Fichte, as well as all the philosophers of this chain, infers that the reason practises possesss a Primate on the theoretical reason, or either, to show that the reason that is on when acting is more important of what those that possess its plan only in the rational sphere. Click Bobby Sharma Bluestone for additional related pages.

What Photoshop Does to our Society!

December 19, 2016


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I heard this commentary on television recently of a woman, who had won the prize for being Model for a Day “, a reality show very commercial, and in my opnion, very superficial. In it the participants are selected to be models for a day. After suffering uan drastic transformation, which completely destroys their personality, the women may wear the shoes, clothing and jewelry more expensive. After hours with the stylist, classically gay, an image consultant, a professional fashion designer and photographer, who does wonders with Photoshop, you already realize because the TV gods are so beautiful. In fact, long ago there was much fuss when several movie stars, confessed that they resorted to the magic of digital camera, of course before and mandatory plastic surgery to look perfectly beautiful, obviously unrealistic, as this charge is not exists.

The fact is, we must recognize that this is more a product of a context and a specific culture, that of a standard universal.For an aesthetic example, the Greeks had as an ideal of female beauty, a woman with wide hips, and what we would call very plump , look at the sculpture of Venus of Milo. In the European Middle Ages was that of a white woman too, as it seemed, to us today, a ghost. The Japanese have their “geisha UML, which are more beautiful in look whiter. and so on, the beauty varies according to location and culture course. This reminds me of an African tribe, where men are engaged in a beauty contest, for wife. During the competition they dance, and move the eyes from left to right, paint their faces with bright colors and always smiling, showing very white teeth. The more white the better, as this is a sign of good health, and of course beauty.Believe that this would be the equivalent of the Western female beauty contests.

But back to the initial question is that apart from a nice dress, some expensive jewelry, expensive shoes and some women and the We can ask for more? Practical Life tells us otherwise, beautiful women , enterprising, intelligent, all of them have a poor concept of themselves. And his whole life being unhappy. I am always struck by the emblematic case of Marilyn Monroe, had all this, but chose to kill himself because they mistakenly associate being beautiful and temporary external factors?, And to be it’s time to look within themselves at us and discover our own beauty? A few months ago I looked at the biography of a black R & B singer, who possessed no attraction physically speaking, and it is plump, but is admired and respected by Hollywood. But above all things beauty casts a very singular, , she talked about the confidence that we have women in ourselves. And his example has inspired many to appreciate, and to highlight the queen inside them, leaving to imitate unreal figures of beauties who sells us the social media. And in the end we must recognize that what makes a woman beautiful is its spirit, not physical.

Historian World

May 28, 2015


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This same perspective is present in the platonic philosophy. We can say that in Plato, the contraposition between the sensible world and the world of the ideas, are a manifestation of gnose. In the platonic perspective we must moving away in them from the sensible world to enter in tunning or appropriating them of knowing, that he is full in the world of the ideas. Also the theory of the reminiscncia, in Plato, sends gnose. The man is as that one to be ' ' decado' ' , but he brings in itself ' ' lampejos' ' , the reminiscncias, of the world of the ideas. The philosophical reflection to be one of the ways for the wisdom fits. It is what it suggests the philosopher by means of the alegoria of the cave. The fact is that these thoughts? Gnose/Platonismo? they permeavam the culture of the world where the Christians lived, for which evangelho (the letters and the apocalypse) of Joo was produced.

Thus, one of the concerns of the author of evangelho of Joo was to say that the philosophies insufficient contemporaries, compared with the Christian message. In them if it searchs knowing, however the definitive wisdom is not in the world that Christ to the cross condemned, but in if delivering to the Christian love definitively. To look the knowledge it are of Christ is the same that to remain with the light of the Baptist, being that the true light comes of Christ (Jo, 5,33-38). For Joo the way of the Christian must be adhesion the Jesus Christ because It only comes of the Father (full wisdom) and to It return (Jo 1,1-18). the Christian can be incorporated in this process, since that it believes in the message and the proposal of Christ. The incredulity of Tom (20,24-29), also can thus be explained: the belief is not developed from human principles (to see and to touch), but from the certification (not to see and to believe). But this must happen from the mediation human being, and not as in the proposal gnstica and platonic. The joanina and Christian perspective is opposes accurately, to believe it for the mediation human being.

Therefore Jesus ' ' &#039 blew on them the Espirito Santo; ' so that they continued the mission (20,19-23). to accomplish the presence, in the last episode of evangelho, invites the disciples for a meal (21,12) and sends Peter to feed the sheep (21,15-17). This implies to say? in contrast of the espiritualista perspective? that the dimension spiritual is important, but the human being is not less important. Neri of Paula Sheep? Master in Education, Philosopher, Theologian, Historian. He reads more: ; ; ; ;

The System

November 23, 2014


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It will be able to be the entrance of social sciences and human beings in general here, specifically, Sciences of the Education in interdisciplinaridade with the Philosophy for, through the reflection, if to equate the challenges of the future, that are many and complex. It will fit to ask, where will be able the Philosophy to guide? Its contributo for the education and formation of the person human being, is valued will be possible to adapt it as being: ' ' an instrument of fight and of criticizes against all the sectarismos and dogmatismos. Read more from Dermot McCormack to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Its natural ethics are of the friendship and the dialogue and are good that its teachings are defended and developed in the system educative. It would have to be present in the superior studies, whichever disciplinas.' ' (MALHERBE & GAUDIN, 1999:178) Is considered, equally important, without disdain for other domnios of the knowledge, and along with the national educative system, one another one that, nowadays, if intends each time more interventor: politician to the level of the autarchies alludes itself here to the system, as for this and clientele autarchy, inside, to the agricultural autarchy of the small local communities. With effect, given the proximity of the elect ones with the voters, these criticize and are moved away or applauded and followed the attitudes of those, whenever well-being of all is played. To this level, the evasions of the responsible local politicians are not easy Any that are the domnios where the individuals if put into motion, the personal and interrelacional dimension of the Man will be always present and it does not run away to the norms, to the behavior rules, the determined habits, customs and social traditions e, in a similar way, it will accept a set of regulations all professionals who constitute the labor body of rights and duties, including itself, in any domnios, one articulated of sanctions, are positive, in the direction of the prmio for who fulfill; they are negative, understood here as punishment for that they violate established rules. Learn more on the subject from Ali Partovi. mes Dondero often addresses the matter in his writings.