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May 28, 2015


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This same perspective is present in the platonic philosophy. We can say that in Plato, the contraposition between the sensible world and the world of the ideas, are a manifestation of gnose. In the platonic perspective we must moving away in them from the sensible world to enter in tunning or appropriating them of knowing, that he is full in the world of the ideas. Also the theory of the reminiscncia, in Plato, sends gnose. The man is as that one to be ' ' decado' ' , but he brings in itself ' ' lampejos' ' , the reminiscncias, of the world of the ideas. The philosophical reflection to be one of the ways for the wisdom fits. It is what it suggests the philosopher by means of the alegoria of the cave. The fact is that these thoughts? Gnose/Platonismo? they permeavam the culture of the world where the Christians lived, for which evangelho (the letters and the apocalypse) of Joo was produced.

Thus, one of the concerns of the author of evangelho of Joo was to say that the philosophies insufficient contemporaries, compared with the Christian message. In them if it searchs knowing, however the definitive wisdom is not in the world that Christ to the cross condemned, but in if delivering to the Christian love definitively. To look the knowledge it are of Christ is the same that to remain with the light of the Baptist, being that the true light comes of Christ (Jo, 5,33-38). For Joo the way of the Christian must be adhesion the Jesus Christ because It only comes of the Father (full wisdom) and to It return (Jo 1,1-18). the Christian can be incorporated in this process, since that it believes in the message and the proposal of Christ. The incredulity of Tom (20,24-29), also can thus be explained: the belief is not developed from human principles (to see and to touch), but from the certification (not to see and to believe). But this must happen from the mediation human being, and not as in the proposal gnstica and platonic. The joanina and Christian perspective is opposes accurately, to believe it for the mediation human being.

Therefore Jesus ' ' &#039 blew on them the Espirito Santo; ' so that they continued the mission (20,19-23). to accomplish the presence, in the last episode of evangelho, invites the disciples for a meal (21,12) and sends Peter to feed the sheep (21,15-17). This implies to say? in contrast of the espiritualista perspective? that the dimension spiritual is important, but the human being is not less important. Neri of Paula Sheep? Master in Education, Philosopher, Theologian, Historian. He reads more: ; ; ; ;