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Spinning Water

July 13, 2023


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Spinning catch predatory fish only in the open water season. Kai-Fu Lee is often quoted as being for or against this. Catching a spinning fisherman requires a good command of the tackle. Only after systematic training can learn to throw the lure right on target. So Spinning tackle is considered the most athletic. Blesnenie start in the spring should be on small rivers in the backwaters and bays where the water warms and brightens before. On lakes and reservoirs spinning tackle can be applied two weeks after spawning. During this period, they catch all the daytime, but the bite is more intense in the morning and evening.

Most of the predators in summer is kept in shaded areas, and comfortable with their ambush overgrown shallow bays. On the rapid flow, especially in the shallows, hunting for small change and only chub chub. Continue to learn more with: Andy Florance. At dawn and at night the day, as well as on cool days to hunt shoals of suitable and large pike. C the onset of autumn predators zhiruyut on low flow, in areas where schools of small fish congregate. The best hunting occurs during the spinning when the water is cooled to a temperature of 13-15 degrees.

The most favorable the fishing gear for this – "Indian Summer". Important when fishing with spinning lures have a choice. Catchability are most baits that are most similar to the fish, which is the main food item of the predator in this reservoir. Depending on weather conditions is very important painting lures. Best are copper or brass, nickel or polished well, and even better with silver.

Health Benefits Of Fishing

April 10, 2018


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Fishing can be a lot of fun and it can also be beneficial to your health. Spending all that time in a zen environment, being in the outdoors, meditating – there is a lot to be said for it. Time for the fishing should pick up a warm, because fish have a bathing suit as well, or someone he loves. Go to Viacom for more information. Locations for such fishing abound, it is where there is carp, crucian carp and is everywhere! After the spring flood, the river retains the shallow and very large lakes, there are always plenty of fish and the fishery can be a pond, but not all, and its extreme opposite of the dam. There pond shrinking in size and decreases in depth, there’s usually a lot of carp, because there is usually, there are reeds or other well of native vegetation. Even goldfish can also fish in the other standing bodies of water, not like the steep lake with shoals, but of a place and how it is best to catch, I’ll post. Lovli.I tactics so we arrived at the pond, at the same place or not found a great flood of the river and are standing in swimming trunks in anticipation interesting fishing. Search for goldfish should be on the bottom in holes crawling on all fours, her hands feeling the floor, hands should not be running away in different directions, because if you stumble on the one hand a large copy of it to keep it fails, this happens quickly and suddenly (this is a great interest in such fishing is not always possible to keep the carp out of water and even experienced). But on top of it you will not find in the pits to start his need to frighten water then he falls to the bottom. It often happens that we’ve passed in a certain direction and returning to the source, we find the fish in their tracks, made my knees.

It is easy to catch him in the murky water, low crawl is not necessary, in the noisy and muddy conditions it is not so smart. It should also be looking for him in the reeds – it’s his favorite place! After the hands groped prey, it must be strongly pressed to the bottom and catch on easier to throw to the beach. Now go back to fishing in lakes or other bodies of water where standing on the bottom does not succeed. This will help us to Nylon mesh or dragnet. Small lake we leave open the possibility catch only near the shore in the reeds. For this we fenced off a small section of the cluster of reeds (again, this is the case if the lake is not abruptly), cut off his drag-net or mesh to increase the likelihood of the catch, because in such places to keep the carp on the bottom is very difficult, and after he poked his nose in the network, he has no chance as soon sit in a thread hole. I caught very often, crucian carp, I’ll tell you come across quite large.

Rail “battlefield” should not from the shore, and from the opposite side, that would not scare him. So catch him replacing parts. What can you make of carp caught you read here. PS: the best fishing for this time is spring, when carp spawn. All large specimens , This species is in the reeds, and with a large quantity! One minus the water is still cold and needed a suitable dress, or if someone can not work because the night with a flashlight, a boat and a harpoon. Come to us!

Best Gifts

September 3, 2012


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Pillow That he loves to make homes more often? That's right, 96% of the time he spends at home on the couch. So what's the best gift for Valentine's Day is all the same – pillow! Maybe she will be heart-shaped, and maybe it will be round. Maybe it will be scarlet, and maybe – White with sewn scarlet hearts – but be sure to embroider her name. So, even while lying on the couch, his thoughts will go in the right direction, ie toward you! Even better would be if the pads will be two! One for him, the other – for you. And you need a beautiful lace or durable tape, the length of which will coincide with the width of your bed. One end of the tape you fasten on their pad, the other – on his own. If you sew these pads yourself it is better to hold them together.

Ask why? For example, you're all happy, and especially – to them, just like today, on Valentine's Day. You tie lace you so to have your pads were close-close! But there are also everyday life, and then, if something is not yours (and you have the right to ensure that everything was according to you), then you're just barely let go shnurochek. And he will be able to understand everything without words! But you is not right (although it happens very rarely!). Allowed him to unleash too shoelace. All early next bed will not go away – the length of the lace will not allow (because you took care of this in advance!). Here such here is an interesting game for you two.

If you – a romantic girl, and your favorite appreciates this, do it here is such a gift: the audiotape record their confessions of love and the best love songs. Very good turn out, if your alternate words or verses (And will approach strangers, if the words in them are close to your feelings in the end is not in vain because there are so many poets recognized) and the charming, gentle melodies and love songs. Pronounce your words soft voice (almost a whisper). Such Tape is good because it alone with you without a shadow of embarrassment will say all the most-most word, and yet (and this is important!) your favorite will always be able to hear you, even when he is somewhere far away. Final touches, paint on the body and futlyale Cassette hearts red nail polish. Let your holiday be romantic! For that I love you Probably every one of you thought about why he loves his mate. Why not do so now, in the most romantic day year? So, make a list of all causes. Some of them are romantic ("I love it when you kiss my hand before going to sleep '), some are silly (" I love it when you leave the table chewed toothpicks'), some will sex ('' Well, it's very intimate for each). Think of as much as you can. Believe me, the more – the better! Believe me, this gift will melt any heart! Your partner will sit and read, each time marveling at your fantasy. Surely he will discover something new, something from which his love for you will only get stronger. This will cause not only to understand what he means to you, but you do this well will understand! And may from time to time your 'Box causes' updated to new 'content'. And do not say that the new reason to love you can not find!

Cameras and Photographers

December 12, 2011


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Under guard an interesting point, even an amateur camera can make a beautiful wedding picture, not inferior in quality training. Photographing weddings – it's very interesting work. Amateur photographer, you can always compete with professional photographer. Watch him. Borrow from the experience. Professional photographer at the wedding – that's good! A novice photographer – better! This, of course, a joke. In spite of this, probably, every professional photographer began his career with an equally small camera.

Just before they were different, were a little easier. Were slightly less likely. With the development of modern technology, digital cameras have become more functional. A lot of options. Different modes of photography. Day, Night, Portrait, Sports. Some inexpensive cameras have already come bundled with a flash.

Now every aspiring photographer can feel like a real wedding photographer – professional! And so, today's digital amateur cameras, and now, as well as for professional cameras photographers have the opportunity to change the iso, aperture and bear it. Why do it? You ask. Try to answer. Looking through the beautiful wedding photos, you may notice that some of them there is a considerable blurring background. A small part of the picture very clearly. This clarity in our opinion it attracts. Makes everything more closely and consider carefully the details of this object. The image is so clearly against the background slight blurring that creates the impression of "ringing" clarity. Such strong contrasts of clarity and a little blurry create the effect of expression, and stop the viewer's attention on a single subject, showing us how it is beautiful, elegant and unique. This technique often used by professional photographers at weddings. He reached for wide-open apertures. On the amateur cameras of this effect to achieve nearly impossible. But you can try. Another interesting effect that you can try on an amateur camera – this is the effect of blurring. Or conversely, hardening. Let me tell you about the second, he more interesting. For a start, a little theory. The size of exposure, this time, in seconds, during which the open shutter camera. At this time the exposure of an image on a photosensitive element. If during this time, until we opened the camera shutter, our object photography will change its position, then we get a fuzzy picture is not pretty. How can this be avoided? It is very simple. It is necessary to reduce the time duration of the opening curtains and everything! Usually, all cameras, including professional, exposure is set in inverse units. Eg. If the camera set the shutter speed 30, then this will correspond to 1 / 30 seconds if the set 60, it will be 1 / 60 second, and so on. The larger the shutter speed the less short time we have opened curtain. And so you understand the theory of aging, finally begin to practice. Why is all we need? This allows us to stop the clock and see that in real life you and I do not notice. For example, champagne, flying tube, flying a bunch of brides and a dozen hands that want to catch him, and much, much more. Most often such photographs can only get a professional photographer. With more brisk camera, a photographer at a wedding a little easier to others to catch such a moment. But that is no reason that would hopelessly lose heart and abandon yourself try to make this shot! Very beautiful pictures can be obtained by capturing the moment of collision of droplets with a surface smoothness of water! Want to try?