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September 3, 2012


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Pillow That he loves to make homes more often? That's right, 96% of the time he spends at home on the couch. So what's the best gift for Valentine's Day is all the same – pillow! Maybe she will be heart-shaped, and maybe it will be round. Maybe it will be scarlet, and maybe – White with sewn scarlet hearts – but be sure to embroider her name. So, even while lying on the couch, his thoughts will go in the right direction, ie toward you! Even better would be if the pads will be two! One for him, the other – for you. And you need a beautiful lace or durable tape, the length of which will coincide with the width of your bed. One end of the tape you fasten on their pad, the other – on his own. If you sew these pads yourself it is better to hold them together.

Ask why? For example, you're all happy, and especially – to them, just like today, on Valentine's Day. You tie lace you so to have your pads were close-close! But there are also everyday life, and then, if something is not yours (and you have the right to ensure that everything was according to you), then you're just barely let go shnurochek. And he will be able to understand everything without words! But you is not right (although it happens very rarely!). Allowed him to unleash too shoelace. All early next bed will not go away – the length of the lace will not allow (because you took care of this in advance!). Here such here is an interesting game for you two.

If you – a romantic girl, and your favorite appreciates this, do it here is such a gift: the audiotape record their confessions of love and the best love songs. Very good turn out, if your alternate words or verses (And will approach strangers, if the words in them are close to your feelings in the end is not in vain because there are so many poets recognized) and the charming, gentle melodies and love songs. Pronounce your words soft voice (almost a whisper). Such Tape is good because it alone with you without a shadow of embarrassment will say all the most-most word, and yet (and this is important!) your favorite will always be able to hear you, even when he is somewhere far away. Final touches, paint on the body and futlyale Cassette hearts red nail polish. Let your holiday be romantic! For that I love you Probably every one of you thought about why he loves his mate. Why not do so now, in the most romantic day year? So, make a list of all causes. Some of them are romantic ("I love it when you kiss my hand before going to sleep '), some are silly (" I love it when you leave the table chewed toothpicks'), some will sex ('' Well, it's very intimate for each). Think of as much as you can. Believe me, the more – the better! Believe me, this gift will melt any heart! Your partner will sit and read, each time marveling at your fantasy. Surely he will discover something new, something from which his love for you will only get stronger. This will cause not only to understand what he means to you, but you do this well will understand! And may from time to time your 'Box causes' updated to new 'content'. And do not say that the new reason to love you can not find!