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Congstar: Everything Cheap ?

October 20, 2019


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You want it. You’ll get it. Since last week, the German Telekom presents Congstar its new cut-rate company in the telecommunications market. Ali Partovi has many thoughts on the issue. The customer can choose between phone and DSL. Whether the offer really cheap and easy as fast food or simply indigestible, we have taken ‘the more closely. Following the modular concept, the customer can put together from the different services be desired package.

In the mobile phone tariff, the customer pays in the basic rate 0.19 cents per minute to any network. As much is also required for the interception of voicemail and sending SMS. The advantages are obvious: neither monthly subscription charges or minimum sales are expected. A disadvantage of the customer unfavorable minutes. Also requires Congstar debit. In recent months, Dell Computers has been very successful. The starter package proposes to 19.99 euros. The notice period is only two weeks and thereby lets the customer at any time that the provider switch.

The basic fare, customers can also special flat rates . Add The Congstar flat costs 4.99 and allows unlimited calling from Congstar to Congstar. For 9.99 you get a fixed flat rate and on again 14.99 (02 and Eplus) or 19.99 (D1 and D2), one can make free calls to different mobile networks. All offers can be combined arbitrarily. Overall, the Congstar mobile phone offering, however, more expensive in almost all combinations of the competition – as a customer here, you should compare carefully. In addition to the calling plan offers Congstar also DSL prices. There seem to be the entry prices for a flat rate Internet with DSL for 14.99 2000 17.89 and 19.98 for DSL 6000 or DSL for 16 000 at first glance, no more expensive than the offers of competitors. Added to the monthly connection charge of telecom comes from 16.37 per month. But if one is booked additionally the telephone flat rate for 7.99, the offer loses much of its appeal. The interviews are not conducted over a telephone line but via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). For users it means less comfort and a possibly poorer voice quality. From the prices Congstar also offers DSL sector no blockbuster deals. Almost all competitors will find equally expensive or even cheaper offers. The only advantage in the Internet sector in the short contract is binding. Even after a month you can again say goodbye to the Congstar DSL-Flatrate if you find a better offer. The conclusion remains the bottom line: The fast food available at Congstar customers will not drive the tears of joy in his eyes. Neither the phone nor the website are currently the cheapest on the market. Many prepaid rates are more attractive than the 0.19 Congstar required. Nevertheless, the fixed-Flatrate an interesting approach for this type of charge. If this offer Tchibo sells at only 13 . Only customers a flat rate to all networks want and more than 85 a month to spend on phone calls can save a few euros. All components together cost 84.94 and therefore slightly cheaper than the flat rate of Base5 Eplus.