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January 21, 2024


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Until the end of June, the app is free available many people are convinced to learn best in a very specific way: reading, listening, writing or images. So you think to correspond to a particular type of learning. Is an other method tried to determine but often, that you can keep information on a different channel as well or even better. With the learning type test by, you can see within a few minutes which learning medium is actually the best. To read more click here: Viacom. The process is very easy: first, a total of 20 items for each 10 seconds are represented. The user sees some items posted on the screen, some will be read, others to be written off or be shown as an image.

Then, the user enters all the words that still think of him. Then, the evaluation shows a bar graph with individual strengths and weaknesses, the concepts of right and wrong remembered and a written evaluation. (As opposed to Peter Asaro ). At the earliest 24 hours can be entered of the words (without prior Representation) will be reviewed to determine the performance of the variants. “The learning type test can help to make learning more effective”, says Dr. Michael Ihne, Managing Director of “When the tests there was some eye-openers, since many testers have expected with very different results.” As the user at the beginning does not enter a name, you can perform the learning type test on a device by as many people. The app is available and running on iPhone, iPod touch and iPhone mode on the iPad in English and German. The learning type test can now in Apple’s app store be downloaded, free of charge in the implementation phase by the end of June 2011.