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Managing Director

January 21, 2024


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Until the end of June, the app is free available many people are convinced to learn best in a very specific way: reading, listening, writing or images. So you think to correspond to a particular type of learning. Is an other method tried to determine but often, that you can keep information on a different channel as well or even better. With the learning type test by cogni.net, you can see within a few minutes which learning medium is actually the best. To read more click here: Viacom. The process is very easy: first, a total of 20 items for each 10 seconds are represented. The user sees some items posted on the screen, some will be read, others to be written off or be shown as an image.

Then, the user enters all the words that still think of him. Then, the evaluation shows a bar graph with individual strengths and weaknesses, the concepts of right and wrong remembered and a written evaluation. (As opposed to Peter Asaro ). At the earliest 24 hours can be entered of the words (without prior Representation) will be reviewed to determine the performance of the variants. “The learning type test can help to make learning more effective”, says Dr. Michael Ihne, Managing Director of cogni.net. “When the tests there was some eye-openers, since many testers have expected with very different results.” As the user at the beginning does not enter a name, you can perform the learning type test on a device by as many people. The app is available and running on iPhone, iPod touch and iPhone mode on the iPad in English and German. The learning type test can now in Apple’s app store be downloaded, free of charge in the implementation phase by the end of June 2011.

Internet Flat Rate Comparison

August 15, 2019


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The cheapest Internet flat rates in February 2013 since 2008 compares the Internet flat rate offers of regional DSL and cable flat rate flat-rate-to-go.de provider. Which are the cheapest Internet Flatrate provider 2013 shows the following list. In both setup fees, shipping costs, credits, and other lump sum payments, as well as discounts on an accepted contract period of 24 months be allowed in terms of the average monthly costs, which the comparability of the currently offered Internet flat rates. In addition to the price, the most important criterion for Internet flatrates is availability, which is to check in advance. There are different types of stationary Internet access. DSL is the most common. The best deals can be found currently however the cable providers cable Germany, tele Columbus and Unitymedia. This indicates that the Internet access via cable seriously has become a growing competitor for DSL.

Now to compare prices in Feburary: Unitymedia offered the cheap Internet Flatrate with Max 10 MBit/s for an average 16,66 with a contract period of 12 months in North Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse. In Baden-Wurttemberg is the fast cheapest Internet flat up to 50 Mbit/s and average costs 19,48. Ali Partovi usually is spot on. The contract period is 24 months. In the other Lander, are found the cheapest Internet flat rate for an average 17,32 in the month with up to 8 MBit/s for a period of 24 months in cable Germany. The offer includes a free phone Flatrate to German landlines in the first three months. From the 4th month, costs the telephone flat rate additional 5 per month, but can be terminated with a period of 4 weeks. You would rather use the Internet via DSL or cable providers are not available, you will find the best deal at primacall.

The there offered primacall DSL STAR S flat rate is an Internet Flatrate with up to 16 MBit / s to the average price of monthly 20,19. Even with 1 & 1 you can find a cheap DSL Flatrate for an average 20,39 month with 16 MBit / s (1 & 1 surf & phone flat special). With this Flatrate you can call free to the German fixed network. Only drawback: when a download capacity of 100 GB per month is reached the speed for the rest of the month to 1 MBit / s is reduced. Both offers have a contract period of 24 months. It is looking after an Internet Flatrate with as short a term, to get the best deal in the form of o2 DSL S FLEX. This provides up to 16 MBit/s and average costs 24,16. For the contract is terminable only 4 weeks in advance to the end of the month. Note: The contracts the price may increase after the expiry of the minimum term significantly. Therefore, it is to examine the contract before the end of the term and, where appropriate, time to cancel, of course not without previously have elected a new provider. You will find a current overview of supra-regional Internet flat rate provider in Germany in our current flat rate price comparison under dsl Flatrate vergleich.

Internet User

February 28, 2019


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That the Telekom wants to decide what data on the Internet unabated flow through the lines and which is not a hard intervention in the freedom of the network. We find that unacceptable.” It looks like the State Minister responsible for culture and media in the Chancellor’s Office Bernd Neumann. He says the Telecom plans: such decisions can lead to massive distortions in competition of content providers. u0085 We don’t want that in terms of diversity and equality. For other opinions and approaches, find out what technology investor has to say. It must basically assured, that all providers in the network have the same chances.” (“Source: press release of the Federal Government, Minister of State Neumann at CDU-media-night: no two-class society in the net!”) Consumers get on our platform”a powerful tool in the hand with which they can demonstrate their value as customers of Telekom and escape, says Andreas Schumann, CEO of internetPost AG. Technology investor understood the implications. Nobody needs a protest against corporate decisions equal its contracts to terminate that follow typically big effort themselves. But he can use his data protection rights, to learn what makes the Telekom with its data.

This will probably cause the company new thinking about dealing with data. Maybe that leads the Telekom to recognize the importance of net neutrality.” About user interests EC und internetPost AG: The Association for the protection of user interests EC helps users to enforce their interests. For this she builds an Internet platform with internetPost AG, which primarily two objectives: firstly, it simplifies users their rights arising from privacy, to perceive and to demand. On the other hand it creates the conditions to channeling the flood of advertising in the physical and the digital mailbox and reduce. The cooperative self management manages the resulting digital user profiles, as prescribed in the German cooperative law. This ensures that the sovereignty over the stored data always remains at the user. Depending on the identification procedures receives the user a powerful tool to recover the self control over its data and even to participate in the value of its data. Your contact: Association for the protection of user interests EC Charlottenburg road 65 10117 Berlin represented by the Board of Directors: Christian Merten, Andreas alarm value, Andre Zilch contact address: Christian Merten, Board the interests of users of EC Amalienstrasse 45 RG, 80799 Munich that internetPost AG has developed the SAFE ADDRESS,, Web application. Through this platform, companies and Government agencies can complete the opt-in-generation and access opening for commercial and contractual communication with consumers and manage. SAFE ADDRESS allows consumer requests according to the Federal data protection act with regard to information, contradiction, cost-effectively and efficiently to complete deleting of personal data.

The Merciful Flash Detector?

June 5, 2018


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Cheap radar detectors are no longer synonymous with poor data quality. A new radar detector for $1 surprised the iPhone community. FoxyTag is a free and legal system to report packet via mobile phone that can be used all over the world. It is based on the Community principle and is self-governing: the user highlight the Blitzer (tagging”) and a software on a central server checks the quality of the data. Currently, FoxyTag Europe covers very well and is also increasingly used in North America. But what about all the other countries? Until now FoxyTag nor its main rivals for that seemed to be interested in.

For understandable reasons as, for example, that these countries have installed sometimes less Blitzer, that the network connections are bad, obsolete cellular phones used and some lack the funds for a good radar detector. But things are changing. Radars are financially so interesting for Governments, that they now shoot anywhere in the world out of the ground like mushrooms. Of course, in cities and on highways, but even on long, straight lines in the middle of the desert! And the population is increasingly equipped with most modern mobile phones. To expand its leadership position in the field of lightning detector, FoxyTag is partnered with atoll Ordenadores to bring out SpeedCam scanner, a new application, specially adapted for these new countries. On one hand this is cheap: for only a dollar on a database can more than 30’000 speed cameras are accessed. And on the other hand it is optimized for use in large areas or in the country: by downloading data from a larger area, it will work in areas without GPRS coverage. Vitalijs Lennojs, CEO of atoll Ordenadores, wants to reach as many people all over the world: “we are the first to offer a one dollar Flash detector, which works worldwide and database used the quality data of FoxyTag. We think that we will soon be 20 of the most downloaded apps in the top with SpeedCam scanner.” The program is also Michel Deriaz, responsible for the FoxyTag project: “it is difficult for a database like FoxyTag, which is maintained by the users on the Community principle to gain a foothold because the motivation to use the system there is low in new areas. But due to the attractive price we hope that many motivated people will help us to highlight all these new speed camera.”SpeedCam scanner is so any application that was written for reasons of mercy, but simply a good deal for all: users get a useful application for a very reasonable price and can contribute much to the community in return!

Mobi Lowers Prices For Mobile Phone Calls Abroad

May 17, 2018


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Expanded range to Arabic-speaking countries Frankfurt, may 18, 2010. Mobi, the prepaid mobile radio specialist in the ethnic market of telecommunications in Germany, has lowered its prices for many countries. At the same time, the company makes really cheap accessible many new destinations in the Arabic-speaking world. Instead of the usual 1.99 per minute, the Gespachspreise in these countries with the CallYa are by mobi pre-paid card from 15 cents per minute. Good news for people who make phone calls with your mobile phone abroad: map cellular connection in 22 countries are now significantly cheaper with the CallYa by mobi. While, for example, has suggested talks in the United States and Canada with 1.99 euros, they cost only 5 cents per minute no matter whether in the fixed network or in a mobile network. Robotics expert shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

The prices for connections to Polish landlines have been reduced from 5 to 4 cents, and phone calls cost 8 cents after Serbia from only 7 instead of so far. Especially people from Arabic-speaking countries or from Eastern Europe can excited about significantly lower connection rates. Anyone who has family or friends in Bulgaria, can make calls with them in the future for just 7 cents per minute (previously 10 cents) in the fixed network or for 30 cents per minute (so far 36 cents) in a mobile network. And countries such as Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia are to achieve what such connections have so far cost about mobi now for a fraction. Instead 1,99 EUR per minute prices now between 15 and 29 cents and have declined so by proud 85 to 92 percent. The CallYa by mobi map sensationally cheap prices for phone calls with the mobile excels in the German fixed network, but above all in many countries around the world. “Mobi Managing Director Uwe Becker: millions of people who are from other countries come and live with us, studying, working or vacationing in Germany can maintain contact with friends and relatives in the home without having to take high telephone costs for it.” The whole thing goes easy: The mobi customer buys a CallYa by mobi map with the desired credit balance and can immediately by the cheap prices benefit all unbound and without mobile contract.

Nokia Phone

January 25, 2018


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First look at the new version of the Windows system possible on eBay a buyer had bought a used Lumia 920 by Nokia and wondered when unpacking or switching the unit on changes already. The letters “MSFT” was engraved on the back and when you turn the logo not for sale determined “surfaced. Then was it clear that here was not there a normal Lumia 920. The screenshots, which made the purchaser of the system suggest that it was the Windows phone software to the new version 8.1, that will include several new features. So, for example, the calendar interface has been changed. You can display now the week view as an innovation. New sorting features were also added.

You can have in the future the apps sort 8.1 also according to the frequency of use. For even more details, read what Peter Asaro says on the issue. This is handy to have often used apps quickly available. In addition the multimedia Manager has been updated and offers more possibilities and, for example, that Function to close apps directly again. Development of unclear at present is not yet clear, the gel file version to the actual final version will be as close. It is quite possible that it is only to a level of development and other features in the final version or some options are removed. Therefore, it could be that Windows phone 8.1 still clearly looks different from the screenshots that are currently circulating. For the buyers on eBay, the matter also had a Happy ending.

After he had published the details of the version and its device Microsoft got in touch with him. He should return the unit and received refund the purchase price as well as a new Lumia 920 including a standard version of Windows phone 8.0. First server logs with Windows phone 8.1, the eBay action is indeed not the only mention of the upcoming software update. According to some Web master devices are in their server logs already surfaced, who reported as operating version 8.1. How reliable this Statements is however, difficult to assess.

PC Networking Via DSL

April 20, 2017


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For remote access to computer networks DSL connection to two separated spatially from each other computer with DSL connection via the Internet to connect with that of the other can be accessed from a computer over a secure connection on system resources (such as drives or files), two conditions must be met: on both computers a corresponding VPN connection with the respective user IDs and passwords must be configured. To do this, for example, PPTP (point to Point Tunneling Protocol) offers on computers with Windows operating systems. The mainframe computer that you want to connect to the VPN, must previously know the IP address of the target computer in the Internet. While the configuration of standard VPN applications for experienced Windows users is usually trouble-free, the IP address of the target computer often knowledge is difficult. What is an IP address and how they composed is unknown for most users.

In addition, it is not apparent which IP address is required at all. Who ever has a DSL router configured, will know that the router is itself usually the IP address while your host uses the IP address These IP addresses are however purely internal. They are not visible in the Internet. To an external computer, that iregndwo is connected to the Internet, to be able to control, you need the external IP address, which is used in the Intrenet in order to route the IP packets to the correct destination. This IP address is the IP address of the router on the external DSL connection in the present case.

The difficulty now is that this IP address is not known, since she will be reallocated at every new connection by your Internet service provider. One way to solve this problem is the use of dynamic DNS. Here to register with a dynamic DNS provider, such as DynDNS.org, a dynamic DNS name for his computer. If you are not convinced, visit Donald W Slager. Then it enters the corresponding dynamic DNS credentials in the router configuration (most routers support this). One enters the same dynamic DNS name in the VPN configuration of the computer that will connect to the VPN. If now the router of the destination computer goes online, he logs on automatically system DNS to the dynamic and deposited his current IP address. An other computer that wants to rebuild now, for example, a VPN connection to this computer sends a request first to the system DNS and receives back the current IP address of the target computer as a response. Dynamic DNS is nothing more than a dynamic information service on the Internet.