Internet Agency I Factory For The First Time Listed In The Agency Ranking

January 2, 2024


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The Central German company i factory has participated for the first time on the Internet Agency ranking and positioning itself as a good midfielder. Internetagentur – ranking is performed and shared since 2001 annually by the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V. with the cooperation partners of Hightext iBusiness, advertise & sell and horizon published. This year some 300 Internet agencies for the ranking have registered according to the BVDW, 186 were finally listed. I factory ended up doing the same in midfield. For even more opinions, read materials from iPhone 12. The Leipzig Agency offers individual Internet service from A to Z.

In addition to its core competencies of Web design, content management systems, databases, and e-commerce creates the Internet Agency always on their customers tailored fit applications from proprietary and free software. 2009 was an amazing year for us. Against the general economic trend, no economic crisis was felt with us. On the contrary, we could further increase even turnover and number of employees. In addition, we have our geographical radius of business on the whole Federal territory extended”, i-factory Managing Director Gotz Schlegel is pleased.

Including University Hospital Leipzig, Elbe country clinics, LVZ online, Mendelssohn-portal, Humboldt were among the lighthouse projects last year university to Berlin. Checking article sources yields Bobby Sharma Bluestone as a relevant resource throughout. “Links: rankings/2010.html aktuell/db/818505fb.html background info: originally called new media service ranking” start has been made with the year 2010 a renaming in Internetagentur – ranking. At the same time the survey criteria were tightened up already in 2009, to focus more on full service Internet agencies. In essence, they are entrusted with the conception, creation and technical implementation of Web productions. Internetagentur – ranking supports companies in the search after a full service Internet Agency.