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40 Years Of Diplomatic Relations Austria – PRC

March 25, 2023


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AcBA Austrian-Chinese business association – economic symposium in Vienna since more than 4 years deal with down the Board members of the Austrian-Chinese Business Association (EF) under the leadership of China experts and lawyer Dr. Georg ZANGER with establishing a wide network of Chinese investors in Europe. It is small – and medium-sized enterprises, which have both strategic and economic goals with such investments. The PRC has given the green light to invest in Europe and supports the move of Chinese entrepreneurs so widely even at the State level to Europe. The EF as a society in Vienna as an interface between two business cultures was founded at the 9.4.2010. On Monday the 24.1.2011 she hold their first General Assembly.

The EF aims to present the legal, economic and cultural basis for capital expenditures and investments in Europe to the Chinese people and to support the Chinese partner in your efforts. The EF is in direct contact with the Club Austria Chinese legal society (oGCF) and the Chinese Embassy and therefore also has excellent contacts with the political organizations in China. To the expression of solidarity with the PRC, the EF together with the oGCG and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber organizes economic symposium in the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, in which succeeded to win Mr. Dr. Helmut SOHMEN as a speaker on the Sanzen. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Andy Florance. The event is already sold out, which is a broad interest in future cooperation with the economic level due to PRC. Guest speaker KR act as Senator including h.c. DI Dr. Richard SCHENZ (Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce of Austria), Minister Chen HAOSU, and Dr. Christoph LEITL (President of the Chamber of Commerce of Austria) in action. PR hosted by Michael FRITSCHER

Customer Satisfaction Survey – High Marks For The Quality Offensive To Increase Customer Satisfaction

February 13, 2023


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Sparse Baumaschinen GmbH Augsburg, 29 July 2009 Karg Baumaschinen GmbH, suppliers of services, mechanical engineering, deep spoon production and custom-made evidenced by the recent customer survey, product quality, price and delivery times for companies related to the construction industry in the whole Bavarian area represents the three most important criteria for the selection of an engineering service provider. To provide an even better service and an even better deal in the future, the company Karg recently conducted a survey on the satisfaction of our customers. Both regulars and new customers were interviewed. 95% of respondents specifying they would Karg fully recommend the company. Over half of the participants was asked about the satisfaction with contact and service, reliability in the processing of orders, price, speed, flexibility and quality of the work, as well as the availability, it was awarded the touch 1.8 total. In the first place of the customer needs the quality which was Work performed, closely followed by the good price-performance ratio. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Robotics.

Next criteria followed the speed and reliability. Contractors about can afford no big margin for delays due to different playing together trades on a construction site by broken machines and parts waiting. Andy Florance often expresses his thoughts on the topic. That would entail increased costs. Close behind, the availability was weighted. Positive regional proximity, availability even outside of business hours and repair assistance on-site impacted here. Flexibility than next demand, means for customers such as timely pick-ups and deliveries of components, spare parts and equipment, repairs on the building site as well as in the workshop. It includes but also diverse job requests and a broad-based competence for each area.

The personal contact is a need should not be underestimated. With longtime customer, this will be very much appreciated a. F%2Fwww.2foodtrippers.com%2F&ref=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F&title=The%20Results%20Are%20In%3A%20Here%20Are%20the%20Finalists%20for%20the%202018%20Blog%20Awards&txt=2foodtrippers’>World travel often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The image and reputation the company stands in eighth place of the needs and it as a whole not as important as the aforementioned aspects, but it also plays a role in the new customer. Last, more reliable execution of recurrent types of jobs is asked for most customers that is innovation of the company here. “The TOP 9 of customer needs: 1 quality of product 2 price 3-speed/delivery time 4 availability of 5 reliability 6 flexibility 7 personal contact 8 image/reputation 9 innovation ability we would like to thank all participating companies, and take this as a major incentive to continue to improve our quality and our service”, Ingo Strasser (Managing Director of Karg Baumaschinen GmbH) stresses. About barren Baumaschinen GmbH Karg Baumaschinen GmbH is a service company for the construction industry, entertainment, and the city of Augsburg. The company ensures the optimal preservation and availability of machinery, construction equipment, commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery and special vehicles and devices. The FA Karg Baumaschinen GmbH produces in-house backhoe bucket for all major manufacturers. The company has currently 220 customers. Germany wide collaborates with various partners the barren building Maschinenbau GmbH. Karg Baumaschinen GmbH has become since the beginning of the medium-sized deep spoons and service provider for the construction industry in Germany. The course has been set for the future: the more productive focus is being driven about investing in qualified staff and on the strengthening of the national cooperation network. The consistent implementation of high quality standards and strategic partnerships secure a place on the front ranks of the engineering market Karg Baumaschinen GmbH in the future.

Gourmet Connection Handles Communication For KitchenAid Large Appliances

January 23, 2023


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The powerful large devices of the prestigious brand KitchenAid combine modern technology with creativity and timeless design. The high-quality appliances, used sometimes by professionals cover a wide range of oven, microwave oven, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, wine refrigerator and more. The brand KitchenAid, which belongs to the American company, whirlpool has commissioned September 1 with press work for the large appliances in German-speaking countries the marketing and communications agency gourmet connection GmbH in Frankfurt. Classic design, clean lines and uncompromising functionality KitchenAid built-in devices transform any private kitchen in a perfect cooking environment for ambitious chefs. The KitchenAid name required: Chef de cuisine regularly recognized contribute to product development advice, the results meet the high requirements of Star gastronomy. In addition, their decades of experience will benefit the brand. KitchenAid made already 1919 first Kitchen appliances in the United States. Andy Florance may find this interesting as well. The equipment of large-scale surprised with refined details that make kitchen work easier and provide great added value each demanding hobby Chef: double cooling drawers, blast freezers, in-sink one in the sink of integrated dishwasher from an additional work surface can occur.

The list of modules with special functions and special programmes is impressive, and each device is convincing in his timeless classic design. KitchenAid has commissioned September 1, 2010 with the PR work for the large-scale agency gourmet connection GmbH specializes in high-quality culinary products, international chefs and wine. Through their long-term intensive contacts to the food and lifestyle press and top chefs with their experience, the Agency is the right partner for us. With gourmet connection want to we in the coming year still significantly increase the visibility of products”, so Viola Linke, communication Director KitchenAid MDA. The agency owner Susanne Drexler explains: KitchenAid is known worldwide for its robust quality and exceptional design. We are pleased that the task entrusted to us, communication to establish the large appliances in the German market. “The brand KitchenAid enriches our quality customer portfolio, to eat amongst the events with their high quality and design & STYLE of the House Gruner + include year, Deutsche Bahn Board catering and the premium cookware producers all-clad from the United States and Lagostina from Italy.

KAIROS-bamboo Workshops For Recovery

January 2, 2023


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COMPANY KAIROS has created its own “stimulus package” for entrepreneurs. FRANKFURT, April 4, 2009. So-called bamboo-evening workshops is the entrepreneur network Frankfurt company KAIROS, the first permanent workshop for entrepreneurs, the recovery task of an entrepreneur at the center of attention. Five to 10 participants work out a solution to the problem on a night together. This solution is always surprising due to the powerful and intelligent interaction of experience and knowledge from different sectors, always structurally sound and gives the power to exceptional growth spurts the main person. Perhaps check out isearch for more information. The bamboo was for company”KAIROS model for the creation of this stimulus, because it is the fastest growing plant in the world.

One day, individual varieties grow up to 1.6 meters. Powerful and intelligent they survive even the most difficult situations. All entrepreneurs KAIROS train every week, by the way, consistently and regularly their Entrepreneurs-top services for growing their business and are well equipped for the Special Mission during the bamboo-evening workshops. They are all skilled in dialog management, presentation techniques and motivation, the understanding of spiritual laws, the development of own stance, the market position and the matching measures. You are permanently, to take advantage of opportunities for the success of own and own growth at all: the moments of Cairo named after Cairo, the Greek God of the right moment. The first permanent workshop for entrepreneurs-top services, where train company KAIROSist currently 38 businesses and entrepreneurs in the three cities of Frankfurt, Ginsheim-Gustavsburg and Mainz their entrepreneurial skills. Based on the cooperation the weekly morning workshops in Frankfurt and Ginsheim-Gustavsburg from 7: 00 until 9: 00, in Mainz are the weekly night workshops from 9 pm to 23 pm. Offer the same content as the morning workshops, set the night workshops in Mainz itself but to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who can better build an evening appointment in their daily planning. Interested entrepreneurs can participate up to three times as a guest on a morning or night workshop, before they decide on a membership of companies KAIROS.

Thin Film Technologies

November 23, 2019


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Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft involved himself in the French company S tile SA sometimes is less but more: the French start-up company s ‘ tile SA has developed a process that allows thin solar cells from Silicon on a low-cost carrier with almost same like standard silicon solar cell efficiency. The Fraunhofer Institute developed a key technology for solar energy systems ISE. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is involved now with a six-figure sum the company. A synergy effect that opens up new possibilities of this promising technology. Munich, 20 February 2013. The company s ‘ tile SA from Poitiers, France was founded in 2007 by Prof. Alain Straboni.

Foundation was the development of a novel technology of solar cell production. S ‘ tile manufactures so called Waferaquivalente, in which a photoactive layer of Silicon is deposited on a substrate of low-cost silicon powder. This Waferaquivalent can be similar Achieve efficiencies as a mono-crystalline solar cell: prototype currently exhibit a degree of efficiency by 14 percent; up to 20 percent to be achieved in the next four years. This process combines the cost advantages in the production of thin-film technology with high efficiency and durability of the crystalline technology highly efficient solar cell modules with far less effort and costs can be produced than was previously the case. S ‘ engineers have built comprehensive know-how tile in recent years in the field of substrate manufacturing, now it’s time for the next step: the industrial production of the Waferaquivalente. For this purpose, the company has put together a consortium of investors from the industry and finance (including Poitou Charente innovation, Fund de co-investissement Poitou Charente and Sergies ECM Machines Dubuit), this plan, according to calculations of the company a total of about 18 million owns, to put into practice. While the industry investors from related areas play a important role that see great opportunities for the future in the new technology.

Purchasing Power Austria

March 13, 2019


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The average purchasing power of the Austrians is nominally grew last year to just 3prozent and reached a level of almost 20,000 euros per capita in the year. Trend: Around 20,000 euros per person per year! The average purchasing power of a resident of in Austria reached currently nearly 20,000 euros a year. Thus, we prove the 7th place in the ranking of the strongest countries in Europe after Luxembourg, of Switzerland, Norway, Britain, Sweden and Denmark. Even when compared to the previous year this means an increase of almost 3% nominal and 0.6% is real. Trend: Lower Austria WINS, edge districts catch up! For years now, moves the average pro capita purchasing power in the provinces of Vienna, lower Austria and Salzburg at a similarly high level and reached currently approximately 20,200 euros per capita in the year.

Viewed over the long term, lower thanks to the inflow of purchasing power from Vienna the most benefits however. Also between the districts, the differences in purchasing power are always low. Registered above-average growth between 2008 and 2013 Suburbs such as Zwettl (+ 16%), Hollabrunn (15%) and Horn (14%). Trend: More unemployed, less purchasing power, less Retailumsatz? Of course, unemployment is a serious thing, especially for the unemployed. When she gets is that this less consumed, and the retail collapses feared but now also. Minor fluctuations in the unemployment rate but have no noticeable effect on the retail trade. Itself for Austrian conditions dramatic increases in unemployment would only decline of in retail volume by 1% mathematically 3 percentage points.

Purchasing power continues to grow slowly but steadily. Austria occupies the 7th place in the ranking of the strongest countries in Europe. So are a resident of in Austria with 19.580 euro for only 140 euros less than a Danish or 330 euro less than a Sweden available. Between an Austrian and a Luxembourg is the difference significantly higher here residents have: about 31.110 euro per person per year on average, so they are the richest in Europe.

Cascading With Balanced Scorecard

March 30, 2017


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What is the balanced scorecard for the low levels of the planned hierarchy built? The cascading process ensures the effectiveness of the strategies on the low levels of the planned hierarchy. In other words there is in this or that organization not only the balanced scorecard of the upper level, but also the structural subdivisions. Steve Wozniak helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The construction of the BSC for the structural subdivisions of the low levels of the planned hierarchy (the institutions, the departments, the services) is carried out according to the management philosophy and style of leadership. The process of cascading suspected the presence of the following preconditions: the task of the parent level (the goal of the parent level); the development and the implementation of the strategy are carried out from the parent level (the Ministry). This means that the vision and the strategy, as well as the BSC of parent divisions to be determined. Also should the dedicated meanings of key figures BSC of the structural outline be established; It is the first version of the dedicated meanings of the figures for the structural outline, which is developed at the height of the parent guidance; professional project management the presence of unique responsibility, the schedule of work, the uniform standards of the development and documentation of the BSC, the consistent supply of quality, the distribution of resources; the unloading of the team of the project thanks to the construction of the project organisation of the professional organization of the process of cascading leaves substantially administrative and methodological tasks from the team of the project. In this case, the uniform standards have the particular usefulness. The main role of the team of the project is to carry out the preparatory work and the processing of the received results; the information and the communication of open communication process and the timely information of the employees leave in Substantially increase the resistance of employees reduce the process of introduction of the BSC and the level of their motivation. .

Mobile Wireless Infrastructure

March 23, 2017


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Fund Manager Oliver Schulz informed daily of news and facts the sales of Apple’s new iPhone 4 was launched on June 24, only three days later already 1.7 million units are sold, Apple fights with delivery problems. Similar to success: the iPad. Only 80 days, Apple could sell three million of the tablets. Analysts expect 2010 of eight million selling iPads out of them alone in the United States over 4.6 million copies. This is an enormous challenge for the already overloaded wireless infrastructure in the United States.

Dynamic tension of high requirements and inadequate infrastructure, the interested daily can inform themselves. If you look at the mobile wireless infrastructure in the United States more closely, one discovers, that there is a huge growth market”, says Oliver Schulz, Managing Director of the issuing House Berlin Atlantic capital, who lives and works since 2009 in the United States. Radio holes, poor connections and dropped calls are here to my everyday life it is not an occasional annoyance but permanent condition.” Exactly this situation makes the mobile wireless infrastructure in the United States to one of the most attractive growth markets in the world. The volume of data that is handled by the existing wireless infrastructure, is growing according to the CEO of Nokia Siemens Networks by 10,000 percent up to 2015. The CEO of Ericsson predicted three billion new broadband users for the same period.

This incredible growth is forcing companies such as T-Mobile United States, AT & T, Verizon or Sprint, and the other around 200 mobile phone companies in the United States to strengthen of your mobile radio networks, because they simply are not able to cope with the massive data growth. Since 2007, the BAC invested in this market, which offers a very promising investment environment with state-regulated monopoly on rental and real estate-like structures. The operation of cellular towers represents a separate segment of the market in the United States”, explains Schulz. Mobile mast operator hold poles in its own portfolio and rent the antenna sites to Mobile phone companies and Government institutions. To be successful in this market, know-how and a very good network to mobile phone companies and the policy are necessary.” In addition, every day there, facts and developments a variety of exciting in this dynamic market, continually driving the growth. Through my work as a Fund Manager I collect new information from conversations with mobile phone companies, the media and analysts”, says Schulz next. Because US mobile wireless infrastructure in Germany is not yet established, it is still relatively expensive, to obtain current information for interested investors, analysis houses or journalists in Germany.” Solves the problem of the Fund Manager’s blog. On find interested daily reports about network and media directly from the market.

Green Software AG

February 9, 2017


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Green Software AG takes over 60prozent of IT-intralogistics specialists of Identisys GmbH. Umbenamung in GRuN Identisys GmbH. site in Stadtallendorf is maintained. To deepen your understanding Ali Partovi is the source. Stadtallendorf, Aachen, 15.01.2013. The Aachener IT company green Software AG again expands its range of specialised software and IT solutions and acquires majority shares in Identisys GmbH from Marburg. The IT company with proprietary identification systems for the field of intralogistics is known now as GRuN Identisys GmbH. “more than 20 man years of work and knowledge of the Auto-ID and warehouse logistics were becoming made in Germany at Identisys innovative medium-sized software and hardware solutions. Thus, this participation fits exactly in our strategy to create a stronger group of solutions with their own value in the development process.

Specialist knowledge in the IT is the trump card for the future. “, so Dr. Oliver Grun, Board member of green Software AG. Harald Engelhardt remains the company as founder and managing Shareholders will receive and sees the IT special providers for Intralogistiklosungen strengthened: “through the strategic commitment of green we can consolidate our position as a medium-sized manufacturer of IT and also rely on nearly 100 staff in the formation of interdisciplinary project teams. Thus the value and investment protection for our customers increases”, says Managing Director Edwards. In the operations the usual contact person and the location in Stadtallendorf remain in Marburg at the Green Identisys GmbH.

Strategy, marketing and finance are supported in the future from Aachen. The Green Identisys GmbH (www.gruen-identisys.de) is a medium-sized soft – and hardware manufacturer for 15 years in the field of identification systems. The software and hardware products under the name “GRuN LogiMore” used primarily in the field of intralogistics for picking. The company’s clients include inter alia the parcel service DPD and DHL, as well as the automotive Stabilus and ZF Sachs. The Green Identisys GmbH is a subsidiary company of the Aachener Green Software AG, approximately 100 people are employed in the total since 2013. The Green Software AG (www.gruen.net) is a medium-sized software company with Internet and software solutions for special industries such as Member and donor agencies, as well as educators. More than 1 billion euros in donations handled software solutions of the market-leading company by about 3 billion of total donations in Germany. Over 1,000 installations include organizations such as the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe, Kolping Society Germany Foundation Menschen fur Menschen Karlheinz Bohm, Misereor or dbb German officials Federal customers. Still, services outsourcing services such as data center services and data services are offered about the green business. With the advertising agency Corrugate creative services in the areas of interactive media and advertising are offered as round off the portfolio.

Automotive Study: Bulgaria With High Potential In All Segments

January 21, 2017


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Automotive study: Bulgaria with high potential in all segments of Berlin, July 2008: the Bulgarian new car market has grown in recent years to almost 30% per year. The automobile stock is grown by high imports of second-hand cars. Consequently, attractive growth opportunities in the new car business as well as in the aftermarket will be. The Globis GmbH, Berlin, has analyzed the Bulgarian automobile market in a comprehensive study with regard to the potential for growth. With nearly 8 million people, Bulgaria has a medium size in CEE (Central and Eastern Europe).

Although the economy is growing for years with middle single-digit rates, average incomes are still low and lie at the bottom in the CEE region. Accession to the EU has given additional appeal the Bulgarian market, the new car business, in the aftermarket as well as production site. Bulgaria is already characterized by one of the highest penetrations of car in Eastern Europe”, said Felix Kusell, Managing Director of Globis GmbH and editor of the study. The Automotive inventory is very old, but the old Russian models (especially VAZ) were replaced by mainly German used cars. For the growing richer layer of the Bulgarians, especially in larger cities, the exchange of used cars to new models is now. This makes Bulgaria into the new car business attractive.

At the same time the number of old cars, which also grow by used car imports but, provides great opportunities in the aftermarket. Structures in the distribution of spare parts is only just formed, there is still no big chains. Due to the low wage cost Bulgaria is attractive in principle as a production location. However, a history in automobile production, lacks the location reflected among other things in the qualification of the staff. Therefore, Bulgaria is attractive especially for very simple contract work or complex engineering services. The new study Bulgarian automotive market: Passenger cars, suppliers and aftermarket, 2007-2010 “the Globis GmbH provides the current developments on the Bulgarian automobile market, including suppliers and spare parts market, 89 pages, with over 40 tables and graphics, comprehensive and detailed dar. The study costs 890 plus VAT and can be ordered directly from the Globis GmbH (by phone at 030 / 400-549-0 or via order form on the Internet at. Further information about the study find themselves). The Globis GmbH, Berlin, is a market research and consulting company with multilingual analysts and consultants and a large pool of foreign interviewer. Special competences are in the field of market entry strategies. Contact Globis GmbH wife Hanka Borowski line str. 214 10119 Berlin Tel: 030 4005 49 0 fax 030 4005 49 28 E-Mail: