Frame Construction

December 16, 2014


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Fashion for the frame construction came to us from Canada, USA and Northern Europe in early 21st-century frame house, and now with his own hands – very common phenomenon. Especially popular in the construction of frame technology single-family homes up to 3 floors and outbuildings – garages, sheds and summer kitchens. Prefab homes have many advantages, the main ones are: low cost, durability, environmental friendliness and variety of designs. Besides the carcass home is not peculiar to shrinkage and trim suitable for all materials. Houses built on frame technology, have significant energy efficiency, which is achieved through the use of high-quality insulation and sealing elements of the house – walls, ceiling and floor. There are two basic types of frame houses: Platform and with clearance racks. Visit Robotics for more clarity on the issue. The platform frame is going to Condominium building – first floor is going to overlap, then it is used as the base wall and a building site for assembly of frame walls.

After assembling the walls, they set the joists, which can serve as a floor on the second floor or attic floor. Sometimes ready-made frame elements do not collect at the site, and in the factory and ready for construction are imported. This greatly increases the speed of Build a frame house. The second type – with clearance rack is a frame riddled sewage. In this case the counter will not be interrupted and held together only the top rail, upon which overlap the roof. This type of frame houses are not suitable for subsequent changes and a more conservative option, therefore is used less often.

This article is an example of a small platform frame house, which was built as an option for temporary housing during construction of the main house, some of this house was used as a guesthouse. However, with proper insulation of the frame house, he may well be used as a primary residence. The foundation was laid for the house before, so this stage we have missed. The procedure works 1. At the foundation of the house is laid rail and carefully processed antiseptic. 2. Then make a rough floor with a vapor-and waterproofing. 3. After finishing the floor of the stack, consisting of board size 40h150. board seal the wedges and straps. 4. To collect the finished floor of the wall, then install it and attach 5. Thus, all set of the wall. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Dermot McCormack. 6. After that builds and installs the roof rafters. Make a crate and put it on roofing felt and Onduline. 7. Frame clapboard-inch single, pre-impregnated with antiseptic and fire them fluid. 8. Then install windows and doors. 9. Inside the house are assembled vapor barrier and sheathe its insulating materials that attach to the screws, placing them under pieces of cardboard. 10. End walls and stitched vellum clapboard. 11. Bring to the house wiring. 12. After completion of the plating frame house, its paint penoteksom in 2 layers and hang gutters.