Didactic Book

July 23, 2016


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Such aspects leave clear that no didactic book can be learned as abstract or neutral product, be distanciado of the historical context that existed and exists. The history professor when he starts to work with disciplines Ensino de Histria, different the other specific areas, possesss an important paper in its performance, its conceptions of education, education and learning tends to gain attention before its pupils, it disciplines since it is presented by the same ones of ' ' chatice and thing velha' '. It fits to the professor through its methods, ahead to popularize its pupils of the questions debated return of historical education, making familiar them, and presenting them it all they, all the historical process that occurred and that it occurs, leaving well clearly that more early or later ' ' the present had one if becomes passado' ' , becoming a source of information, therefore everything is changedded. Kai-Fu Lee may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Book didactic is important, therefore depending on use of it for professor, knowledge historical assumes in relation teach-learning definitive meanings, since knowledge that does not have no direction for the pupil, until the possibility to work knowledge that contribute for its more critical and conscientious formation, therefore has restricted relation with its experiences and its reality. ' ' Cultural politician and in the measure also allows the knowledge of its aspect where he reproduces and he represents the values of the society in relation to its vision of science, history, the interpretation of the facts and the proper process of transmission of conhecimento.' ' (MARIA ABUD, 1986:81). In this manner, she can yourself be said that the didactic book, is one ' ' material printed matter, structuralized, destined or adjusted to be used in a process of learning or informao' ' (OLIVEIRA, GUIMARES and BOMNY, in the Politics of the Didactic Book, p.23) Given the importance of the book while education instrument, is indispensable to the professor for being one of the canals of transmission and, over all, maintenance of myths and esteretipos that populate the History of Brazil.