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January 14, 2024


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The Oleiferous clay jar Lam. it belongs to the Moringaceae family, who is composed only of a sort (Clay jar), native of India, grows currently in some countries of the tropics. The medicinal use of the clay jar is ample and in such a way, some parts of the plant, as leves, roots, seeds, caule, flowers and fruits have been studied how much the action in the cicatrizao of wounds. the matter here. Although to be an widely used medicinal plant, its physiological effect not yet well are known. The objectives of the work were to verify the presence of chemical composites for possible treatments of illnesses.

The methodology used for the fitoqumicas analyses through material dry and was triturated where it hears the production of the alcoholic and watery extract, for each 100 grams of 400 400 sample will be added mL of etanol 70% and mL of distilled water, respectively. After that 60C will be left in bath Maria for 24 h after that had been carried through the analyses of polissacardeo, catequina, flavanides, alkalis, acid organic, you sweeten reducing, sesquiterpenlactonas and other lactonas, carotenides, depsdios and depsidonas, espumdica saponina, alkalis and proteins and amino acids being also verified pH of each extract. The results had been positive only for alkalis and acid organic beyond proteins and amino acids with pH 5, moreover, the seed of the clay jar characterizes for one high high text of proteins and lipdeos, in which, where if it finds the composed greater in the process of clarificao of the water. In such a way the seed of the Oleiferous clay jar Lam is concluded that. it presents chemical substances that can be used stop: analgesics, anaesthetics antiviral, and anticancer. The dust of the seed of the Oleiferous clay jar Lam. it comes being used in the treatment against the malaria in regions where it does not have water treatment, being it is used wide in the process of clarificao and treatment of the same one since it possesss proteins that desestabiliza particles contained in the water.