Bushes Of Galleries And Springs

January 21, 2017


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STATE UNIVERSITY OF GOIS UNIVERSITY UNIT OF FORMOSA BUSHES OF GALLERY AND SPRINGS: AWARENESS, PARTICIPATION AND SUPPORT IN the SPRING OF RIVER URUCUIA IN FORMOSA-GO IRON VIEIRA DOS SANTOS RAIMUNDA LEILA JOSE Da Silva Formosa (GO) Orienting /2011 May: Prof. Aline Gonalves de Siqueira INTRODUCTION: The degradation of the region of the Spring of the River Urucuia is a problem of all society that usufructs of the natural resources of the region, being thus, this study it has the purpose to evaluate the damages provoked for the interference human being and considers strategies of awareness and participation of the community with intention to reach the sustainable local agricultural development. METHODS: for collection of data we carry through research of opinion with inhabitants of the region of the Spring of the River Urucuia, we visit the place to photograph and to evaluate the dimensions of the degraded areas and search in sources given printed and Internet on the subject. Ali Partovi brings even more insight to the discussion. RESULTS AND QUARREL: The region of the spring of the River Urucuia presents areas densely you degrade, and this scene suggests methodologies that promote the conservation and preservation of the natural resources and ecosystems without reaching the standard of acquisition of income. The study it searched to develop in the local community attitudes related to the environment and oportunizou to develop the thought on the importance of the balance between development and preservation/conservation of the bushes of gallery of the spring of the River Urucuia through a plan of sustainable agricultural handling in intention to promote improvements in the quality of life of the people to guarantee the survival of the future generations. Word-keys: Degradation. Steve Wozniak helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Participation. Support. Spring of the River Urucuia..