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July 30, 2014


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A network cable guarantees not only the best data security, it saves power compared to the wireless network. Man regenerates almost automatically, without the need to depend on too much on external energy sources. Except once, that man daily must lead to food and water to refresh its energy budget, the regeneration of the people but miraculously simple way works. Usually a healthy undisturbed night’s sleep is enough to recover the powers of a person completely and to prepare him for the coming day. Machines are still far away from this efficiency and simplicity. To ensure its energy supply and to ensure their long-term functionality that was one of the challenges of the 20th century and it is all too clear that it will be a central issue in this century as effectively and as lossless supplying machines with energy.

Not only the currently discussed form of energy plays a central role. The infrastructure is increasingly a topic. Especially in the IT sector. Respected and now they are wage work here you had during the first boom”just carelessly on effective energy supply. Enormously inefficient datacenters are, for example, the result of lax-oriented infrastructure.

It has the power saving of as much starting points, rich, which according to actual need reduce energy intake or increase and freeze unused computing potential by the simple network cable up to highly complex systems. Here, a break takes place currently. Effective solutions in the energy supply are more than just spinning mills of eco freaks. You are a central economic consideration for many large but also small and medium-sized companies. Because electricity is expensive. And it probably will not change in the near future. Rather on the contrary. You can save only by lowering the own consumption. Here resourceful developers on optimized power supply try to install because the greatest losses in the actual devices take place, but in the peripharen Infrastructure, the clutter so agreed by the vernacular. Here, the power saving probably has the biggest potential for optimization.

Network Documentation

July 30, 2014


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Pathfinder, the user-friendly software for network documentation and cable management, offering immediately a SNMP query. Active network management without the simple network management protocol (SNMP) is now no longer possible. SNMP is a standard that is supported by the most active devices. For this reason, the cable management software Pathfinder was extended to the new SNMP module. It allows the live view on the active technique of documented network. This live query provides information about port names, port status, port use and port activities of active device. Additional information will be displayed directly in the network documentation.

A live view on the active technology not only provides network administrators comprehensive benefits: problems and errors can be detected thanks to this system extension directly from the network documentation out. With its direct access function, the module supports users in locating and removing LAN problems. A further advantage is that problems at an early stage and can be fixed. To prevent accidents. In addition, the user can compare the data in the information system of the network with the current information of the component.

The module enables a plausibility check of the existing network documentation. The network documentation is up to date. Users who are interested in a live query of SNMP-enabled devices, provides detailed descriptions and trial versions on the company’s website: snmp abfrage.html are other features of the new SNMP query: support latest SNMP standards (including SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 for secure) security features (authentication, authorization, access control) support IPv6 addressing reading and evaluating RFC1213-MIB information optimizes query parameter. Using Pathfinder, users document the passive cabling and active technology of a network completely and quickly. In addition to the SNMP query modules, there are the the base version of the cable management software Supplement. The module generates Weaver users such as network plans on push of a button. The order management module allows to plan work on the net, to create work instructions or to optimize the fulfillment of IT. Pathfinder is developed by tripunkt GmbH, a company based in Berlin. tripunkt develops software solutions that help companies and teams to accomplish tasks faster and more efficiently. Since 2006 the Pathfinder product developed a database-driven software for network documentation and cable management tripunkt. The customers include district offices, municipalities, insurance companies and universities. The Berlin-based company operates already for ten years as a software developer and service provider. Interested parties have the opportunity to get to know the capabilities of cable management software in a live presentation. The presentations take place on-site in the company via the Internet and on request. More information about the products, prices, or trial versions of interested parties under contact tripunkt GmbH Dana Camus stanchion str.

Runge Street Quality

July 27, 2014


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Today, almost every product can be ordered on the Internet. Only the leap of faith, which must be paid by the customer is often problematic. Berlin, 25.07.2011 – today has become the World Wide Web a cross-border and transnational network, can be purchased in the products of all kinds, including the simple envelope, at very attractive prices. Through the development of the Internet and the ability to be able to send written messages and pictures or even videos, within moments, many changes have set even when the correspondence. However, among the things that must be done daily, particularly in the business world the mail sent in an envelope.

The ability to purchase envelopes or mailers, in the required size and also in large quantities via the Internet is very interesting not only for companies. But the differences that exist between the individual products, are proving to be just as diverse as the different prices of these envelopes. Paper, or in this case, letters are famously very patient and each seller will advertise its product as the best product available on the market. However, the consumer must buy not the proverbial pig in a poke. So it is for the consumers benefit, the possibility to be able to request free samples of envelopes for him on the part of the online shop. In this way he can convince himself directly from the nature and the quality of the envelopes.

The variety of offers that are offered in the virtual world, is great. In addition to the classic and simple white envelope, even envelopes in different latitude and longitude with a lining on the inside are offered. This feed consists of a fine and thin additional silk layer, which is firmly connected to the actual envelope. Often, such an envelope is made from a heavy paper quality, which at the same time has a noble appearance. The feed also rises often coloured by the actual envelope off. Also in the manner of the covers are closed, there are differences. While the classic still uses the wet gluing, the adhesive bonding has prevailed today in many cases. In addition to a high-quality product quality, but also the proper storage for the lifetime of the envelopes plays an important role. The optimal storage temperature is approx. 18 22 C. Especially self adhesive envelopes should be stored in any case close to radiators or heating pipes. Also a direct sunlight or normal daylight already negatively on the paper. The best envelopes with lining and all other envelopes in a box are kept.


July 22, 2014


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Bicycle-leasing company from Freiburg expands the LeaseRad GmbH, headquartered in Freiburg spatially and staffed with international Advisory Board and nationwide sales force expanded recently with the completion of the sales network and establishing a three-person, top-class expert advisory group, which support the Freiburger experts for sustainable mobility and advise. Six sales representatives join the team of the Freiburger bicycle-leasing company LeaseRad GmbH recently. In addition to the human expansion also three high-calibre experts support the Freiburger specialists for two-wheeled electric mobility in the form of an Advisory Board. With our six sales network in Germany and Austria, LeaseRad is now widely established and we can intensify our sales activities even better and wider”, as the founder and first CEO, Ulrich preacher, to the most recent human extension of the Freiburg company. Since May of this year strengthens already the sales professional Holger Tumat the LeaseRad team as second Managing Director for sales and marketing. With the production of three renowned specialists in different fields in an Advisory Board acting for LeaseRad, the electric mobility experts landed a further coup on their ladder of success: the entrepreneur Ernst Spaett, the businessman Stefan Rummel and the traffic scientist Heiner Monheim, who has worked as a professor at the University of Trier, LeaseRad support from now on with recommendations in basic business decisions and by constructive questioning on strategic and operational issues.

This high-profile Advisory Board gives us valuable support and encouragement in tactical questions, is us moral and benevolent aside without being enshrined in the articles of association or to have a direct Supervisory Council function. “, says Ulrich preacher. The LeaseRad GmbH, founded by him in the year of 2008 in the GreenCity Freiburg has now eight employees at the headquarters and has already won several awarded for the sustainable business idea. A leased about LeaseRad E-bike or bicycle fleet companies, institutions and local authorities can bring health, climate protection and cost savings under a hat. More and more dominate motor supporting Pedelecs or E-bikes, which are currently experiencing a real boom in the business sector, the demand for the two-wheeled mobility experts. The principle is simple the idea was completely new in business and is still unique: LeaseRad ensures the bike fleet and complete service, the company provide for zero emissions, for the well-being of their employees and the environment: saving because every pedaling employees at daily 10 km route to work around a tonne of CO2 emissions per year! The first fully automated Pedelec rental system, which went into operation this year at the Frankfurt ABGnova, as well as more recent infrastructure deals that belongs to the services offered in cooperation with the respective manufacturers Two-wheeled electric mobility. Climate-neutral LeaseRadern now include employees of the city of Stuttgart, the Greens in the Bavarian Parliament, Munich-based banker and the Rhodia in Freiburg are on the way.

Infrastructure Solutions

July 17, 2014


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Data storage, data networking, and data infrastructure solutions Berlin, February 20, 2011, the Zycko networks GmbH, internationally successful value-add distributor for innovative solutions in the areas of data storage, data networking, and data infrastructure, presents its channel partners and customers on the CeBIT 2011-new products and solutions the company ARTEC IT solutions, Riverbed Technology, Force10 Networks and LifeSize. With the archiving, data management and security solutions of at ARTEC IT solutions AG, Zycko, a safe and attractive solution package offers its customers for a centralized information management by one of the leading companies in this field. The solutions cover the full spectrum of digital backup and legally secure long-term archiving for the totality of a company’s business data. They are characterized by a simple implementation and operation, maximum reliability and high efficiency. Keep due to the powerful search and recovery Take your data at any time the overview and the control over. In addition, customers with Zycko the latest developments of the manufacturer can inform Riverbed Technology, the market leader in wide-area data services (WDS). With the award-winning Riverbed Steelhead products, companies consolidate their IT effectively and efficiently.

Backup and replication processes are improved, faster data transfers and applications and optimizes WAN bandwidth. While increasing efficiency and transparency in the IT infrastructure, reducing costs. Already today, Steelhead products are successfully used in large, global corporations, but also in many small companies with a few branches or businesses with mobile workers. Zycko presents the pioneer for reliable, high-performance switching and routing solutions with Force10 Networks. Network solutions from Force10 come because of characteristics such as high availability, comprehensive network control and great scalability, there used, where the network forms the basis of business of a company (E.g. Internet portals, Web 2.0 companies or service providers). Before the background of a globalised business world, rising travel costs, but also environmentally conscious thinking and acting, Zycko offers its channel partners well with the high-definition video communications and tele-presence systems of the company LifeSize (a company Logitech) a professional and efficient solution for the communication and cooperation in global companies.

Marketing Director

July 9, 2014


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Rene Stejskal referral marketing and networking when I am asked what would be the biggest mystery around the networks, then I give following response: networks is like agriculture. Good contacts and connections must be cultivated such plants used, and not hunted.” This is an important point, because many business people at the networks approach as our ancestors used to hunting, often with the same aggressiveness and the same baits. There are such people in any collection of businessmen. You are correct for the right deal,”to meet people and to land the next big deal. The amount is sifts”been found until the ideal victim is a great customer who rescues its own business. These people have no time for interesting conversation, because the Marketing Director, the CEO or the COO must be addressed. In agriculture, this approach would not work.

Farmers don’t waste their time to look for the appropriate person Instead, they sow the seed and cultivate them patiently. Relationships which shape it at every opportunity and cultivate are the seeds of the farmers. It comes to them not to draw an instant win, because that is not their goal. You know that the effort for the development of the relationship is later rewarded with rich harvest and that may result in mutually profitable relationships overnight.