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Reform Constitutional

October 13, 2013


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/ VIDEO: ATLAS of the PP leader has said that the Constitution with crystal clarity what the Magna Carta reform requires a rrendum and what not. Mariano Rajoy believes that today is a feeling in Spanish society which cannot spend as he has spent in recent times. The President of the PP Mariano Rajoy, has stated that the Constitution with crystal clarity what the Magna Carta reform requires a rrendum and what not, and added that the reform raised now, according to the Constitution, does not require rrendum. Rajoy, who has visited the cooperative of subtropical fruits Trops, in Velez-Malaga (Malaga) has reminded journalists that until now, the Constitution was amended only once, after the adoption of the Maastricht Treaty, without rrendum, because the Constitution said that the reform of that article not needed for popular consultation. It also considers that today is a feeling in society Spanish that you can not spend as he has spent in recent times, and is something that think the PP and also people who have given their trust to the PSOE and other political forces. In the future, God will provide to asked whether reform should be used to modify other aspects as the priority of the male in the succession to the Crown, has said that he favoured only for reform by choosing well the moment, knowing exactly to what was being done and that there are things that require rrendum and others that do not. At this time, shortly after the general election, I am not in favour raise other reforms, it has pointed to Rajoy, who added that in the future, God will provide. It has highlighted that this is a reform that is made in the last part of the legislature that he had claimed more than one year ago and they are doing many European countries, and has qualified as a major structural reform, with which the PP is in favour.

Milan Mark Van Bommel

September 29, 2013


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The Dutchman was questioned by its hardness in the World Cup final and the criticism did in his day Iniesta on the exmediocentro of FC Barcelona. The Albacete also downplayed the past in press conference. Allegri ensures that you feel satisfied getting a draw against Barca. FC Barcelona and Milan face this Tuesday at the premiere of the Champions League. Dutch midfielder Milan Mark Van Bommel has ruled out Monday any has slope with his former teammate Andres Iniesta after the quarrels between the two at the end of the world past, and has ensured that, if both play that Tuesday’s headlines, you foster the hand without any problem. We played the World Cup final. Das you hand, you know, and we try to win the game.

I have nothing against him, I know him from Barcelona, he has asserted the Dutch at the press conference prior to the game against his former team, Barcelona. However, questions about the confrontation with manchego is have been repeated throughout the Conference press in the Camp Nou, to despair of the player, who has repeated again and again that everything is forgotten, is normal, it is football. It is a bit strange – he has opined on the insistence of journalists Spanish-, because of this a year ago and now I’m in the Milan playing against Barcelona. Not may be comparing each party. I think that we are discussing too much, because I don’t think either that the Netherlands play to destroy. We have played many good games and we could have won that final. In rrencia to his rival, Van Bommel has rated favourite to Barca, since in the past five years they have won three times the Champions and they lost a semi-final to Inter. We will try to play in the best possible way, but we are a very strong team also.