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Health Benefits Of Fishing

April 10, 2018


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Fishing can be a lot of fun and it can also be beneficial to your health. Spending all that time in a zen environment, being in the outdoors, meditating – there is a lot to be said for it. Time for the fishing should pick up a warm, because fish have a bathing suit as well, or someone he loves. Go to Viacom for more information. Locations for such fishing abound, it is where there is carp, crucian carp and is everywhere! After the spring flood, the river retains the shallow and very large lakes, there are always plenty of fish and the fishery can be a pond, but not all, and its extreme opposite of the dam. There pond shrinking in size and decreases in depth, there’s usually a lot of carp, because there is usually, there are reeds or other well of native vegetation. Even goldfish can also fish in the other standing bodies of water, not like the steep lake with shoals, but of a place and how it is best to catch, I’ll post. Lovli.I tactics so we arrived at the pond, at the same place or not found a great flood of the river and are standing in swimming trunks in anticipation interesting fishing. Search for goldfish should be on the bottom in holes crawling on all fours, her hands feeling the floor, hands should not be running away in different directions, because if you stumble on the one hand a large copy of it to keep it fails, this happens quickly and suddenly (this is a great interest in such fishing is not always possible to keep the carp out of water and even experienced). But on top of it you will not find in the pits to start his need to frighten water then he falls to the bottom. It often happens that we’ve passed in a certain direction and returning to the source, we find the fish in their tracks, made my knees.

It is easy to catch him in the murky water, low crawl is not necessary, in the noisy and muddy conditions it is not so smart. It should also be looking for him in the reeds – it’s his favorite place! After the hands groped prey, it must be strongly pressed to the bottom and catch on easier to throw to the beach. Now go back to fishing in lakes or other bodies of water where standing on the bottom does not succeed. This will help us to Nylon mesh or dragnet. Small lake we leave open the possibility catch only near the shore in the reeds. For this we fenced off a small section of the cluster of reeds (again, this is the case if the lake is not abruptly), cut off his drag-net or mesh to increase the likelihood of the catch, because in such places to keep the carp on the bottom is very difficult, and after he poked his nose in the network, he has no chance as soon sit in a thread hole. I caught very often, crucian carp, I’ll tell you come across quite large.

Rail “battlefield” should not from the shore, and from the opposite side, that would not scare him. So catch him replacing parts. What can you make of carp caught you read here. PS: the best fishing for this time is spring, when carp spawn. All large specimens , This species is in the reeds, and with a large quantity! One minus the water is still cold and needed a suitable dress, or if someone can not work because the night with a flashlight, a boat and a harpoon. Come to us!