System Integration

August 27, 2013


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A bit of competence: In today’s Russia can be found dozens of companies that are positioning themselves as system integrators who are ready to automate virtually every production process, incorporating industrial robots. Employees of such companies are actively participate in various thematic online discussions, expressing itself as a strong structure that can solve any problem. They use a pr campaign aimed at increasing interest in themselves, and even take participation in exhibitions, investing heavily in such projects. Typically, source of income of such organizations – a trade (wholesale), and System Integration with the use of robots, it’s just a new project requiring significant resources, and most importantly – specific knowledge for development. This is commendable: many are trying to understand and harness new market. But the reality is quite severe. System Integration with Robotic technology is not about trade. There does not work the simple laws of “buy-sell”. Successful implementation of an industrial robot, requires a unique knowledge and, most importantly, a great experience in implementing similar projects. We do not become classified as domestic companies in terms of their competence and to determine their level of technological capability.

Much more important to give effective advice on choosing a future partner, ready to implement industrial robot on your production: Board number 1: Do not try to contract directly with the manufacturer of robots. Manufacturer of robots, never sells them to the final consumer. All sales, warranty maintenance and service produce other companies, such as your future partner (system integrator). Tip number 2: We implemented the project to your future partner, try to get the appropriate video and photographs. But be careful! For lack of their own successful projects, many offer other people’s (or corporate) pictures and videos of robotic complexes (RTC) throughout the world, but not in Russia. This method – It is a cheap pr, which is very dangerous for consumers, as directed in the receipt of an order at any cost, without considering the consequences. Tip number 3: Make sure that your future partner has the necessary experience to introduction of industrial robots in particular, you are interested in technology. A simple example: the automation of arc and resistance welding – they are two different technologies, each of them requires a special (unique) knowledge. If your partner has no experience in creating such robot systems, we strongly recommend you not to experiment. Tip number 4: Do not send a query or those. job everyone. This may result in not qualified proposals, which in the future, bad influence on the decision task. Use the tips number 1, 2 and 3 and create a list of potential partners, consisting of two or three companies. Having received from them proposals, make your choice. Conclusion: The more a portfolio of implemented projects has your future partner, the significantly higher your chances of success. Trust is not said and pr, and experience embodied in the creation of Robot systems.