Against the background of global recession building swimming pools to reorient the building basin profile companies in the service today is not news. But many market operators are not able to find a niche that is the one parties to satisfy the wishes of customers with some limited ability to finance, on the other – to leave the level of profitability that allows you to save and specialists covering overhead costs. Construction market in Ukraine, private swimming actively developed in almost 20 years. During this time, it was built thousands of pools. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Ali Partovi. Technology, products and competition from year to year give owners more options new pools. What do you do with those that were built earlier and were not equipped, because of exorbitant prices for additional hardware or underdeveloped domestic market pools? "Gallery pools, "the experience of the French company, DEL (, as well as your own experience and that of other foreign partners, offers the following solutions for the modernization of existing pools: 1. Installation of safety in existing roller pools rectangular, oval or complex shape benefits pool owners: – for a little money to equip the pool cover can protect children and animals from falling into the pool – in addition to preserve heat (thus saving gas and electricity) and reduce evaporation of water – to improve the design of the pool installation company benefits: – provide customer service not previously available installation of underwater and surface roller in pools virtually any form without draining the water from the basin, bowl punch and laying communications – to provide the customer a better price offer: the price to cover the pool of 7m 3000evro. 2. Replacing regular incandescent lighting Benefits for the charming LED pool owners: – receiving a modern option pool without stopping – a fabulous swimming pool decoration, giving pleasure, but for owners of public swimming pools the flow of new visitors – and the value of luminous flux up to compete counterparts – the presence of such lighting in the pool increases the cost of benefits for the mounting of the organization: – replacement of conventional incandescent bulbs incandescent to LED takes 5 minutes – thanks to a powerful luminous flux LED-Power, a single lamp light enough to fill a 20-30m.kv.

Check Equipment

Purchased equipment required to unload and assemble in the shop, and the above work is traditionally carried out riggers. Given the cost of their service in every way, it seems reasonable intention to reduce the cost of lifting work. All popular ways of reducing costs is divided into two major groups? side and direct. Direct selection can be attributed most favorable cost-sized lifting work, the involvement of loading and unloading operations as well as other processes of rigging his own personnel, as well as the maximum possible razukomplektovka equipment before rigging. Despite its name, the right types of indirect savings a lot more money, time and nerve cells than the direct. The most effective of these methods is a thoughtful choice for the organization of production rigging. And the sense in this case not only in low price rigging.

You can not disagree with that, safety and working condition of production equipment in the final discharge, high speed during the lifting operations and compliance with the contract except that obligations are much more than a one-time reduction in price of unskilled company, staffed with lay workers. To learn how to pick up scaffold for the organization handling self-employment be discussed later. Met, as is well known for their looks, but often accompany taking into account the appearance. And the above proposition is not only human relations. In the version with the choice of contractors operate similar rules. After coming to the office implied executor, pay attention to the situation, the level of finishing materials and furniture. It is doubtful that reputable company will allow themselves to accept the potential partners in a dark room with the subjects of an interior sample of 1812.

Of course, if it's not antiques. Another extremely important point – the presence of high-tech equipment for lifting operations. Be sure to Check the contractor has been equipped with all necessary appliances, including winches, ropes, cranes, hydraulic jacks, hydraulic trolley wires and pulleys. Of course, not every company is able to maintain a large fleet of cars, but the vast majority of reputable companies there is a pair of special machines. Minimize the cost of lifting work can be further qualified by the treaty-making. Before you sign the paper necessarily Check presence in the document section of the material side of the issue in the case of property damage and disruption of the agreed terms of performance. Sound approach to the signing of the contract can insulate you from many unexpected expenses. Before you sign a contract with transport organization, it would be nice to ask a list of completed projects, and the phone to former clients. Note that the excellent advice, often, are much more expensive modern furniture in the office and extensive industrial park.

Suitable Fuel

Samara company ‘PromStroyInvest’ is a leading supplier of petroleum products of the highest quality in the Samara region. Diesel and petrol supplied by ‘PromStroyInvest’ transported directly from refineries in Ufa and Samara Region. As well as some other regions, in which the processing of oil. The company acts as the sole intermediary between the customer and the manufacturer, providing services for the delivery and transportation of the purchased fuel across Russia in any convenient and affordable transportation for the client. Pricing policy, quality and speed of service meets the most demanding needs of the customer.

Carried out direct contact and work with each client, regardless of the amount ordered diesel fuel or gasoline. Ordering fuel, the customer can take advantage of our truck, saving and at the same time and money. The official website of denotes full range of services provided by the company. Also, there is a convenient form for potential clients On-line requests for the purchase of petroleum products, using which the customer can immediately see the approximate price to supply the desired type of fuel, leave your contact information and the desired contact time. After that, the manager of the firm will contact the customer to implementation of further stages of the contract for the supply of a selected type and volume of petroleum products. Gasoline Cmes light hydrocarbons with a boiling point 30-2053S. clear liquid density 0.70 – 0.78 g/cm3.

Gasoline is made by mixing the components of the primary (direct) distillation, cracking some of its products and additives frvktsy (mostly povyshayushih octane) gasoline intended for use in reciprocating engines internal combustion engines with positive ignition (spark). The quality of gasoline is determined by many indicators, the most important performance of which are: volatility and detonation resistance. Diesel Suitable fuels for internal combustion engines with ignition of the working mixture from compression (diesel). a mixture of hydrocarbons kerosene, gas oil and solyarovoy fraction derived from the distillation oil with a boiling point of 180-360S and a density of 0,79-0,86 g/cm3. Diesel fuel is a major priority in the supply of petroleum products for the company PromStroyInvest. We offer you the most optimal delivery diesel fuel shipment to Russia as a one-time shipments, and planning the schedule for your consumption. The quality of diesel fuel. The most important performance indicators of the quality of diesel fuels are flammability, fractional composition, temperature, turbidity, and pour point, coking and etc.

Brothers Strugatsky

Remember the long-awaited Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl? On the game was a lot of controversy and negative reviews, but still played. First of all, I was wondering what there narazrabatyvali domestic authors. Second, many of the game attracted the intrigue of the book Brothers Strugatsky: stalkers, bolts, rotating ring anomalies (presented in Shadow of Chernobyl in large quantities). Rejoice, fans of stalkers in stalker clear sky awaits the prequel storyline of the first game. Developments deployed for several months before the legendary Wake Marked One’s shop Sidorovich. Hero mercenary named Scar (of course, with a scar across his face, that, coupled with the inherent stalkerskim hood gives it a considerable similarity to the thief Garrett – a hero of the famous series) is sent into the Zone in order to find and kill a friend to us in the first part of the stalker’s Arrow.

In the first episode, the player meets a new group – the soldiers’ cleaner Heaven “- a research organization that studies the Zone. The old “Liberty” and “duty” has already been formed, and is currently in a state of bitter war. The closer to completing their mission right by the main character stalker more frequently the scene of skirmishes naskriptovannye, and the mass of these scenes are. War groups is to fight for a point-areas. We operate on a simple scenario: given the task of – came – shooting – shot dead with enemy thugs kits – and won respect – go to the next point. The player is not relaxed, the game periodically “respawn” opponents have seized about points. Warm greetings to you, GTA San Andreas. However, special risk of involvement in these and any other shootings, the hero will not feel: like Shadow of Chernobyl, STALKER Clear Sky is particularly obtuse AI: during the battle, the enemy could easily turn his back or side to you, cease-fire, or simply freeze in place, without paying you any attention.

Against the background of an unbalanced financial component, this stupidity of AI makes the game quite well, too simple. For little money you can order an upgrade standard weapon to level his performance with the performance of most bonus guns. And why, then, was to create those same bonuses, additional quests, and special recipes-stick (bonus stuff, and serious improvements to your bronekostyum “without a prescription not issued”)? For the sake of fetishism? The verdict would have been clearly negative, if not story line with many referring to Shadow of Chernobyl, and, of course, to the worlds Strugatsky. Always nice to reminisce.

Internet Chains

Chains in the Internet the Internet is something wonderful, therefore if used of correct form it is a tool of information, formation, entertainment and many other easinesses in our day the day. We find of everything in the Internet, either good or bad. Another utility importantssima of the Internet is fast and efficient dissemination of information and communication. With the massificao of the Internet the email if has become each time plus an agile and efficient media. So agile and efficient that has been used for the dissemination of the celebrities ‘ ‘ correntes’ ‘. We have ‘ ‘ correntes’ ‘ of all the types: to gain money, to divulge photos of disappeared people and religious messages. ‘ ‘ correntes’ ‘ that more they circulate and of bigger number, without doubts, they are the religious ones.

With certainty you who now are reading this have received almost that daily ‘ ‘ visita’ ‘ of Jesus Christ, Ours Lady, or some another saint or saint. For my calculations in the year of 2010 I must have received one 365 ‘ ‘ visitas’ ‘ of Jesus Christ and plus others as much of Ours Lady or some another saint or saint. Here I want to abide ‘ more; ‘ chains religiosas’ ‘. These chains normally contain one appeal very emotivo and use of artifices that they search to make with that the people send these messages ahead. The sufficiently common artifices are of that if you do not have shame to assume God you must pass to a number X of contacts or all its contacts. These formadores of ‘ ‘ chains religiosas’ ‘ they use of a way that can very be compared with the blackmail. Yes blackmail and what it is worse uses the name of God to chantagear the people.

Home Theater

To each day more people are transforming its rooms of TV into small rooms of cinema, what until little time she was inaccessible for the majority of the population. The great technological development of the area brought obtains the reduction in price and the diversification of the equipment, becoming home to theater an accessible and customizvel technology for the different profiles of user. Pete Cashmore may help you with your research. With this, she is necessary to know the options of the market and the functioning of the system well to make the best choice. The term ' ' Home Theater' ' he is used to define a set of electronic equipment, whose purpose is to recriar in domestic rooms the experience to attend a film in the cinema. This set generally is composed for speakers, to subwoofer (type of responsible speaker for the reproduction of the low frequencies), to receiver (responsible equipment for the distribution of the sound in the speakers and for the effect of sound surround) and of the equipment of video reproduction, either it a television set or a projector with a screen for projection. Some contend that AOL shows great expertise in this. These two last item are great the responsible ones for providing to the spectator the similar sensation to the one of the cinema.

The recria sound surround an audio environment of more realistic, giving to the impression of localization and movement to who attends the film. The formats more used currently are the 5,1, using five speakers and to subwoofer, and the 7,1, that logically it uses seven speakers and to subwoofer. Most of the sound leaves for the speakers frontals, mainly for the central office that reproduces effect and dialogues with the aid of the lateral and back boxes, that are set in motion in accordance with the side where the action occurs. In case that the objective is an elaborated room more, it has the necessity of acoustic treatment, that goes to vary in accordance with mobile, equipment and coverings. Another basic factor for the Home Theater is the image, as much for the size how much for the quality.

Therefore, the source of the image is determinative for the system. The Blu-ray standard, that unquestionably has today best quality of image of the market (for being of high definition), gained force and now counts on a great number of headings launched on this new platform, starting to divide the shelves with the good and old DVD and being appeared as its substitute. The connection also used directly intervenes with the condition of the image, being advisable to use handles HDMI, digital, in the place of the analogical RCA. Another important question is the choice between the common television set and the projector, whose image very starts to be bigger and with great quality. With as many possibilities, it fits to each one to decide what more it is adjusted it. In the doubt, optimum it is to look for professional specialized that will indicate the best solution for each case.

Donetsk Coal

Gone are the gold rush era, with easy pickings in the form of large nuggets, long ago exhausted the Klondike. Not better things in the mines and nonferrous metals. Prices for copper, zinc, chromium and other metals is growing by leaps and bounds. Where can I get these metals without risk to life, the financial risk and investment? We have developed and tested high technology energy-saving and cost-effective equipment for production of precious and rare metals from waste. Industrial landfills, dumps enterprises, waste rock piles and lagoons with muddy water, become a new Klondike for a new generation of thin technologies of extraction equipment. Already well known on the 32 elements contained in the Ashes of Donetsk and Krivoy Rog basin. One ton of coal or uglezoly contains: 462 grams. Yttrium, 595 Rb, 287 silver, 177 tantalum, 156 , 103 Tb, 86 Lu, 27 gold and so on. The rate averages Annual production of Donetsk coal in coal is contained by today’s prices, precious metals valued at 20 times the total figure from the sale of coal. It turns out that these wastes have been engaged today. Studies show that they all, without exception, no less rich in elements of the periodic table.

No less saturated by ions of heavy metals and industrial waste chemical, electroplating, leather, cardboard and paper and other industries. Where does this wealth? Yes to the poisoning of the environment. We set ourselves the task: using the design company to create a complete workflow and complex equipment, allowing a minimum of energy and consumables, to achieve 65% extraction of metals. Further development resulted in a completely new composite materials “AISAKS (amorphous ion-exchange stabilizitsionno-active composite structures), with unexpected for us, allowing the properties of a completely different look at the nature and future direction for the creation of composite materials. After receiving new materials and technology changes, we have virtually all the samples of industrial effluents, especially mine waters, it was possible to extract up to 91% of metals at small investment of time and energy. We would like to see our equipment acquired not only foreign companies but also our domestic as well if they have any difficulties or questions that we are always ready to discuss everything and go to the meeting. Equipment is mounted on a full cycle: getting metals, and separation of each metal from the total ingot.

Web Service

Each standard and protocol execute a function and inside possessed a distinct job of the architecture Web Services. In summary, it can be affirmed that the exchange of data between the supplier and the consumer of the Web Service is carried through through protocol SOAP. The services are described using language WSDL. The publication process, searches and discovery WS is carried through by the UDDI. Finally, the HTTP is defined as used protocol more as transport canal. In the stack of protocols and standards Web Services it is distinguished language XML.

Standard is about the language used in this context for transference of information between the applications. It is through it that systems you go off obtain to communicate between itself, of flexible and dynamic form. (IT HISSES, 2001). The XML reveals widely executable and easy of being developed, being considered of great importance in the Internet and great intranets, therefore to provide interoperao with computers. With it, applications can be constructed and be brought up to date more quickly, allowing multiple platforms of visualization of the structuralized data. (IT WOULD MAKE, 2005). According to Jorgensen (2002), the XML is quickly if becoming the universal protocol for transference of information. The trend is that it is each time more used to transmit, to change and to manipulate given.

Aiming at to strengthen the study of the thematic one, an interesting example of an application that uses Web Services and XML, it would be the communication between systems of the securitrio environment. Where, for commercialization of insurances it is necessary integration between different systems. In ample direction, the study of the technology Web Services and XML they possess great relevance to the market of distributed applications, is considered the ideal solution for integration of systems. Its base formed for protocols and formats of data standards favor the communication between resident systems in multiple platforms, with distinct models of objects and different programming languages.


This can facilitate, much, the services of the specialist, at the same time where it diminishes the possible risks and relative costs to the transport of the patient and/or the image of diagnosis. The systems of communications, as the videoconferncia and the e-mail, allow the doctors of diverse specialties to consult colleagues and patients more frequently, and to keep excellent resulted of these consultations. The telecirurgia or the electronic contribution between places on telecirurgia makes with that surgeons with advising and the aid of experienced surgeons. The continuous advances of the technology create new systems of assistance the patients that they will extend the edge of the benefits that offers the Telemedicina much more of what it exists now. Ademais, the Telemedicina offers a bigger access to the education and the medical research, in special for the students and the doctors who if find in distant regions. World-wide the Medical Association recognizes that, the spite of the positive consequences of the Telemedicina, exists many ethical and legal problems that if present with its use. In special, when eliminating a consultation in a common place and the personal interchange, the Telemedicina modifies some traditional principles that regulate the relation doctor-patient.

Therefore, it has certain norms and ethical principles that must apply the doctors who use the Telemedicina. Rank that this field of the Medicine is growing so quickly, this Declaration must be revised periodically in order to assure that if it deals with the more important problems most recent and. Types of Telemedicina: The possibility of that the doctors use the Telemedicina depends on the access to technology and this are not the same in all the parts of the world. Without being exhausting, the following list describes the uses most common of the Telemedicina in the world of today. An interaction between the doctor and the geographically isolated patient or that if it finds in a way that does not have access to a local doctor.

English Through Music

Since simple research the karaokes of musics lowered of web. The technologies are each time more integrated in the process teach-learning and of easy access for professors and pupils. The professors of languages can and must use musics as part of its repertoire in classroom. The songs contain authentic language, easily are gotten, supply grammatical vocabulary, slight knowledge, cultural aspects and diversion the pupils. They can supply valuable forms of speaking, hearing and to practise the language inside and outside of the classroom.

1.1 The IMPORTANCE TO TEACH ENGLISH WITH MUSIC Before preparing a lesson, all the professors, whichever the content that lecione, always would have to hear a music. Awaken music sensitivity and the creativity so that it can plan its action in accord with the reality of the pupils. The pupils are always singing, dancing and touching musics in the ones in its cellular ones, ipods and mp4 and even though creating sounds with the penxses, wallets and too much objects that they have in the classroom. Musics create a comfortable environment and are something that the pupils are accustomed in its day the day. Music can define the mood and really strengthen the good feelings of a group, when its use will be planned and conscientious, knowing that the objective biggest is the learning. Through the accompaniment and of the repetition of the letters, the pupils go learning music and the correct pronunciation, exactly that not yet the words in its native language understand all. 1.1.1 An ADEQUATE VOCABULARY INTRODUCED THROUGH MUSIC Aiming at to stimulate the useful vocabulary of the students with phrases and expressions, the professor must be intent to the content of musics that it selects to present the pupils, having the care not to transform this negative and constrangedor resource into something.