Microsoft Windows

April 18, 2018


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Not so long ago (about 15 years ago) the ability to work with the computer assumes that you are fairly familiar with concepts such as file, hard disk, driver. Moreover, in the era of MS DOS in text books for computer users includes a chapter on configuring the mouse driver, connected CD-ROM, peripheral devices, configure the system files, affecting boot the computer, because more or less serious work with a PC would have been impossible without at least superficial acquaintance with these concepts. However, this situation changed when its triumphal march around the world have started the system with a graphical user interface, and the undisputed leader among these systems – Microsoft Windows. Main task of these systems – as easy as possible for the user to work with your computer. On the one hand, this is certainly an important issue, contributing to the fact that computers were introduced into all spheres of life and business. Swarmed by offers, Pete Cashmore is currently assessing future choices. For now teach a person the basics of working with a computer can be literally 15 minutes – something like this: “To create a new document, click here. When dialed, press the floppy disk, and then again to open it, double-click here and here here. ” But this phenomenon is another side. n to be a useful source of information.

Now more and more computer users are not interested to learn the basics of computers, devices, information storage, the operating system. Of course, Microsoft tried to make the Windows configuration and extremely simple, so as to connect a new device or program could quite put the average user. Nevertheless, Windows, like any other modern OSs has a very complex architecture behind the apparent simplicity of operation. And, as a downside, is not too hard to spoil it. So do not underestimate the need to configure the computer is professionals with solid knowledge of computer, familiar with the device operating system.

Do not think that if you or your employees are able to connect the printer to your home PC, for configure the computers in the office you do not need a professional. Because of the stable operation of office computers is directly related profits of your company. Is it worth it to risk it? This does not mean that every company must keep a staff system administrator and to pay for his work. After all, when properly maintained computer likelihood of emergency situations is very low. Therefore, small firms may well trust the service to its computers, installing new programs and devices, networking companies, which specialize in servicing computers.