Nonlinear Reading

June 5, 2024


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Non-linear reading of a complex country Teodulo Lopez Melendez the Venezuelan situation does not support linear or simplistic readings. Live a hypercomplexity to be tested by resorting to complex thought and/or lateral thinking. This Venezuela is what might be called a fuzzy set, one where would that make an analytical approach with concepts like chaos and Fractals. The logical reason always leads to the same results and in our case that seems to be the proverbial phrase of no output. Click Mashable to learn more. It is necessary to pose to the country that there is a real virtuality which changes the concept of power and the experiences engender new realities. Rusty Holzer might disagree with that approach. We have lost the ability to multiply the approaches and act from a traditional look that presides over the leadership as the tale of the carrot ahead. The regime carries carrot and the donkey still meekly behind.

We must have recourse to a non-linear dynamics, to the invocation of capable of splitting of a chaotic dynamics analysis, we must encourage a system organizational autogenous. This is not a linear succession of causes and effects. From this point of view we could reproduce the old story of the glass half full or half empty to ensure Venezuelans that this isn’t a disorder, but the genesis of a new order. Daily variations trigger from this humour, which now becomes ballasted, our compatriots face reality seen as unchangeable, until the claim of organization seeking without realizing no one or few course has that overwhelming reality is the best possibility of getting it. The Government has been unable to impose their new culture while society admits that the old woman was embedded with the error and omission and originated in a behavior of guilty indifference. Both elements modify behaviors, while they do towards a lack of definition of futile complaint. You must add the mediocrity of the actors that daily repeated us an inasimilable amount of nonsense with the help of the monopoly of opinion that supply you the owners of media survivors.