Mobile Wireless Infrastructure

March 23, 2017


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Fund Manager Oliver Schulz informed daily of news and facts the sales of Apple’s new iPhone 4 was launched on June 24, only three days later already 1.7 million units are sold, Apple fights with delivery problems. Similar to success: the iPad. Only 80 days, Apple could sell three million of the tablets. Analysts expect 2010 of eight million selling iPads out of them alone in the United States over 4.6 million copies. This is an enormous challenge for the already overloaded wireless infrastructure in the United States.

Dynamic tension of high requirements and inadequate infrastructure, the interested daily can inform themselves. If you look at the mobile wireless infrastructure in the United States more closely, one discovers, that there is a huge growth market”, says Oliver Schulz, Managing Director of the issuing House Berlin Atlantic capital, who lives and works since 2009 in the United States. Radio holes, poor connections and dropped calls are here to my everyday life it is not an occasional annoyance but permanent condition.” Exactly this situation makes the mobile wireless infrastructure in the United States to one of the most attractive growth markets in the world. The volume of data that is handled by the existing wireless infrastructure, is growing according to the CEO of Nokia Siemens Networks by 10,000 percent up to 2015. The CEO of Ericsson predicted three billion new broadband users for the same period.

This incredible growth is forcing companies such as T-Mobile United States, AT & T, Verizon or Sprint, and the other around 200 mobile phone companies in the United States to strengthen of your mobile radio networks, because they simply are not able to cope with the massive data growth. Since 2007, the BAC invested in this market, which offers a very promising investment environment with state-regulated monopoly on rental and real estate-like structures. The operation of cellular towers represents a separate segment of the market in the United States”, explains Schulz. Mobile mast operator hold poles in its own portfolio and rent the antenna sites to Mobile phone companies and Government institutions. To be successful in this market, know-how and a very good network to mobile phone companies and the policy are necessary.” In addition, every day there, facts and developments a variety of exciting in this dynamic market, continually driving the growth. Through my work as a Fund Manager I collect new information from conversations with mobile phone companies, the media and analysts”, says Schulz next. Because US mobile wireless infrastructure in Germany is not yet established, it is still relatively expensive, to obtain current information for interested investors, analysis houses or journalists in Germany.” Solves the problem of the Fund Manager’s blog. On find interested daily reports about network and media directly from the market.