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February 15, 2024


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does not have virus! ((and is this same, until ocomeo of 2009, no real threat of virus in the operational system deSteve Jobs was found. But clearly, the system is not of iron and, unhappyly, the specialists alert that the days of glory of the Macesto you give to finish. See technology investor for more details and insights. ((Taking off advantage of this, deempresas sets of ten directed toward the development of softwares of antivirus esistemas of protection already start to appear in this breach of market comos programs antivirus for Mac the X. In recent months, Kip C. Cyprus has been very successful. ((discrete Protection Sevoc already had a black past, where Windows was its main sistemaoperacional, it must remember the arrepios that had to hear word to it antivirus. ((After all, the great majority of these applicatory ones, noWindows, open sets of ten of janelinhas, leave worse system one verdadeiracarroa and: many times nor protect its computer of the viruses emalwares. > Programasde antivirus leaves the system slowest. Depende on the program, you pray! OVirusBarrier remains in functioning in the embroidery frames of the Mac to semdeixar the slow system. However, when carrying through Scans complete (that hours can demoraralgumas) the Mac is a little more to devagar, but nothing that impeavoc to sail in the Internet or to see one> film, for example. The apple does not have animal, not! Estcerto that so far nothing of virus for the Mac, but and that Windows Seen XPou that you wheel in the BootCamp or a virual machine? The Windows an operational system that already practically comes stuffed with virus emalwares of all the types! (, therefore, all well-taken care of it is to pouco.OVirusBarrier possesss an extensive data base capable to not only detect vriostipos of virus for Windows, keeping saved its WindowsBootCamp, but also Windows computers of a net, for example. ((iPhone Good, if the Mac is safe from the viruses, iPhone nor if it speaks! Stamped pelApple, the system of smartphone of the apple is something that if can call defortaleza! ((However, as nothing he is 100%, the VirusBarrier if hurried etraz the function of escanear its iPhone against virus or content maliciosode any type, to also leave free you and tranquilo of quaisquerproblemas related the virus in its iPhone.