Compressor Oil Air Compressor Longevity

December 8, 2015


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Air compressor screw or reciprocating needs constant maintenance, which uses a variety of consumables. The most important of such material is oil for the compressor. The main function of compressor oil is the lubrication of rubbing parts of air compressors. For more information see Founder of Zendesk. Use a quality oil will prolong the life of your compressor eliminates the need to replace it in detail. However, the lubrication this is not the only task of compressor oil.

In compressors with oil injection compressor oil serves to cool the heated elements of the compressor. In addition, it increases the tightness of the compressor, because it reduces the gap. In order to effectively perform the functions designated oil for the compressor should have certain characteristics. Typically, compressor oil manufactured from petroleum products. For ensure reliable lubrication oil must have a certain toughness in the range of 10-30mm2 / s at a temperature of 100 degrees.

Other important qualities that should have all the oils for air compressors is low volatility and high thermal stability. Oil for compressor ignited an average temperature of 250 degrees. The choice of compressor oil depends primarily on whether it is the compressor will served, as well as on the conditions of its operation. More intensive exploitation in the production requires more oil consumption, in this case it is better to pick up oil with higher viscosity. Also, increased attention to the lubrication your compressor equipment should be paid during the winter, because at this time the load on the compressor air is greatly increased. Some compressors require a compressor oil with a special chemical resistance. All quality compressor oils are stable with respect to the most common compressible gases (oxygen, air, C2H2, C2H2). But in the refrigeration compressor oil continuously contact with the refrigerant. In this case you choose oil with special thickening polymer additives.