Comfort Providing Information

December 12, 2014


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Often described as the Internet a great source of information and by and large this is true, but look for useful information on the Internet over the past few years it became more difficult. With all the abundance of sites probably the only one in ten can boast of providing answers to the questions of visitors, the rest are focused on earnings, and all sorts of tricks trying to attract undeserved attention. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ali Partovi has to say. The creation of new sites relevant today as ever. New information resources can be an alternative to sites that provide information in a form in which it was uncomfortable viewing. Simply put, many lack the resources usability. This is due to the abundance of advertising on websites, pop-ups, use of jargon and professional terms that are not always clear to visitors, and other factors. To make a site that will correspond to the term 'usability', the webmaster should understand aspects of information retrieval – that is how it's best to find the information and in what form to submit it so it was convenient to reading or viewing visitors. Instructions for webmasters provided by search engines, it is advised to understand, 'as will be convenient to' take the place of a visitor who wants to find information on your site.

Is roughly such a rule: we must not give the opportunity to find a website for all requests, how they can, and give clear answers to questions. For example, do not have to answer the query 'tree growth', if the site is planned to provide an answer the question 'why the trees grow up? ". Request 'tree growth' is ambiguous, as it may have the answers to the question 'why the trees grow up? ", And on issues to accelerate the growth of trees. For queries that require refinement (as in our example), to get to the top of Google will be much harder, and with clearly defined answer you risk to get to the first positions of search results without any effort.