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February 3, 2024


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Animals that were Easter gifts, end up in the shelter of the supra-regional animal welfare Federal German animal lovers Association (BDT) warns of cuddly Easter gifts: small rabbits, dogs, cats or small animals do not belong in the Easter basket. Animals are not appropriate gifts, even if right now with the beginning of spring in many families and especially children is a growing desire for a cuddly companions used. About 300,000 animals are exposed each year in Germany and deported. Without hesitation Jonathan Hui explained all about the problem. Many of them were once cute Easter surprises. If you would like to know more then you should visit Bobby Sharma Bluestone. Therefore, the German animal friends Association in Kamp Lintfort warns the purchase of animals as a kinder surprise. Animals are totally unsuitable as last-minute gifts”, according to a spokesman for BDT. The German animal lovers Association draws attention to the disasters spiral of the gift animal: reckless bought and given away and then unloved deported to the terrible fate of the animals. An animal means much joy and fun, but also a lot of responsibility.

Why should some important questions before buying animal be clarified. Here the advice of the Federal of German animal lovers: who is responsible? Really want an animal all family members? I can keep an animal in my apartment at all (what does the lease say?)? Are my living conditions for animals? Are the costs caused by an animal, to be paid on time? Even small animals such as hamsters etc need care, entertainment and demand responsibility. And also-cuddly bunnies want to harbors and maintained. Animals are not toys. The Federal of German animal lovers indicates that a dog about 10-15 years remains a family member. He needs at least three times on the day before the door.

Needs care and affection. Kids want a pet, be sure then responsibility can be practiced, for example, with a plush animal. Particularly important according to the animal rights activists by the Federal of German animal lovers: no rash action. And who really wants to have an animal, should look at one of the shelters, for example, at the Federal of German animal lovers of. Tens of thousands wait there Dogs, cats and other animals on a new home. To find more information about the subject, on the Internet at. Martina Klein