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World Network

October 26, 2015


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Admission to the antenna of 60 cm NSS-7 22 W in the Ku-band watch Italian channels, almost everything can be seen from the popular satellite Hot Bird. Interest is the channel agency Reuters – World News Service, the air is going global news stories for television. At the time of the last inspection were broadcast publicly. Intelsat-901 18 W Several German coded channels. Telstar-15 December W The popular Internet service provider – SpaceGate.

Satellite interesting taking a couple of very popular Russian-language channels – National Geografic, NatGeo Wild, Extreme Sport, Zone Reality, as well as the popular channels Zone Club, PlayBoy, E! and others in English and other languages. Atlantic Bird-1 12.5 W at this time with a look at some Arab channels some more obscure, as well as Italian channels, including MTV Italia. Express-3A 11 W in the C-band watch 1 channel-World Network and RTR-Planeta. In Ku-band set of several Italian channels, TV Georgia, Serbia. Express-3A 11 W in C-band watch 1 channel-World Network and RTR-Planeta. In Ku-band set of several Italian channels, TV Georgia, Serbia. Amos-2 / 3 4 W Go dozens of channels, most of which are closed. One of the satellites at which settled part of the Ukrainian TV channel (details in the article "Ukrainian satellite broadcasting ').

Intelsat-10-02 / Thor 3 / 5 1 W Coded in Conax Scandinavian package Digital + with a lot of programs and channels in English (all Discovery, A1, VH-1 Classic …), several Bulgarian and Slovak channels, Romanian packages, etc. It is very similar in that the satellite Sirius. Antenna – 90-110 cm depending on the desired ray satellite. Sirius-4 4.8 E Part Ukrainian channels, several channels in Russian TVCi, first Music, NTV Mir (Via 2.6), Channel One Global Network (Via 2.6), RTR-Planeta (Via 2.6), Ren-TV (Via 2.6)-and several Baltic channels, including the 1st Russian-speaking Baltic, 3 + Baltika (coded in Via 2.5 / 2,6 and Videoguard), Viasat package also is encoded Videoguard considerable interest because of the great western channels, as well as the channels in Russian TV1000, TV1000 Russian Kino, Explorer, History, Discovery. All this means that the satellite is well known for our viewers. At the moment. Ukrainian reception packet antenna of 60 cm, Scandinavian – 90-110 cm Eutelsat W3a 7 E * A number of European channels, refining programs for Eurosport and Eurosportnews, 5-7 open channels from Turkey and dozens of channels of interest pay-packet of Turkish. For more details you can read at


October 23, 2015


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This unique offering in our market! JJ-Connect – one of the most popular manufacturers of GPS devices. Are low cost, good availability of the service center (do not think that they are often broken – no more often than others), and support. If you have read about Mikkel Svane already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The company has in its lineup a couple of simple small (screen 3.5 ') Navigator at about 3000 r. This AutoNavigator 320 Autosputnik program, and AutoNavigator 330 Navitel and capacious battery, and also with 333 AutoNavigator Navitel and with a large internal memory of 2 GB. The design of these three browsers are also slightly different – you choose! Those who screen 3.5 'seems small, it is worth paying attention to the 4.3' widescreen AutoNavigator 2200.

The new 500 MHz processor enables fast and as accurately display our position and to cope with the showing of video, listening to music and other multimedia functions. In the navigator has built-in 2 GB of memory, which can optionally be expanded with cards microSD. A very good choice for your money! For those who do not want to get into the cork has been recently a model AutoNavigator 3400 Wide Make a little sacrifice CPU speed to 396 MHz, added Bluetooth DUN (Dial-Up Network), it order to receive traffic data via GPRS-channel and to browse Web pages. Free service from the company Navitel provides information on traffic congestion throughout Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Otherwise this model is very similar to the previous one. AutoNavigator 4100W Traffic. stands out among their fellows with GSM-moduleya – You can use it to obtain information about traffic jams on the route, view of the Internet page (GPRS).

Social Networking

October 17, 2015


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In one of my conversations with a client who contacted us via Factbook, I recommended you change your profile picture since it was somewhat provocative and showed it to him on a remote island using only your swimsuit. His answer was: since I’ve uploaded that photo of profile I’ve doubled the number of friends in the Factbook and thats what counts. It is really so? That same customer could not get work by a worrying amount of months. To know more about this subject visit Steven Johnson. Today, employers tend more and more to evaluate the candidate using new and varied methods. Which includes the search for the candidate in various social networks. Facebook, My Space, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

Since we are exposed in a natural and unstructured manner. Is there any direct connection?. It is questionable. Is it perhaps just? Probably not. Must we commit ourselves only to please potential employers? Not at any cost.

Are these questions relevant? Vaguely. Maintain the stance that our main goal is to find a suitable job, must be aware of all the factors that can influence to find it and try to deal with them. Those who were able to take advantage of this potential hidden already have used social networks in your favor. A full professional profile can make a difference, and if you know how to make use of the same, shall be taken advantage over other candidates less aware of this aspect. I, in my case, not think it prudent to affirm that the big brother concept has infiltrated the labour market, at least yet. However, the job search still so complex as it is, and staying aspects beyond our reach, we must be alert and take advantage of each and every one of the aspects that can influence the job search. Wishing success to all hunters working there by the world, Ilil Lavi, Ser1.ARG are grateful to the DRA. Natali Chizik for their kind collaboration.

Network Marketing

October 15, 2015


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Many times happens to us to mount our blog for Branding Personal, we already have our niche market well clear, the topics that we will try, even hosting that we are going to hire now in sight, and we believe that we already have everything ready. Then we noticed that we need a fundamental point, very important to the domain name, and that it is more suitable. This is how we find our domain names. Done this way as we are creating a Blog so that you build Branding Personal, so the first recommendation is Dayana that your name is your same domain name. For us, we chose which has included our names. If an entrepreneur is called, for example, Carlos Perez, it is best to make your domain name is same,. In the event that someone else has already taken this domain name (another entrepreneur also Carlos Perez called), then you will need to try different combinations to find a good name available. For example:,, and others.

If you look carefully, all these examples are .com, which is the most recognized, most used and most recommended in Internet extension. Does and how does Freddy? I see domain names as if it were a tattoo. After having hired and have it running and with a promotional campaign, I cannot change of opinion, that domain always remains with me. You might need some time to change it, but then I have to put the old domain pointing to the new, to not lose traffic from people who know that previous domain. Course, it is best to always have the same domain. People such as Ali Partovi would likely agree.

That is the reason why I take my time, sometimes up to a week (or more if necessary) to come up with a good domain name, which is then consistent with my message to my niche market and which is also relevant. As Dayana explained a moment ago, it is best that your domain for Branding Personal clearly contains your name. And that is also a domain. com. Although others may be used extensions like. net, the truth is that Google always much better positioned the .com above all other domain types. Although Google says that it is not, the reality is that if, it is an opportunity that you can take advantage of. From the beginning then sees for the. com. Then, to have a correct domain name to do Network Marketing on the Internet supporting you in Branding Personal, it includes your own name in your domain name. That clearly distinguished and beam that is. com. If you need to push yourself a little more to find a good name available, worth fully, forward.

MAGIX Music Maker

October 11, 2015


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New page to get you started in making music Berlin animated, December 3, 2008 – self made music from the PC: How does that sound, and how is that possible? It indicates the new MAGIX music maker website. For example, the new video workshop on the German pop-ballad “Longing” in the style of Silvermoon or July. This shows how a melody that hummed through the compilation of sound components can be a good song. Who rather would like to operate in the areas of film music, minimal electronic music or ambient, for which there is the appropriate Demo songs to listen to. “Musical styles” are playability more styles as hip hop, techno, reggae, RnB or alternative. Professional musicians and DJs such as Kris Benton, day dreamer m or JubiLee from the environment of the organizer and Szenemagazines Partysan report under the heading “News” about their experiences with the MAGIX music maker as a production tool and ideas on artist.

There is also regularly reports on current technological developments and actions. The world of MAGIX music maker in addition are waiting for the Visitors specifically for the MAGIX music maker designed page for more information and proposals to the program. These include additional workshop videos, the 30-day version of the software and the shop area. What MAGIX music maker is right? A checklist on under the heading “Facts” helps the visitor to find the version suitable for his purposes. The page is continuously updated by further workshop videos and information.