October 23, 2015


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This unique offering in our market! JJ-Connect – one of the most popular manufacturers of GPS devices. Are low cost, good availability of the service center (do not think that they are often broken – no more often than others), and support. If you have read about Mikkel Svane already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The company has in its lineup a couple of simple small (screen 3.5 ') Navigator at about 3000 r. This AutoNavigator 320 Autosputnik program, and AutoNavigator 330 Navitel and capacious battery, and also with 333 AutoNavigator Navitel and with a large internal memory of 2 GB. The design of these three browsers are also slightly different – you choose! Those who screen 3.5 'seems small, it is worth paying attention to the 4.3' widescreen AutoNavigator 2200.

The new 500 MHz processor enables fast and as accurately display our position and to cope with the showing of video, listening to music and other multimedia functions. In the navigator has built-in 2 GB of memory, which can optionally be expanded with cards microSD. A very good choice for your money! For those who do not want to get into the cork has been recently a model AutoNavigator 3400 Wide Make a little sacrifice CPU speed to 396 MHz, added Bluetooth DUN (Dial-Up Network), it order to receive traffic data via GPRS-channel and to browse Web pages. Free service from the company Navitel provides information on traffic congestion throughout Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Otherwise this model is very similar to the previous one. AutoNavigator 4100W Traffic. stands out among their fellows with GSM-moduleya – You can use it to obtain information about traffic jams on the route, view of the Internet page (GPRS).