The ideal marketplace to professionals as well as the private audience enabling digital booth components an interactive address of visitors which is still young fair to inform and to establish new business contacts. The big growth opportunities in the Convention can be used for own business. Thus, the participation in the ConLife is important 2012 for various industries. But transfer the success of the exhibition on their own participation in the selection of the fair system is important success factor. The new platform offers everything the trade fair appearance at the ConLife. In addition to the mobile systems you will find numerous accessories which can be used also for already existing exhibition systems.

Thus, the trade fair appearance at the ConLife can be accompanied ideal. The Cologne production agency LA CONCEPT which lies behind the platform, offers lots of experience in the trade fair with almost nine years. With the OCTAsprint an ideal systems can just on small exhibition areas Presentation may be possible. With systems for 6 m, the OCTAsprint can convince series. By the classic design of the exhibition system and the simple handling, it also is an ideal companion for several more show dates. Should be not only the presentation area the ConLife increase, but also the own stand area, then the mobile OCTAwall suitable systems. Since the OCTAsprint systems can be used only up to 25 m, the OCTAwall systems offer striking booths.

The advertising message in the Center can be increased by the large advertising space and the renunciation of flat carrier. A fair system should already exist, it can be easily extended by individual accessories and individually equipped. Also furniture and lamp systems can be used in addition to digital elements with the accessories by Through the connection with the LA CONCEPT can network the mobile presentation systems such as rollup displays, folding walls and counter systems Expand range. The advertising space can easily be expanded by the use of mobile presentation systems. The versatility of use allow the future use of mobile systems in the own office space, in the foyer, or at events. See all more and


These files or links to them can be freely distributed, for example – give all the best on Web servers located on the home pages, sent via email, posted on blogs and so on. Create a file of a torrent and put on his torrent tracker any user can then begin distributing the file itself. As in any other p2p network, torrents do not like freeloaders or leechers who want as much as possible to download anything without giving. Most of the Russian torrent trackers are designed so that for every registered user there is a rating. Value loaded and downloaded you should not be below a certain rate, or administrators can prevent you login to the site. But There are torrent trackers, where registration is optional, which means you can download and distribute as much as necessary.

Especially a lot of these sites in the foreign segment of the Internet. Yet in torrents, as in other p2p network is like an unwritten rule: he downloaded, let me download another. Simply put, decent users tend not to stop distribution of the downloaded file, and continue to give away (or sidirovat) as long as possible. In many programs to work with torrents is a function of the speed limit distribution. In most cases, users are advised not to use this feature, but if you do not have a very powerful channel torrent client can vary its load, making it difficult to get online with other applications. Personally, I would advise to use the automatic upload speed limiting, for example, the program Torrent.

When using it, and the channel is not heavily loaded, and download speed is normal, and the distribution goes well, that is rating on the torrent trackers are not reduced. Just for the fact that to maintain normal levels ranking, I would advise to keep on hand a certain the number of files and distribute them, even when you do not download. Well, of course, you should have unlimited internet access, pay for one byte to work with torrents is not meaningful due to large volumes of traffic. Resources So, with the programs and the principle of the protocol we have understood, is to understand how to search for torrent files. This can be done using ordinary search engines, for example – enter the name of, say, you're interested in film and to add the word torrent. In the gourmet, there are special Internet search sites for torrents, such as Mininova or the same The Pirate Bay can be found there almost anything, the only negative you will be hard to find films in Russian. For these purposes it is best to use the Russian-language torrent trackers, such as Well, perhaps that's all. You just choose the right program and start using the torrent, which is actually not so complicated as it seems.

Diabetes Tips

Ingredients-2 small, 1 apples rate amaranth 8 grape passes, cinnamon and low calorie, sugar to taste. Learning to Cook: 1. wash the apples, (disinfect before for a few seconds. 2. Remove the heart.

(there are a gadget called apple corer in any store. 3.-Fill in half the apples with: amaranth, (future alimemti) cinnamon and raisins. 4 Arrange in mold for the microwave. (already sold special micro molds.) 5.-Cook to desired doneness.(5minutes) can half-time open the MIC and check. 6.-Sprinkle a little sugar light.(optional) If you do not want sugar espolvoreea again with more amaranth. Tips-you know that breakfast is the first almento that our body requires urgent, because it is that us dara the energy needed to make or contribute with all our daily activities.

You know the saying this esayuna as a King, eat like a Prince and dinner like a beggar. You know why?is not an offense ehh? It is only a Mexican proverb. 7. To enjoy this delicious breakfast for diabetic recipe. Tips-these recipes for breakfasts for diabetics also is recommended for persons who care for its weight: Obesity/Diabetes, you know that people who suffer from diabetes must learn to cook recipes with allowed ingredients, etos are the base so that they do not exceed their levels of sugar or glucose in the blood.


Dispute – a serious matter, everyone knows that. No wonder the folk wisdom tells us: – "The first silent smart," "Word – silver, silence – the gold", "Fight With a strong no, rich no sudis", "Who argues – is not worth much …" However, people argued, people argue, people will argue. Would be an excuse. And there is always a reason: political views, musical direction, evaluation of the events of the past or the future, good-bad, beautiful-ugly, fashion-unfashionable …. Only here, in practice, we argue for the most part …

do not know how! Yes, and we did not learn to argue. Moreover, not far away are the days when carelessly spoken word could cost a person their life. People learned to be silent, and if not disagree, then keep your opinions to yourself. But the spores are gone from our lives, they just quietly moved "to the kitchen." The school is also full of contradictions and disputes. Moreover, disputes, especially among children, too often degenerated into conflict, when one only true spoken word, a misconstrued fact cause an explosion of outrage from the opposite side. So, with so much attention to the development of tolerance, let's ask question: can we teach children to defend their own point of view so that if it was not accepted by the other party, it would be recognized even if its right to exist? And the technology exists. Moreover, it has clearly defined criteria and rules, and, most importantly, it is recognized by the pedagogical community, though not so very wide spread, what deserves.


Communication as a matter of national survival. So in 1975, the Department of Defense United States tended experimental computer network, ARPANET, the ancestor of what we now know as the Internet. No bomb devastated the , as we well know, but the interest in computer networks is not diluted and, better still, he moved to a more peaceful and fertile territory, universities. At the beginning of the last decade of the twentieth century, Tim Berners-Lee was working for the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN for its French name). Facilitate the exchange of data, results and news from the scientists, give them a useful computer tool agilisima, such was the purpose of Berners-Lee. In 1991, British mathematician invented the first browser, the WorldWideWeb (or, as he is known more commonly,). What was his invention? Well, in a kind of lingua franca computer, which crossed the transfer of large amounts of information from one computer to another.

Thanks to the (the program), this was the birth of the Internet (physical network). The web addresses, see an acronym that summarizes the contribution of Berners-Lee: (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). Key concept here, Hypertext means peaceful coexistence, on a support, multi-user resources managed according to your mood or needs. (Hypertext is a step forward, if you will, on the notion of interface, abstract those borders, within a computer program, allowing the orderly coexistence of dissimilar files.) It is not irrelevant to consider the web as a giant hypertext. In the first instance, from the website of the CERN, Lee and his colleagues tried to keep a list of suppliers and available information.