Diabetes Tips

June 18, 2014


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Ingredients-2 small, 1 apples rate amaranth 8 grape passes, cinnamon and low calorie, sugar to taste. Learning to Cook: 1. wash the apples, (disinfect before for a few seconds. 2. Remove the heart.

(there are a gadget called apple corer in any store. 3.-Fill in half the apples with: amaranth, (future alimemti) cinnamon and raisins. 4 Arrange in mold for the microwave. (already sold special micro molds.) 5.-Cook to desired doneness.(5minutes) can half-time open the MIC and check. 6.-Sprinkle a little sugar light.(optional) If you do not want sugar espolvoreea again with more amaranth. Tips-you know that breakfast is the first almento that our body requires urgent, because it is that us dara the energy needed to make or contribute with all our daily activities.

You know the saying this esayuna as a King, eat like a Prince and dinner like a beggar. You know why?is not an offense ehh? It is only a Mexican proverb. 7. To enjoy this delicious breakfast for diabetic recipe. Tips-these recipes for breakfasts for diabetics also is recommended for persons who care for its weight: Obesity/Diabetes, you know that people who suffer from diabetes must learn to cook recipes with allowed ingredients, etos are the base so that they do not exceed their levels of sugar or glucose in the blood.