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September 4, 2013


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New Tabet PC of Fly Touch. Finally hoped the new tablet of 10 inches Fly Touch 4 appears in China, in Shenzhen already knows at least here that it is on the verge of leaving to the market. The important thing: Version superior of Android and more capacity. It is being spoken much of this, all the fans to Tablet PC with Android are hoping to see the new Infomix model. The previous ones devastated markets of the sector, several thousands of fly touch (also known like ” Super Pad” or Flying Touch) has been sold from Chinese companies. The inlusin of Android 2,3, that is the software of high level of Google in the present market as operating system and with a greater speed of answer of the system and by all means the adored Adobe Flash his to improve the navigation experience, will make of this incredible new tablet the small dream of more of ” tablet adicto”.

What one hopes is that it integrates Flash 10. Navigation by the networks Wi-Fi and Ethernet, that are able to obtain access of local and wireless form and to share resources with facility. Also, this tablet PC supports connection 3G, as long as the external module of 3G that is associate with this, is WCDMA, TDSCDMA, EVDO. After to have known the fundamental information about the connectivity this Tablet PC Fly Touch 4, we will speak of main lines. As system for entertainment is perfect since it will integrate a new reproducer of video and audio other of having a great audio-visual experience, you can see videos in the Web of YouTube and lower applications through market.

Therefore, it causes that Twitter, Facebook and Skype are added to their system just by to use a finger. With so many applications available, not to mention electronic mail or chat in line between you and your friendly, will be no moments without entertainment. New FlyTouch 4, in addition, can sail by the archives pdf that are used in the office, businesses or to read eBooks online, unloaded or from the memory card. The opinions between the manufacturers and salesmen in the markets of electronics of ShenZhen say that it will support 8Gb of memory and ampiacin up to 32 by Micro SD. With its discharge resolution of video will be able to show images with a crystalline clarity generating an authentic one to please line of vision, will inclorporar the famous rotation of screen 360 automated to use in any position with a simple movement. Connectors USB, OTG, audio port HDMI for and external devices of video for that wishes to even more extend the manifolds characteristic of this tactile tablet PC of 10,2 inches. The Fly Touch 4 will be received with the arms abiertos by thousands of users of the operating system Google Android, almost surely in version 2.3. All these new features in Tablet PC, will be available in Webs as AsiPads although in this case the price still is not known.