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September 23, 2012


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The option of the Metalic in producing steel cans, and not of aluminum, must, mainly to the lesser cost of this raw material, therefore the steel on average costs only 40% of the price of aluminum. Moreover, after to acquire the technology of the CAP, obtained other profits, as the consecutive reductions in the gauge of steel supplied for the CSN (thickness this today already total compatible with the ones of the aluminum cans) beyond having implementing recycling programs, having as resulted the reduction of new costs of production. But everything this, beyond other factors also related in the previous item, if translates mere reductions of costs and not in strategy establishments. It could until saying that the option of the Metalic in producing steel cans aluminum opposite could be considered a strategy, case this was not an arrangement of easy imitation. However, he was proven, in the first item of this work, that is possible to transform a unit of steel production into aluminum and vice versa with reduced investments you add (of the US$ order 1 million, according to BNDES), not having no difficulty for the competitors of the Metalic in imitating its option. On the other hand, also one revealed that a competitive strategy does not consist simply of the manufacture of products of the highest quality to a minimum cost (PORTER, 2001:108).

This represents, as only the improvement of more efficient the considered methods of work. She is necessary therefore, not to forget the distinction that PORTER (2001: 108) made concerning ' ' efficiency operacional' ' ' ' estratgia' ' , therefore this last one is related to ' ' escolhas' ' , whereas ' ' efficiency operacional' ' she is on the things that do not require a choice act. The tip technology only places the competitors in equal conditions of competition, being it necessary minimum it so that the companies can continue competing.