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August 25, 2013


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The best structure will not guarantee results or performance. But the wrong structure is a guarantee of failure. Peter Drucker introduction all management, fully identified with its responsibility to guarantee success, participation in the markets that has been proposed to conquer, the company under their charge cannot ignore what represents value chain there is no doubt, that the value chain would help management: identify sources of competitive advantage overview, considerationsscope is known as Wikipedia, exposes it to the business value chain, or value chain, is a theoretical model that allows to describe the development of the activities of a business organization generating value to the final customer described and popularized by Michael Porter in his book Competitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance taken into account, the value chain quickly put on the front of the thinking of management of company as a powerful tool of analysis for strategic planning. Your objective ultimately is to maximize value creation while minimizing costs. What is create value for the customer, which translates into a margin between what you agree to pay and the costs incurred for purchasing bid.

However, practice has shown that the reduction of monetary costs also has a technological limit, because sometimes has also affected the quality of the offer and the value that it generates. Why systems thinking in this respect has evolved to develop value propositions, in which bid is integrally designed to respond optimally to demand the purpose of analyzing the value chain is to identify those activities of the enterprise that potential could provide a competitive advantage. Take advantage of those opportunities will depend on the company’s ability to develop along the value chain and better than their competitors, those crucial competitive activities. We take into account, that Porter highlighted three different types of activity: * the direct activities, which are those directly involved in the creation of value for the buyer.