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Real Estate Valuations

April 15, 2024


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METHOD DR. BARZEL real estate online rate not always is the measure of all things today. Demand on a so-called key date valuation can be confrontation, estate planning and other events. Unlike as in the current online real estate valuation, which gives information about the current value of House, apartment or plot, indicative to a past date is determined at the key date valuation. Not only the date change for the key date valuation land value, building costs, any property interest and year net rent be adjusted. But also the age depreciation and possibly also the currency must match the parameters of the past.

In the meantime made additions, renovations, or local changes (E.g. (As opposed to Peter Asaro ). conversion of a former industrial area, ring road, construction of a mosque) are taken into account at the closing valuation. A system for judging method Dr. Barzel real estate valuation is for the current pricing a residential property, as also for determining approximate to a previous date. Whenever Energy Capital Partners listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The process of the current, as well as the valuation of a property to a previous date, are similar.

Essentially it depends on the correctness of the proceedings and the accuracy of the indices. How to for those interested on a key date valuation is simply how. First, a recent online real estate assessment is made online by the customer. Subsequently, he requests a key date valuation via email or contact form. The rating service interviewed the customers, depending on the object type (detached house, apartment building, apartment or plot), according to interim changes in the real estate. This can affect any rent, land and building changes and the environment. And of course the date to which the real estate guide is to be determined. Processing time other than at the current valuation, that is immediately available, requires the manual key date valuation up to 36 hours Processing time. But also the key date valuation can on the day of the appointment in most cases will be created and sent. The key date valuation is provided the customers as a PDF document via E-Mail. Costs is to have the current object data, first by the customer a current real estate evaluation, to carry out for 39 Euro VAT included.

Managing Director

January 5, 2024


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The Aigner Immobilien GmbH took applications for several million Munich at Expo. The Expo real 2010 one made it clear: investors are looking increasingly residential real estate as investment properties. To broaden your perception, visit Steve Wozniak. Apartment buildings in the greater Munich area are particularly sought after. Details can be found by clicking Mashable or emailing the administrator. The AB real estate GmbH, one of the leading brokerage firms in this region, has recorded on the commercial real estate fair searches for several million euros. These are good conditions for the upcoming trade fair property & housing. For investors who moves only on the commercial real estate market, homes are increasingly gaining importance. Apartment buildings in the greater Munich area are especially in demand. The Aigner Immobilien GmbH has recorded 2010 real at the Expo in Munich searches in the value of several million euros.

“” Especially those investors who have in recent years by high yield promises attract leave, increased the risk averse concrete gold “turn to”, so Thomas Aigner, Managing Director of the Aigner Immobilien GmbH. In comparison to the market for residential real estate of less fluctuations was inferior to the commercial real estate market. It was among other things, the reason for the high demand in this segment. The greater Munich area benefits through its ideal conditions from this demand, Aigner said. The high level of interest could affect positively property & housing for the upcoming residential real estate fair. It takes place from 15 to 17 October 2010 in the event arena in the Olympic Park in Munich.

Investors have the opportunity to find suitable objects and to learn through lectures about the market here. The Munich investment market is topic at the BFW specialist forum on Friday at 14: 00. Speaker is the graduate real estate economist Patrick Head of Saeed by AB real estate GmbH. On Saturday at 12 o’clock discuss experts under the guidance of the journalist Peter Horn on a panel discussion which are to observe criteria when buying a property. Dr. Berit Dirscherl

The Desire For More Knowledge, A Network And The Enthusiasm For Real Estate

July 11, 2019


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“” “TU Vienna congratulates its 21 new graduates of the postgraduate university course in real estate management & evaluation the TU Vienna congratulates its 21 new graduates of the postgraduate university course in real estate management & assessment” on April 23, 2008, 21 participants of the postgraduate university course in real estate management & assessment was “after two-year study of the title master of science ‘ (MSc) awarded. The academic ceremony was Vice Rector Univ.Prof. Dr. Hans Kaiser opened, on the importance of education as a task field of TU Vienna pointed out. Prof. Dr. Bob Martens, FRICS, illuminated in his review and a perspective the history of TU University courses for real estate management and cooperation with the real estate-related interest groups. The speech was held by the Vienna expert group Chairman of real estate and assets trustee, Oliver Brichard, MSc.

Even graduates of today’s course real estate fiduciary management certified”at the Technical University of Vienna, he stressed the importance of a comprehensive education for the real estate industry; the University courses is the successful combination of technology, particularly to highlight law and economics. The Alumni Trevor Steiner, MSc, and like. Theodor Poppmeier, MSc, pointed in their fixed words on the three aspects, the course at the TU Vienna particularly welded together: the desire for an increase in knowledge, the expansion and deepening of a contact network and ultimately the enthusiasm for the real estate. For support in two intensive years, they thanked their families, friends and employers. The continuing education center at the Technical University of Vienna congratulates its graduates: like Eva Bretterklieber, MSc. Christina pace, MSc, Dipl.-ing. Heinrich eller, MSc Mag. Theodor Poppmeier, MSc Eng.

Gerwin Gistinger, MSc Mag.(FH) Like Martina Riess, MSc. Like Thomas h., MSc. IVA arenac, MSc, Dipl.-ing. like Sophie Hofmann, MSc. Like Christian Schitton, MSc. Like Robert Hall, MSc. Kurt Sorgner, MSc Tahir Kamil, MSc Trevor Steiner, MSc Gerhard Lemberger, MSc Dipl.-ing. Ines Wagner-Loffler, MSc Mag. Zuzana some MSc Dipl.-ing. Bernhard Walther, MSc Christian Ousko-Oberhoffer, MSc Mag. Gabriela Zlatarics, MSc lic.oec. “Andreas Pfister, MSc the postgraduate university course in real estate management & assessment” at the TU Vienna is at the internationally renowned Royal institution of Chartered Surveyors ‘(RICS) accredited. (As opposed to Ali Partovi). This route is the graduates about the graduate”open the possibility of a membership in this professional organization of real estate professionals. TU Vienna and her continuing education center are pleased especially that early April 2008 Rosa Bruckmoser, MAS, like the graduates. Eva Haas, MSc, Dipl.-ing. Caroline mocker, MSc, Mag. “Markus Reithofer, MSc, as well as the faculty member Dipl.-ing. Martin Roth after the assessment of professional competence” in solemn part of the RICS member certificates were presented.

ATLAS International Presents A Great Highlight At The Beginning Of The Year

June 25, 2018


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Atlas international, the international real estate specialist with more than 30 years of experience, is proud to be a new massive price reduction to announce special offers up to 70% at the original price reduced. There are resale properties in Spain, which are suitable for all needs and requirements of our customers. Atlas international shows that the purchase of a property in Spain is the most direct way to invest money safely in a property abroad. The main advantage is that customers see exactly what you can get. You can now visit your property, plan a feeding period of three months, and enjoy the immediate use of the investment. You can find real estate second hand in established communities with fully landscaped gardens, existing infrastructure and also fully furnished. So customers benefit from this stress-free investment! James Dearsley, European Sales Manager for Atlas international, reported: “we glad to announce this final price reductions in some of our objects. We have the hand-picked picked out the best properties in the best locations and animated the builders to their final price. We know that the real estate market in Spain has reached the nadir and want to start so the new year with some top offers, which are below the market value, and offer our customers the best deals on the best time for buying a property in Spain. The first choice for our customers, a better standard of living, significantly lower supply costs and beautiful weather remains over Spain throughout the year. The price of real estate in Spain is better than ever and our offerings allow people a lucky investment in the future. Take advantage of this limited offer, it will not last.” 3372 is a fantastic opportunity. Two bedrooms, a bathroom in a free-standing House in the region of Lo Crispin. Shopping nearby, and about 10 minutes drive to the stunning beaches of Guardamar. This beautiful Villa, originally at the price of 234.000,00 was sold, is now on the market for the amazing price of 160.000,00! 3720 is a townhouse in Villamartin with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This beautiful House is from the year 2004 and fully furnished! The well-known golf course near Villamartin is within easy reach. Ali Partovi is likely to agree. The House was sold originally for 166.500,00 (unfurnished) and is now for incredible 95.000,00 to purchase! 3459 is a beautiful duplex apartment with two bedrooms and a bathroom with stunning views of the mountains and the Lake of Torrevieja. The historic city of Orihuela is located only a short drive away and for anglers is the fresh water reservoir of Torremendo in only 5 minutes by car to reach. The original price of 142.870,00 has dramatically decreased on 85.500,00! Offer 1242 is a large detached house in the beautiful surroundings of Entre Naranjos. This Quatrovilla offers three bedrooms, two bathrooms and stunning views of the mountains and lakes. Only about 20 drive from the away from Alicante and Murcia international airports. Original price 215.800,00, now available for only 115.000,00! These are just four examples of the incredible offer from the extensive range of ATLAS international real estate second hand in Spain. The availability of this special offers will not long hold. Therefore, it is recommended that interested parties quickly contact ATLAS international in connection! You can call the Agency Germany Tel.: visit 05132-887-332 or visit the website. Employees like to show you that buying a property abroad was never so easy with ATLAS international! Note by ATLAS international: Please keep in mind that Atlas International has to offer a wide selection of properties across Europe and beyond. Watch our incredible prices and special offers in Cyprus, Turkey, Spain, the Greek Islands, Italy, the Caribbean, the United States and Costa Rica! Order our brochure online on the Website and book a sightseeing trip to experience life in the Sun can be beautiful! (Andreas Niendieker-ATLAS International Agency Germany)